13 Ways To Gain Market Share 2021

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Gaining Market Share

Diversifying is important when it comes to gaining market share. It doesn’t matter if you have wonderful products or services if people don’t buy them! You need to get information out there and encourage consumers to buy from you! Establishing your brand and being recognized as an expert they can rely on will make a difference.

Consumers are careful about where they spend their money. With these 13 methods, you can create a strategy to gain more market share. Being aware of consumer needs, the steps your competitors are taking, and other details will help you create a wonderful reputation and get noticed. This is going to turn those in your niche market into a loyal customer base!

Understanding markets

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List of Ways To Gain Market Share

  1. Quality marketing
  2. Diversify Your Marketing
  3. Social Media Presence
  4. Get on Google
  5. Quality Content
  6. Connect With Your Niche Audience
  7. Give Back
  8. Identify Competitors
  9. Fair Pricing
  10. Professional Website
  11. Easy Ordering Process
  12. Warranty and Special Offers
  13. Outstanding Customer Service

Quality Marketing

You only get one chance to make a wonderful first impression. The quality of your marketing is vital for you to connect with them. If they don’t see your business as professional, they won’t take you seriously. They will worry about the products or services you offer aren’t good enough. This could sway them in the direction of one of your competitors.

Identify your niche audience so your marketing can appeal to them. If your audience is too broad, you won’t be able to evoke a positive emotional response from them. You want them to be excited about a product or service you offer. They need to see the benefits for them. The purchase should offer them convenience. It may save them money or time. It may be a way for them to get organised or to relax.

Digital marketing strategy

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Diversify Your Marketing

Different consumers respond to different types of marketing. Do your best to diversify where you are offering it and how. They may need to see the message several times before they are on the hook to complete a purchase. The initial contact may plant the seed and then they look into it further later on.

Your marketing should have a way to get people to follow you or to opt-in. Think about what you can offer to encourage them to do so. When you have such connections and a consumer base, you can turn many of them into buyers. Avoid buying lists of names, the hidden gem is to create a list you can count on to promote your products and services.

You can create autoresponders for those on your list. One list should be for those that have not made a purchase. You can encourage them to do so through the messages you send. Perhaps you will send them a coupon for a discount or free shipping to get them to make that first order. Your second list should be those who have already purchased from you.


Hosting regular email marketing campaigns reminds them of what you offer. Don’t forget to reward them with discounts and exclusive offers. You can entice them to make future purchases with loyalty programs. They can also be the first to get the chance to buy any new products or services you introduce in the future.

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Social Media Presence

Your marketing needs to include various social media outlets. Most consumers use social media platforms at least once per day. Others use multiple sources, so put your information out there on all of them. Don’t just duplicate the content; make sure you have something original to offer with each effort of outreach. Make sure your efforts include:

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Get on the Top Page of Search Engines

Your marketing efforts need to include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. Your goal should be reaching the top page of the search engines. Once you are on that page, strive for the top spot! Many consumers use search engines every single day to find what they are looking for. When they enter something relating to your products or services, you need to be one of the first results they see.

Such consumers will click on results and make a decision soon afterwards. If your website is several pages deep with a search, they aren’t going to get to it. They will either find what they are looking for and buy it or change their keywords and search again. Make sure you use variations of keywords and phrases your niche audience will likely put into the search engines.

Search Engine

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Quality Content

Add fresh content regularly for your business. This will help your exposure and be seen as an expert on various topics. At the same time, it helps you to boost your rankings in the search engines. Material needs to flow naturally, not be written only for SEO purposes. All of your webpages also need to be optimized. Make sure the content is carefully read to eliminate any spelling or grammar errors. They will reflect poorly on your business.

Your content shouldn’t always be sales-oriented. Instead, it should be sharing information. When you go this route, the reader doesn’t feel any pressure to buy what you offer. They will be inclined to check it out though because they found the content to be informative. Get new ideas for fresh content from customer questions and feedback. There is a wealth of information to be found when you listen to what they have to say!

Do your research and know the facts! Never assume the information you found online is accurate. You need readers to trust the information you offer. Avoid content that is controversial as it could cause some consumers to avoid buying from you. Try to address issues they face during that point in time.

Content Writer

Depending on what you offer, there may be seasonal topics that come up. For example, you can create content with a checklist of what they need to do to be ready for winter. They will appreciate such information and be inclined to read more of what you have out there. They will also see you as a business they can trust. That trust helps to encourage them to buy from you. The content needs to be accurate and from an authoritative point of view. They should have no reason to question what you shared.

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Connect with your Niche Audience

Connecting with your niche audience helps you to understand their current wants and needs. It also helps you to avoid common mistakes your competitors are making. When you read complaints from followers, think about what your business can do to resolve that issue. Consumers like to know they are being heard and their opinion matters. They want to know you care about more than just the money they spend.

Identify the demographics of your niche audience. Where do they reside? What is their typical household like? What is their median income? What challenges do they face? What solutions are they after? The more you research this, the more you can narrow it down. This allows you to create unique marketing and content to appeal to them.

Engage with customers through your social media accounts. Keep it fun, keep it informative, and keep it professional. This human aspect of your business will make a difference. It can also serve as a way for customers to ask questions or provide you with any concerns they may have. When you address their issues, they will be impressed. They will enjoy the way your business pays attention to them!

finding your audience

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Give Back

Do what you can to give back to your community or other worthy causes. Your niche audience will see this and like your contributions. Many will support a business that does what they can to give back to others. Small changes such as being eco-friendly where you can or donating a portion of purchases to a given cause for a period of time can get them to make that first purchase.

They will feel good ordering from a business doing what they can to help others. It is a winning outcome for them too. They get the satisfaction of helping through their purchase and they also gain value from the product or service they selected.

Giving back in such a matter helps you to create your business reputation and promote your brand. Consumers take notice of the businesses doing their part to make the world a better place. They also notice those that seem to only be interested in lining their pockets with more money. So how do you get the message out there about what you are doing?

Many businesses are afraid to vocalize how they give back. They don’t want to toot their own horn so to speak. It can be done tastefully and in a way that shares the message with your niche audience. For example, share you are excited to be able to donate X amount of money to a particular cause and why it is important to you.

Another option is to share the cause you support and let potential customers know they have the opportunity to help. This is because a portion of all new sales for a given period of time will be donated for that particular cause. Such information gets the message out there but doesn’t give the impression you are doing anything more than sharing relevant information. The mission and vision of your business should shine through with your contributions and selected entities.

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Identify Competitors and what they Engage in

While being focused on your own business is essential, don’t overlook what is taking place with your competitors. What do they offer that brings them part of the market share? What have they done to gain new customers? How do they encourage customer loyalty and repeat business from previous customers? Identify your competitors and make sure they aren’t doing something that causes you to have less value in the eyes of your shared consumer niche.

Strive to be a leader and not a follower, your niche audience will notice. Do what you can to help resolve issues for them before your competitors can. Create a buzz about new concepts or promotions coming up. Never bash your competitors, but make it easy enough for potential buyers to see you are the best option when they make comparisons.

Engaging with your customers

At the minimum, you should match what your competitors have in place. If they offer free shipping try to do that also. If they have great promotions for the holidays, extend something similar to keep your niche audience on the hook. The goal though should be to offer something beyond what they offer. This can be what tips the scales in your favour when the customer decides who they will buy from.

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Fair Price for a Quality Product or Service

The overall value of the product or service you offer will influence the reputation of your business. While every business does what they can to reduce overhead, you have to be selective of those reductions. Never cut corners on overall quality to save a bit of money. It will cost you customers in the long run.

Your pricing should be competitive, but also fair. In some instances, you may wish to have a lower price than your competitors or match it. In other niches, the perceived value of a product or service may encourage you to charge more. This is because some consumers believe paying more means there has to be better quality with what is delivered. Conduct plenty of research to get your price on target.

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Professional Website

All of your marketing efforts and content are designed with one purpose, to drive potential customers to your website. Don’t drop the ball by not making it a great place for them to visit! The layout should be easy on the eyes and simple for them to navigate. They should be able to find your products or services, a description of them, and any current offers.

Anchor links within your website materials are encouraged. When a reader clicks on one, they can be taken to a place for more information. This link will take them to a relevant page such as an order page or where they can get more information on a given topic. Make sure your links work and they are strategically placed to offer the most benefit to your website visitors.

Making a professional website

Make sure the website is functional. It should be tested regularly. If it is down, that can cost you sales. The speed of the website is important too. If it lags, consumers get impatient and they may not complete their intended purchase because of it.

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Easy Ordering Process

Consumers want the ordering process to be easy for them. Offer them a secure site so they don’t have to worry about their payment method being compromised. Offer them choices for payment so they can select the choice that is most convenient for them. When they don’t have to spend too much time to get through the order process, they will appreciate it and complete the purchase.

They should get an immediate confirmation for the order. Don’t leave them guessing about whether it went through or not. This can be frustrating for them, and they will have to get in touch with you. Some consumers will place more than one order if they don’t get a confirmation, and then they will be upset they have multiple charges. Stay on top of that order process and make sure it works properly from start to finish.

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Warranty and Special Offers

Stand apart from your competitors by going above and beyond. Entice customers to buy from you rather than them with the perks. This can include a generous warranty or special offers. With a warranty make sure you give details about the timeframe and what all it includes. For a special offer, share the extras they get. This can include a discounted price or additional items for free. The special offer should be time-sensitive to get them to order immediately.


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Outstanding Customer Service

Customers need to know you are there for them before, during, and after a purchase. Excellent customer service goes a long way in proving this to them. They are more likely to buy from a business with plenty of great reviews from customers about how well they were treated. Make sure your company can be reached online and by phone. Make sure you have friendly representatives in place to help them with questions, with orders, and to resolve issues.

Customer Services

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Your efforts to increase market share need to continue to evolve. Develop methods to gather data and analyze it regularly. Methods that work well for you today may not be as powerful a month from now. Changes in your competitors, changes in the economy, and emerging technology can all play a role in your success. Being flexible and modifying your strategy will help you to continue to see the gains you seek!

Each of these 13 ways to gain market share can help you get closer and closer to your goals. They can help you create a strategy that gets the attention of your niche audience, encourages them to buy from you, and makes them repeat customers in the future. Their feedback and word of mouth to others can help you continue to see your business grow and to have longevity!

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5 Best E-Commerce Platforms 2021

by | November 27, 2020 | Marketing, Reviews

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Over the past few years, e-commerce has changed the customer experience positively. Daily development of functionalities and options ends up making online stores the best choice for the busy consumer. When choosing an e-commerce platform, you should ask yourself questions such as “how do I choose the best e-commerce platforms that are ideal for my business?”. This question should cross your mind as a digital entrepreneur who wants to open an online store, whether it is with dropshipping or you are shipping your own inventory. There are many dropshipping businesses out there, so make sure you are the one standing out from the croud.

Woman making e com store

After all, you won’t be able to generate traffic or convert visitors into leads if you don’t have an organised, easy to navigate website that offers metrics on performance and number of hits. Making a good choice is essential.

The first step in deciding which option is best is research. It is also useful to ask for referrals for experienced people in the industry who add a lot to their practical experience. When it comes to choosing something, research must be based on criteria. You should also familiarise yourself with the cutting-edge e-commerce platforms to better understand your market.  It is also appropriate that you take into account the characteristics of the interface for your buyers, as well as the ease of use for you as an administrator, that is, in the settings and notifications panel.

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What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Good E-Commerce Platform?

As much as there are differences, some aspects are fundamental for all enterprises. Below are the primary resources that an e-commerce tool should offer to have good management of your online business.

1. SEO Resources.

In digital marketing, the primary strategy to grow on the web, SEO techniques are necessary to ensure that your e-commerce has an audience.

They are applied in texts that can attract a potential customer to your store through the shopping journey. An ideal online store platform needs to offer you resources that guarantee the development of SEO-oriented content.

Like WordPress, some already have features that do a detailed analysis, indicating the SEO strength of content, for example.

2. Integration with social networks.

Speaking of digital marketing and audience on the internet, it is impossible not to mention networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

They are essential for the success of your online store. Your e-commerce platform needs to offer support for sharing on these networks, which is integrated with its formats and accessible to each of them. With that, you can easily publicise your offers to your audience.

3. Chatting well with Google Analytics.

Google is a giant on the internet. The world’s leading search site has several tools that help your business perform well on the web, and one of them is Google Analytics.

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5 Best E-Com Platforms To Choose From

(in no particular order)

1. Bsale

BSale Logo

It is a very simple platform to use. It allows you to sell by creating your website based on templates. It has significant advantages compared to other systems, as it will enable you to synchronise the stock of your physical store with that of your online store. It also has electronic invoicing integrated; thus, you will be able to handle discount coupons and manage abandoned carts for your marketing campaigns. Currently, with Bsale e-commerce, more than 15 thousand monthly transactions are managed on average.

It has different templates that adapt to different business lines, both for selling products and services. In a very simple way, you can upload your products, create collections and discounts, upload photos, add descriptions, filters, and payment methods. Bsale’s e-commerce is optimised for SEO and to make the customer buying process fast and friendly. Likewise, through its sales and stock reports, you can better manage your company. It has the possibility of integration to the largest marketplace in some parts of the world.

2. Prestashop

Prestashop Logo

Thanks to its intuitive interface and accurate graphics, Prestashop has quickly established itself as one of the largest e-commerce software in many countries. The quick installation and ease of use make it very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses to start selling online for the first time.

Prestashop allows you to create your e-commerce site in 75 languages, with all possible currency types. Furthermore, it boasts 4,500 different templates to choose from. However, compared with other more solid solutions like Magento, the platform does not allow great scalability, so it is not adequate for a large company’s needs.

Another disadvantage of Prestashop is that if you compare it with other similar solutions, the default theme to build your online store on Prestashop is less beautiful,

3. Wix

Wix Logo

Wix has hundreds of amazingly designed templates. It also has an easy-to-use editor and is optimised for mobile. It allows you to create web pages efficiently. You just have to drag the elements to the place where you want to place them, and that’s it!

One of Wix’s shortcomings is that it does not allow you to migrate your website or your hosting in case you want to change the platform. Likewise, if you want to change the template, you will have to make your website again from scratch since it does not allow you to keep the content from one template to another.

4. WooCommerce

This is a plugin available for all WordPress sites. To start creating your online store, literally one click on the ‘Install’ button is enough. The platform is open-source and free and is used by millions of e-commerce stores around the world. The reason for its wide use is simple; while it is free, it offers a vast number of themes and features, plus it connects to all major payment gateways. This allows you to sell any product or service very quickly and easily.

The basic version can be customised thanks to more than 300 extensions, ranging from shipment tracking to tax calculations depending on the country to which it is sent. Despite this, a developer may be required to manage WooCommerce, especially considering that many feature settings are manual and not all available themes are stable.

The platform depends on different components (hosting, WordPress, and the plugin) and could generate security problems. In addition, the software must be continuously updated, and sometimes the process can become challenging. Most of the available extensions are paid. In addition to the budget to be allocated for a web developer, an extra investment may be necessary depending on the features you want to exploit. The software must be continuously updated, and sometimes the process can become challenging.

5. Shopify

Shopify Logo

It has established itself in recent years as a world leader in the sector for a number of reasons: it is immediate, simple to use, allows you to create your e-commerce site in a matter of minutes, and to sell both products and services online.

It is a fast, secure platform and offers a myriad of optimised themes and add-ons to customise your digital store, all without having to resort to the work of a developer. One of the latest features offered is to connect your Shopify account with the Facebook showcase to synchronise sales from the site and on social networks.

The main problems of Shopify are the cost (in addition to the fixed monthly fee depending on the plan, a commission on the turnover must be paid to the platform) and the positioning on search engines.

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The Five Factors That Attract Customers To Buy Online

It is a reality that consumers in the world buy most of their products online. A survey conducted by Google in four countries where e-commerce is high revealed the five reasons why people buy online.

1.Fast shipping.

Consumers in many developed countries prefer to have their products delivered quickly to their homes rather than going to a physical store.

2.Mobile payment (enabled with UPI, Unified Payments Interface.)

This is a standardized, real-time, unified payment system that is fast and easy to access through mobile devices. With discounted prices on data, it has placed digital payments at the forefront of detailed transactions. Merchants accepting this form of payment has increased to more than 10 million in just two to three years, with PayPal being one of the industries leading payment processing companies.

3.Discount prices.

Repeated visits to online stores will incentivize promotions and discount coupons. Many consumers in the developed are more inclined to buy from the same store twice or thrice.


New customers value other customers’ product reviews. This makes them visit your site and buy products from you if the reviews are positive.

5.Fast delivery.

The same-day delivery trend continues to grow, and many merchants have started offering this alternative to compete with Amazon.

Making E-Com Website

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In Conclusion

There are a variety of e-commerce platforms capable of meeting any requirements and budget. Various e-commerce platforms offer numerous free functionalities, essential for any low-budget launch. On the other hand, we perceive the limited capacity of those same platforms.

In general, you should be prepared to have at least £100 a month of the budget before starting to sell online and using all the essential features mentioned, such as shopping carts, coupons, discounts and, many more.

For the business to be successful, it is also about choosing the right business niche, the most efficient technological platform, the best customer service, and the most up-to-date marketing strategies.

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5 Best Places To Rent Your Car Online

by | November 25, 2020 | Reviews

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Renting Your Car Online

Are you thinking of ways to earn money while you are relaxing at home or when you are working full time? Would you like to have an extra flow of cash without sweating out too much from hard work and overtime? There is another way you can have a steady flow of cash, and that is with the help of your vehicle.

If you have an extra vehicle that is parked in your garage, or perhaps you only have one car that you don’t use often and which you can use for a money-making idea. All you have to do is to find the best online marketplace where you can join and get your car listed and making money for online car rental.

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Are There Any Requirements For Renting Your Car Online?

Each car-sharing company has varying requirements such as well-maintained, or cars that are in great- condition should be below 150K mileage and must work perfectly. Although, there may be some companies that will let you join if you have an older car model, remember, car renters may choose a car that is the latest model instead of an older one.

Also, it is just easy to join and have your car listed. As long as you fulfil the simple requirements and fill out some form and provide photos, you will surely get a nod from these companies.

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5 Best Places to Rent Your Car Online

Here are some samples of the online car rentals program that you may check so you can have your car listed and start earning.


They launched this company in 2016 by two friends who have a vision, and that vision started in the U.K.

Hiya Car Logo

It is a peer-to-peer car rental company that lets you list your car so that other people who need a vehicle to go around, go to work, or to attend a party perhaps, can have their access to a car.

Its start-up was brought about by the idea that some people are having second thoughts about owning a car because of the numerous financial and administrative burden it has on the owner, and what’s more when it is not often used and just gathering dust in the garage. There is also maintenance expenses and having to make sure everything about the car works perfectly.

Now, when you have a car, there is a way you can earn money out of it while you are just waiting at home for the cash to be credited to your account. Some car owners are finding this the bright side of owning a car cause they will not be thinking mostly of the car’s upkeep and expenses since it is making money with the car rental scheme.

The founder Risby and Larmour first wanted the car renting scheme like Airbnb for cars, that instead of your car just parked somewhere, why not make money out of it by lending it to your friends or other people and then get paid for it?

Signing up

When you want to have your car listed, you just go to the Hiyacar platform and check whether your car is eligible and fill out some form, and complete the information required. Information will be the rent price for your car and the car’s availability. Hiyacar connects renters and owners so they can benefit from each other, and that is made possible with the use of this app.

When someone is interested in hiring your car, you will just reply to the person who would like to rent your car so you can have all the control if you like to reject or accept the request. If you accepted the request, you are also the one to control how much you want to get paid in rental fees and will depend on how long the renter will lease it or for how many hours or even days.

Once you have agreed on a price and other important details, both will agree on a place where they will meet so that the owner can give the car and key to the renter.

There is another way where you need not meet the renter in person with the help of Quickstart Technology, where the renter does not need to get the key from the owner cause they can unlock the car with this technology.

The owners will get 80% of the rental fee, and the 20% will go to Hiyacar as a commission. Payment will be credited to the owner automatically with every completed car use. The owner can generate yearly earnings between £4500 to £6000.

Also, there are ways that car owners will get more renters and include adding more days to the car’s availability, making sure that the rent price is fair. Reviews are also one thing, so the more positive reviews you have about your car, the more flow of steady renters you will have.

Uploading clear pictures of your vehicle is also important so that renters will get a pleasant image when they are looking for vehicles they can rent. One other thing is ensuring that you respond quickly to the request of renters, if your car is not free, let them know immediately, and do not let them hanging, waiting for your response.

Car owners not only get to enjoy an extra cash flow, but they also have tax breaks being given by the tax authorities from the UK, where they allow vehicle owners a tax break of a £1K income tax fee. They also have comprehensive insurance for every time there is a renter of your car.

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Another well-known car-sharing company that has opened its doors in the UK in 2018. Turo is not just found in the UK, but it is available across the USA and Canada.

Turo Logo

You can have your car listed in minutes, and it’s free. Just make sure you have all the required information such as car description, model, make, photos, and you are ready. Setting the daily price is also up to you, or let Turo help you with setting the best price that can benefit you to earn more. Plus, you can choose the dates where you can list your car as free and when it isn’t. Having many days where your vehicle is free for renters can also double your earnings.

Turo will notify you when someone is interested to rent out your car. Sometimes it takes time for your car to get a renter and of course, describing your vehicle is important, and having splendid pictures of the vehicle helps as well. You agree to the renter, and you need to decline or accept the request promptly so that the renter will know if they need to find another car.

Next is coordinating where you and your guest will meet so you can hand over the car and key, it will help as well to have your car cleaned before handing your keys to the guest. Turo will also make sure that the guest undergoes a background check before they let them rent any car, the same way you have to check your guest’s driver’s license before handing over your keys.

The company offers £20M liability insurance and your guest will have roadside help 24/7 so you can rest easy while you are home waiting for the vehicle.

You will get between 75% of the total payout and will be directly credited to your account in 3 to 5 days. However, if you have your own insurance for your vehicle, you can have 80% of the total trip price since you will not be getting any vehicle protection from the company.

Car owners can earn £500 a month and can even earn up to £50K a year, which is a good amount of money considering it is a side hustle.

When you have less than a hundred and thirty thousand miles for your car mileage, not less than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars fair market value of your car, not over 12 years old vehicle, you can easily list your transport on Turo.

Turo also accepts light trucks, cargo vans, and classic cars. They do not accept motorcycles, limousines, box trucks, and certain make/models of vehicles.

Once you list your vehicle under Turo, they do not allow you to list your car on other car-sharing platforms as they require exclusivity.

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Another car-sharing company that has over five million users as of this writing. This company has been around since 2009 and is located in San Francisco, California.

Get Around Logo

Getaround is available in 66 cities across the USA. It is also now available in the United Kingdom. There are some perks when you have your car listed in GetAround, such as earning a typical rate of £24.50 from £35 less than the service fee of £8.75 by the company per rent. Earning an easy £560 a month is possible, even more.

You can still increase that earnings and will depend on how long you have your vehicle free for renters. Plus, if you have a newer model, this will be beneficial for you as GetAround also based the hourly rental price on your car’s year, make, model, the demand of the guest, and the location.

Renters also based their preference on the make of the car and the model, they also like cars that sometimes may look fancy and impressive at first glance. Car owners will also get that extra point when they keep their car smelling nice all the time since renters can also do reviews, and positive feedback from renters will ensure you of many future renters.

Primary insurance coverage from Allianz is a big help every time someone will rent your car as they cover it from a collision, property damage, theft, among others. A car will be divided according to three categories, such as economy, comfort, premium, and would base on the car’s model and age. Your car should also be well maintained when you want it rented. Indicating the days that you can have your car rented must be completed.

When you set a rate for renting out your car, set a realistic price like taking into consideration the make and model of your car, and if you are just new to the website, it is ideal to set a lower rate so you can attract renters cause you won’t have reviews yet where renters will base their decision on. If you decided that you want the renters to pay £40 per day, that doesn’t mean you will get paid the said amount, sometimes the renter will have a special request on how much you will both agree on depending on how many hours they will use your vehicle.

Guests or renters of your car must follow some rules such as when your car is unclean when returned, the renters need to pay £30 for dirty car interior and exterior, then if the renters smoke inside, there is a £15 fee.

There are also rules about not returning the vehicle at the agreed time where the renters will be billed an additional fee for every hour of delays, samples include £10 per hour of lateness, but if under 30 minutes late, there will be no penalty.

Fuel should be filled with the same amount of gas when it was delivered to them.

The vehicle owner will get paid after 3-working days after the rental period, then transfer to your bank account will take a day or two.

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The company called the new Airbnb in car sharing. The unique scheme of having your car make some money for you while you are travelling was launched in 2018 at Bristol Airport.

Car & Away Logo

A bright idea and the best way to earn money while you travel is by enlisting your car through this company. It allows you to leave your car at the airport while you are travelling, and then your car will be rented by other travellers while you are away. This is a great idea for those who would rather have some earnings with the use of their vehicle while they are away instead of their cars just parked in airport lots.

You need not worry about insurance because your car will be insured when a renter will be using it, so you can breathe easy. Your car will also be checked for roadworthiness, which is a good thing as well. If in case your car wasn’t rented at all, it is still safely tucked in airport lots that you can use when you need a ride home. Car owners will surely benefit from this money-making plan since they can have extra earning after they travel.

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EasyCar Club

The easiest way to make £1,000 a year is by having your car rented via the EasyCar Club. This company was patterned after WhipCar with a very similar service, but suddenly disappeared or gone out of business in 2013.

Easy Car Club Logo

The success of the EasyCar Club can be charged for its easy car listing, where a car owner can be a member and have their car get rented in no time. The owner also has the say on the schedule that renters may use their vehicle, and the more days they list it free, the more earnings they can get. Zenith Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for the entire time the vehicle is out being used by renters and is covered for mechanical damage, among others.

You can list your car if it is not over 10-years old, lower than 120K mileage, and should be less than £25K in worth. Your vehicle should also be well-maintained and can take a few shorts or even longer drive.

A vehicle that is over 5 years old already gets inspected to make sure it is roadworthy and that nothing will happen while it is being used by renters. Renters also get interested in cars that look nice, clean, and those that are of newer models. Car owners will know when someone would like to rent their vehicle, and they can agree on the price and everything else about the car rental. You can also decide if you want to reject the request, usually after finding out reviews about the renter.

Some ideal renters will take care of your vehicle when they are driving it and will return the car the same way it was handed to them – should be in top condition.

However, for those renters who just don’t know how to handle a rented car properly, there is also a corresponding fine such as failing to fill up the petrol, not returning the vehicle on time, and the car is too messy inside and out. Another issue is when there are dents on the car or some scratches. Although the insurance will take care of this, there is also a corresponding fee for careless use of the renters.

Renters, on the other hand, also have some clearance before they can get to drive a rented car. They should have a clean driving record and should be over 25.

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Renting out your car online for money is a great way to earn extra cash, but as you can see there is a lot to this. Many people usually start with one platform and then learn how to use it to the best of their ability. Any of these platforms can do what you are probably wanting them to do, but your decision is now whether or not they have the correct additional features for you.

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Rightmove – Everything You Need To Know!

by | November 24, 2020 | How To

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What is Rightmove?

Do you have a property or even some land that you wish to sell? Are you a first-time buyer who’s looking to find a mortgage on your dream home? Or are you interested in renting a new home overseas? Well with Rightmove, the process of buying, selling, or renting a property has never been made more simple.


To put it in simple terms, Rightmove is essentially an online estate agency. Rightmove is the largest UK property agency with 120 million visitors per month, which means finding a tenant, or potential buyer won’t be very difficult. Property is one of the most fruitful industries to enter, but can also be very overwhelming. Using Rightmove will eliminate a lot of stress such as finding an estate agent, trying to find the “perfect property” which could take years, and even eliminating large estate agents and advertising fees. If you’ve decided you want to make some money in property, then you definitely want to have a look at what Rightmove has to offer.

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Advantages of Rightmove

Rightmove offers many advantages to using their servers, these include:


  • Easy-To-Use: From the second you load up the Rightmove app or visit their website, you’re present on the screen with “for sale” and “to rent”. This makes using Rightmove extremely easy to navigate around their site. After you pick either “for sale” or “to rent”, all you are left to do is enter what you’re looking for (bedrooms, location, etc) and let Rightmove do the rest.

Rightmove landing page

  • Customer reach: One of the main advantages when using Rightmove, is simply the number of users it has. As mentioned in the introduction, there are currently 120 million people browsing Rightmove every single month. This means that when the time comes for you to sell your property, or rent it out to a tenant, the potential custom is endless and the time to make the sale is a lot faster.
  • Amount of properties available: Due to there being 120 million monthly users, finding a quality property isn’t very difficult. Since there are so many properties available on Rightmove, finding exactly what you’re looking for is only a few clicks away. The best part of this is that properties are continuously getting added
  • Agent valuation: When it comes to selling a property, the price needs to match what the property is worth. Figuring out how much your property is worth can be extremely difficult if you aren’t a professional agent. To figure out the worth of your home, a lot of different aspects come into consideration such as the location, size, condition, etc. If your house is on the market for too much, it simply just won’t sell, and if it’s on for too little, you’re missing out on potential profit. Luckily, Rightmove provides it’s very own “agent valuation” section, where a professional agent from your area will evaluate your property for free and give you a quote, so you’re ready to get it listed
  • Property Types: When it comes to properties, it can be overwhelming, and sometimes even confusing with all the different property types that are on the market. Some of these include flats, bungalows, a terraced house, a semi-detached house, a detached house, etc. On Rightmove, all of the listed above options are available, as well as much more. How does this benefit you? Well, the simple answer to that is that there are more options to chose from. Having more options is good because a detached house may be more expensive compared to buying a terraced house or a semi-detached house.

Rightmove property types

  • Rightmove is free: Even though Rightmove provides all this content and services which is available at any time, it’s completely free! You can go to the Rightmove website, or download their app, make an account and contact an agent regarding a property on the same day. This may take weeks using old traditional methods.
  • Budget-Friendly: One of the many reasons people come to Rightmove is because they’re on a budget. On Rightmove, you’re able to put a minimum or maximum price limit on, meaning you can search for a property that is directly within your budget. Since Rightmove has properties all over the UK, as well as overseas, you won’t have an issue finding the perfect property for your budget.
  • Search specification: When it comes to purchasing properties, it’s best to think about what key features you’d like the home to have such as how many bedrooms, property type, garden, etc. Luckily on Rightmove, their search option is easy to use and can be extremely specific if needed. As you can see in the image below, you can alter the location radios so you can look for locations within a certain distance of your desired search, you can change the price, how many bedrooms you’d like, the property type, the date the property was added e.g last 7 days. You can even tell Rightmove what the property MUST have, and what you DONT want to see. These search settings help you zoom in to your desired property.

Rightmove custom search settings

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Disadvantages of Rightmove

Although Rightmove has a lot of advantages when using it compared to going to your local estate agents, it does come with some disadvantages.

  • Incorrect information: The first disadvantage when using Rightmove is that the owner of the property may give you incorrect information about the property, or just “forget” to tell you certain dilemmas with the home. You could also view deceiving photos on Rightmove which don’t show any bad parts of the home. Luckily, you can crush this problem by going to view the property, but it’s best to get a property surveyor to inspect the property before making a purchase to sure no information is incorrect or has been left out.
  • A competitive market for auctions: Since Rightmove has 120 million monthly users, this can also have some disadvantages. One of them is that auctions can be slightly competitive. Everyone wants a good deal, so when one presents itself, you may not be the only person trying to make a quick buck. This would lead to you paying a little bit more than you initially intended or even just not being able to afford the property.
  • Must be patient: Just like yourself, a lot of people are using Rightmove to make a profit on a property. If you have listed property on Rightmove, it may be sold within a week, or it may take 3 years. There’s no exact time period to selling, this is why it’s essentially your property is worth the price you’re listing it for. So just be patient when selling. The deal will come!

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Buying a property

When it comes to buying a property, the idea can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first property. When buying a property on Rightmove, this process is actually made really easy. To show you how easy it is, we’ve made a 3 step guide for you to follow to get you on the right path of buying your first property.

  1. As soon as you load up Rightmove, it asks you to click “for sale” or “to rent”. Click “for sale” and enter your desired property location. It will also ask you to enter some other details such as Radius, price, bedrooms, etc. Fill in this information with what you want to see. If you’re unsure and are just looking for some inspiration, change the price to your budget, the radius to where you want the property to be, and the property type to what you want to see. Leave the rest.
  2. After you’ve clicked search, you’ll be presented with all the results Rightmove could find with the information you provided. Scroll through the properties until you find one you like. When you click on a property, all the information about the property will be presented to you such as the location, what’s nearby, description, etc. You two main things you need to take into consideration when looking at a property is the location and the condition. The location of the property is important because it’s a lot harder to sell a property in a run-down neighbourhood, and you won’t get much profit out of it. The condition is important because you need to evaluate how much it’s going to cost you to renovate the home to the selling renting standards. Renovating a property will bring value to the home, which means you can sell it for more.
  3. The final step is easy. Once you’ve found a property you want to invest in, you can either click “call agent” where you’ll be given a phone number to call, or “email agent” where you can email the agent. The agent will then get back to you with more details about the property. You can then organize a viewing with the agent, and discuss purchasing.

A family buying their first home

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Selling a property

Listing a property on the Rightmove market isn’t a hard process, but it’s also not shown to you as easy as buying a property is. Before you even think about selling your property, you need to make sure you’ve got all the information ready to present to Rightmove such as accurate photos, detailed description, location, properties details such as bedrooms and rooms, and most importantly, the price you’re asking for. Having all this information ready will make the process a lot faster. Since we’re here to help you make money, we’ve come up with another quick 3 step guide.

  1. Firstly, you need to contact Rightmove via email, or phone number. If you’re selling a house, call ” 01908 712300” or email “[email protected]“. If you’re selling a commercial property, call “01908 871024” or email ” [email protected]“. You contact either of these if you wish to rent a property out too.
  2. Once you’ve contacted Rightmove, they will then set up a meeting to set up a package that will suit your needs. Once an agreement has been made, your property will then be listed on the Rightmove market.
  3. When someone wishes to buy your property, the process to when you bought the property is just reversed, but this time you’ll be receiving money and not spending it. The buyer will set up a viewing with your agent, decide whether they want to buy the property, then you two must come to an agreement.

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Using Rightmove is far cheaper than using traditional estate agents. Traditional estate agents will take up to 3.5% of the selling price, compared to Rightmove who will charge a much lower flat fee which is charged by online-only and hybrid estate agents. Here are some of Rightmove’s costs:

  • Browsing Rightmove is free: If you wish to download Rightmove today with no money and get some inspiration on property prices, you’re free to do so, literally. Using Rightmove is completely free, you only have to pay when you decide to take action, but some services are also free on Rightmove such as mortgage calculator, property valuation, etc.
  • Advertising: On Rightmove, you have to pay monthly to keep our property listed on there. This price is usually between £50 to £60 per month, which is extremely cheap compared to giving thousands.
  • Online agents: Unfortunately, until you and your agent come to an agreement, no one will know how much it will cost for the agent’s services, but we can give you an idea. In places where property prices are increasing at a vase rate, such as London, the average Londoner would pay a traditional estate agent around £10,200. That’s A LOT of money. Using an online estate agent can save you around £9000 of that. So you can see the price difference between using a platform such as Rightmove compared to using traditional estate agents.

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What is shared ownership?

When you’re looking through Rightmove, you may see a cheaper property with “shared ownership” displayed beneath it. All this means is the property will be shared between a set number of people. Sharing a property comes with some advantages, as well as disadvantages. There are:


  • Smaller deposit: Since the property is shared, the deposit will be a lot smaller, making it more affordable.
  • Equity growth: Overtime and with a little bit of renovation, the value of the property could increase. This would mean that your share of the property would grow, which would give you equity growth.
  • Staircase: Staircase refers to buying more shares of the property. Such as owning 50%, then buying an additional 25%which would leave you with 75%. This is good because it allows you more time to save up some money, while already owning some of the property.


  • Renting: Normally when a property has shared ownership, you aren’t allowed to rent the property out. Once the property is entirely paid off, it doesn’t matter since you’ll own the property, but until then, there are restrictions.
  • Restrictions: Since you won’t own 100% of the property, you don’t have the right to make any changes to the home, without asking for written permission. This will restrict you from redecorating, etc.
  • Protection under ownership: Even though this is a government-backed scheme, you don’t have full protection. The property’s monthly maintenance can increase so you need to ensure you can afford it.

Showing a picture of shared ownership on Rightmove

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What does Guide Price mean?

Another detail you’ll see in a lot of the cheaper property descriptions is “guide price”. Guild price refers to the approximate amount of money the owner would like to receive. The reason an owner would usually do this is that they don’t totally agree with the agent’s valuation, and wants more for the property. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a guide price property:


  • Potential cheaper deals: Since the guide price can fluctuate, the seller will usually put the property on Rightmove for a cheaper price. This is because they expect the price to increase, but if you’re the only bidder, then the price will just stay the same.
  • More negotiating opportunities: Since the guide price isn’t an exact asking figure, you have more negotiating opportunities to attempt to bring the price down.


  • Price could increase: Just like you could bring the price down, the price could just as easily increase. Some sellers sometimes put the property on the market for slightly cheaper to attract more attention, but then will only accept a higher bid.
  • Unknown value: As stated, a lot of property owners sell their home on guide price because they didn’t agree with the agent’s valuation. This means that you’ll have to do a bit of research to find the property’s true value. This is easy through Rightmove.

Showing a picture of guide price on rightmove

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Is Rightmove safe?

The idea of going to someone’s home and viewing it can be a little scary for some people. No one can ever say that this is entirely safe, but using Rightmove adds that extra bit of security to keep you safe. When someone lists their property via Rightmove, all their details are entered and checked for validation. When it comes to scam artists, this is pretty much fully protected. With Rightmove, everything is on documents, which means if anyone was to attempt a scam, it wouldn’t work very well, as long as yourself and the seller/buyer sign a document. Always cover your own back by getting a signature on both your behalf and the other parties’ behalf.

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Rightmove is the UK’s leading property website for a reason. It can be used by anyone from a first-time buyer, to an experienced landlord. Rightmove is cheap, easy to use, and offers a wide range of services so you don’t have to go elsewhere. When it comes to property, Rightmove is where you want to be.

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How To Use Google Trends To Your Benefit

by | October 30, 2020 | Marketing

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Many people might not know it but Google Trends greatly impacts how they get search results from Google and its products. This guide provides reliable information about Google Trends and how one can make the best of one of Google’s most useful tools.

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Google Trends is a search feature by Google in form of a dynamic website designed to analyse the most popular searched keywords. The tool surveys and ranks top search queries in Google search across varying regions and languages. Whenever one types something on the search box, Google provides results by scrutinizing the keywords they entered at first glance. The online tool acquires data from the search behaviour of people using Google Search, Google Images, Google Shopping, YouTube and Google News. By using various parameters within the search engine, Google is able to filter data.

Google Trends uses graphs to provide a comparison of the search volume of various queries done over time on Google. In simple terms, Google Trends is what helps one to compare searches between two or more items and get relevant information on searched terms.

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How Can Google Trends Help You?

Google says it automatically updates information acquired via Google Trends every day. Nowadays, you can actually get information in real-time from various regions now that Google has a keen emphasis on updating Google Trends. Think of when you open Google and find trending topics. You can also get trending terms compared to what you search. All this is possible because of Google Trends.

Google Trends is smart enough to get you information from different regions in varying categories like Top stories entertainment, sports, health, business, science and technology and others.

You can actually visit the Google Trends site and make searches on trending topics. Should you allow it, Google Trends can send you a prompt notification via email. You can find the subscription button on the site and choose to be receiving leading daily search trends updates. The site systematically sorts all stories and you can actually get latest feeds for the last 24 hours by selecting daily search trends.

If you want, you could get from Google the accurate number a keyword was searched at a specific time frame.

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How To Use Google Trends

For many people using Google search, the information they usually get aided by Google Trends is enough. There are others who use Google to monetise their ideas, art, skills and many other types of services one can offer to society. If you are one of those people who use Google to earn, there are numerous ways you can utilise Google Trends to your advantage.

Usually, Google Trends helpfulness comes by providing reliable information on searches or queries made depending on:

  • Types such as Image, News, shopping or YouTube search
  • Categories which includes Entertainment, business, sports, news, politics and others
  • Timeframe which can stretch back a couple of years
  • Location with searches targets ranging from global to the city level

Some fantastic ways to use Google  Trends include SEO and content marketing as well as e-commerce.

Some features that pop out of an entrepreneur’s mind looking to use Google Trends include Optimise for featured, voice searches, and more.

Here are some incredibly useful tips for you if you are interested in this category. All these are influenced heavily by Google Trends.

 Consider the following:

Keyword Traffic

By now it is easy to understand that Google Trends is a tool by Google that provides a visual comparison of traffic levels. You can use such important information to optimise your content and drive more traffic to your site. You can also use what data you get on traffic levels to compare keywords you intend to use to others drawing a lot of traffic. It is also easy to understand what products are highly searched for by consumers search for using keyword traffic. This can help a lot in optimising your blog sites and online stores to get consumers to visit them.


Insights for trending behaviour

Since you are here, one assumption is that you wish to get viable ideas on content marketing. Google Trends can get you traffic data from 5 years ago, which is information you can use to learn about audience trends and even make more accurate predictions of your site. You can understand better upward trending long-range trends which you give you ideas for your content. Look out for content and products that trend downward and avoid them.  Through Google Trends, you can also plan future content depending on whether a product is going up or down. Remember you can also make short term plans since Google Trends also provides you with data of trending topics or content in the past hours, days, weeks or months. This is important information you can use to publish content on your blog or site.

Still, on insights, you can learn about topic cluster ideas to aid in your content marketing strategy. With Google Trends, you get to learn what is specifically going on in your industry or one you are interested in and you can drive the results to your advantage by understanding the target audience search needs. You will even be able to make a workable digital marketing plan. It is also easy to know what products are popular in a given time especially for categories that have dynamic trends like fashion and technology. Obviously, the information you get can greatly help the success of your online store.

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Syncing your editorial calendar

There is no doubt Google Trends can help you plan a publishing schedule. You can make predictions for certain days of the week which will help you in knowing what to publish and when. Think of things like podcasts on hobbies, and sites for social places and you can learn the best day to publish such depending on your target audience. The information you get from Google Trends can help you know when to make a certain content go live.

Use Google Trends to categorise keywords

Keywords are always very important for SEO so placing them in categories helps you get more accurate data you then use for content marketing. Prospective buyers visiting your site are also guided by keywords categories, specifically of products they intend to purchase. Utilise this feature to make your self-hosted e-commerce website more relevant to consumers.


Get information on ideal keywords for certain geographical region

Do you want to know the best locations to outreach depending on what you are offering? Google Trends will help you to know the best areas for content promotion, content creation, link building and pay per click by providing keyword popularity by region.

The information provided by Google Trends on geographical trending topics can help a business person know what products to offer in a certain region. Use that in your online store.


Google rankings by geography

You ought to know Google ranks pages per relevance, so incorporating geographical information in your content greatly helps with ranks. This most specifically is helpful for ranking those who intend to promote content through social media, podcasts and/ or blogs.


Rising Searches

No doubt providing insight about rising queries is a very important feature of Google Trends, possibly the most important. You can always get data that will guide your content publishing since you will understand the trends about your target audience.


Gain an upper hand in the competition

Succeeding in content marketing needs one to be knowledgeable and savvy to beat competitors. You can use Google Trends to find related queries which you can use to learn about your competitors and be able to advance ahead of them. The related queries are great in optimising your content to get better traffic than other sites offering the same content. With relevant information which, thankfully Google Trends provides, you can offer products that are more preferred by consumers, which is a strategy that will see you beat your business competitors.

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Ideal terms for your content

Popularity drives keywords and you better find the most popular synonym to use as a keyword in your site. Some good examples include ‘sneakers’ for shoes. You must also know things like location guides the language variety to use for instance buy ‘petrol’ in the UK and  ‘gas’ in the US.


Social Media hashtags

Google Trends is an excellent way to identify trending hashtags for various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Since these resonate better with almost every audience, you can drive more traffic to your content by identifying and actually using these hashtags. The hashtags may also contain a lot of information about products a certain generation uses a lot. If you are looking to get more customers, you should know what products to provide to a certain community.



Let’s not forget that content also involves videos. In every category scrutinised by Google Trends, there might be use of videos. There are videos for news, sports, entertainment and others. Learn which videos are trending and relevant to use in your content marketing venture.


Real-time data

Don’t forget that Google Trends provide you with real-time data which you can effectively use to draw more traffic to your site. Look for popular searches and consider changing the questions to topics and more visitors will click to enter your site or blog. You can engage potential customers and also provide affiliate links to online stores.


Control on ads

Google Trends provides you with information on topics captivating people and what products interest them the most. You can use the data for your marketing campaign. Combine that with details about the impact of social media and you can increase your ads engagement among the public.


Brand awareness

Use Google Trends to track your brand popularity. You can learn how effective your marketing campaign was, as well as how it did in the industry.

Trend searches about your organisation and the product and services you offer can help you know the popularity of what you offer and its rank among competitors.


Identify new markets

Every entrepreneur is interested in expanding but smart ones never do it blindly or with insufficient data. Consider using Google Trends to learn about new markets to sell content as well as products and services. The information by Google Trends is one of the most important and reliable ones for anyone considering expanding or moving to new territories. One excellent way is that trends can help you recognise regions where certain information or products are of high interest.

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Google Trends undoubtedly goes above and beyond when it comes to helping one succeed in almost all online businesses. It would be unfortunate for one to overlook the benefits of this tool offered by Google free of charge. If you are an entrepreneur whose ventures are influenced partly or fully by online activity, you can gain a lot from Google Trends.

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by | October 30, 2020 | How To

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What Is Lyft?

After Uber, the second alternative to traditional taxis is Lyft. The only difference is that while Uber operates in many countries, over 60, Lyft is available only in Canada and the United States. Nevertheless, this does not mean Lyft is not good paying. It is, and that is why it is considered one of the ways one can use the internet to earn money. The ridesharing company operates in 644 cities in the US and 12 cities in Canada, something that can actually be a good thing for you. Look at the benefits of Lyft and see you can actually make it your source of income;


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  • Allows you to make extra money or use it as a full job. Lyft earnings are pretty decent with drivers earning $1000 per week or more. These are reliable earnings which the Lyft app features helps you to earn. You can cash out your funds instantly whenever you want to.
  • Lyft has flexible working hours as drivers can choose when to work, how many hours to work and can even take breaks whenever they want. For those who want freedom when working, then Lyft is definitely their thing.
  • Lyft allows drivers to drive almost all types of vehicles. You can even provide rides with your scooter and earn too.
  • Lyft offer excellent customer service to drivers with most of the time being prompt responses
  • Lyft provides you as their driver with a 1 million USD commercial liability policy even though Lyft drivers are classified as independent contractors. There are additional covers that allow Lyft drivers to work better with less worry about risks.
  • Extra earnings offered by Lyft through bonus by operating in certain areas as well as tips from passengers.
  • Lyft’s flexibility allows drivers to earn even without being owners of cars and also connect drivers with their Express Drive partners. You get a fully maintained and insured vehicle to earn with without all the hassles related to maintaining a vehicle yourself.

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  • You must be at least 21 years, and in possession of a have held a driver’s license for more than one year to drive for Lyft.
  • You are also required to have a smartphone
  • No drugs and drinking when working since Lyft have a zero-tolerance and alcohol policy.
  • You must also pass the Department Of Motor Vehicles online test and also;
  • Undergo background checks with the same Department Of Motor Vehicles and the Sex Offenders Registries in the United States as well as personnel-type criminal background checks.

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How To Sign Up

To apply online;

  1. Visit lyft.com and click on the “Apply to drive” and the screen will scroll down to the section you will be required to enter your mobile phone number, agree to Lyft’s Term of Service and click apply to drive. Alternatively, you can scroll down to the categories on the bottom of Lyft.com homepage
  2. Click on “Become a driver”, and you’ll be taken to a page as similar as above
  3. Once you have agreed on the company’s terms of service and clicked on “Apply To Drive” you are taken to another page that requires additional details
  4. Enter information about your vehicle
  5. Include your driver’s license details
  6. Agree to a background check by the company
  7. Take your vehicle for the Lyft vehicle inspection
  8. Once done, check later on your application status

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Features Of Lyft You Can Utilise As Their Driver

  • Lyft offers five types of rides within their application. These are;
  • Just Lyft which is the basic and the most popular Lyft option for matching drivers with riders
  • Shared-ride for matching passages with other riders going the same direction (It is not available in all cities though)
  • Lyft XL for matching riders with a vehicle that seats at least six passengers
  • Lux for matching riders with a luxury vehicle that seats at least four passengers
  • Lux Black for matching riders with a luxury vehicle with a black exterior that seats at least four passengers
  • Lux Black XL for matching riders with a luxury black exterior car that sits up to six (You should be a highly rated driver to offer this type of rides)

With all the above options, you have a better chance of using your car regardless of the type and still earn depending on the categories above.

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Lyft Direct Debit Card

Lyft offers a new secure, online bank account and debit card that comes with a number of advantages when buying things like gas and groceries which offers 2% back on gas, 1% back on groceries and 4% back on select dining places.

The no-fee bank account allows you to access more than 20,000 fee-free ATMs. You also get unlimited fee-free payouts.

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Driver Centre

Lyft is in the process of building out in convenient places brand new Lyft Driver Centers that will offer drivers affordable auto maintenance.

Besides the Driver Centres, Lyft also plans to roll out the mobile service vans plan to increase convenience when it comes to car repairs. You could go back to your job in no time with such a plan in place.

The company has also added new professionals in their Driver Advisory Council so that they can respond to more drivers and serve them better. Lyft has also been expanding the Express Drive to ensure more drivers in need of cars to work with get one efficiently.

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While Lyft is not as successful or popular as Uber, it offers a driver in the said location an opportunity to earn decent money. On top of that, the company has extras and offers that make the whole giving rides experience better. As with all jobs that involve the society, Lyft drivers experience a couple of challenges which emanate from the passengers they give a ride. Nevertheless, such challenges should not deter you from earning with Lyft. You can always figure out how to deal with any stubborn passengers. Besides, not every ride is bad since most are requested by people who actually want to move from one point to the other in the easiest way possible.

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by | October 29, 2020 | How To

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What Is ReviewStream.com

Review Stream is a website that pays you money for writing reviews. The website allows you to monetise your experiences by providing honest lengthy reviews of products you have actually used in the past. With the motto “Real Consumers Real Experience” one has to provide a real review. Usually, in consumer websites, the likes of Amazon and eBay verified customers could write reviews of products they have bought, but no one pays them for writing the reviews. Review Stream, on the other hand, allows you to earn cash from the reviews that help other people. Since product reviews are very important in the e-commerce industry is easy to understand why one can make money from providing honest, reliable reviews. You ought to know that reviews help websites to earn more money. For instance, Review Stream has an advertisements and affiliate links programme for products and services that make the site money. By becoming their writer, you help ReviewStream.com to continue its business, and they pay you for that.

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Founded in 2005, ReviewStream.com has grown into a reputable platform you can trust. Anyone around the globe can join the platform for free and submit reviews without restrictions. The site pays its contributors promptly via PayPal when the minimum cash accumulation required is achieved, proving that ReviewStream is a legitimate company.

Various ways to earn money

Not only does the site allows you to earn from writing reviews, but it also allows you to vote for content as a reader and earn £0.10 per vote. To get more votes, you can promote your content on social media, which, relatively gets you more money.

Also, look out for unanswered questions posed on the platform and provide instant answers. Each answer can earn you £0.10. The site also pays you 2% of what your referrals earn on the platform. So go ahead and refer other people to the website and earn more.

High payouts

If you become a regular contributor to reviewstream, you could earn between £5 to £18 per provides content. If you are good enough, take advantage of the fact that ReviewStream.com doesn’t limit the number of review submissions per day and write as many as you can. Such a strategy gets you high payouts with time.

Though the payment offered for bulk rate is five times lower than the regular rate for content that does not match some of Review Stream requirements, you could still earn through providing content, therefore, do not limit yourself.

Simple to use and earn

You can easily access ReviewStream.com from a computer or mobile device and register for free instantly and start earning. They also provide an app available for both iOS and Android device users. You can do a lot of things available on the Review Stream site using the app, which also earns you money. For those sceptical about their own grammar but have unique information, you are invited to join if you think your grammar is just good enough.

Multiple categories to earn from

ReviewStream.com allows you to choose from a wide range of categories, something that enables one to write reviews on just any topic they find interesting. With over 60 categories, there are almost zero limits to what exactly you can contribute about on this website.

Excellent support team

Review Stream has a friendly team of editors who are always available to assist you in writing high-quality reviews. There is also the Content Creation Academy which they highly recommend you attend as it will help you understand better what is needed to get the best out of the reviewstream.com

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Only an email address is necessary. Although they highly recommend the Content Creation Academy programme, Reviestream says it is not mandatory to go through the training.

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How To Earn From ReviewStream.com

Review Stream is unique. Instead of signing up to get an account with them, you just visit their site and contribute.

  1. Visit reviewstream.com and find the Sell Content button and click on it
  2. You will be directed to another page that will require you to select the category you wish to contribute to
  3. Click on the category that is interesting to you
  4. The next section requires you to select a template from the following:
  • how do I
  • text-based
  • images based
  • interview
  • in-depth research
  • viral
  1. Select your template and proceed to work on your content
  2. By clicking on any template, you are taken to the submit section and fill out all the needed details then add text block as well as picture or chart block.
  3. Once done, click on submit and wait for the approval.

If your content meets ReviewStream criteria, you then get paid via regular rate.

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What Is Skype?

The telecommunications application Skype allows users to connect and make video chat and voice calls via between many modern devices. The software can be installed in computers, tablets, mobile devices, smartwatches and the Xbox console which can connect to the internet. With Skype, you can transmit video, audio, images, and text. Skype over the years has become very popular in organisations and companies since it allows video conference calls. Making calls with Skype anywhere in the world is entirely free as long as both parties are using the app.

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Did You Know You Can Make Money On Skype?

Skype users can utilise the platform to make money. There are two ways to achieve this. You might need to use a little bit more effort to figure that one out. The easiest method is by using the prime program, which allows you to earn money 70% commission of what you charge. While it takes around four months before you get paid, you can use Skype service as a connection tool to make money.

With Skype prime, you get to charge people around the globe for your expertise. Usually, professionals teach or offer courses and training on a wide range of topics. Interested people can join your call by paying it, and you end up receiving 70% commission for that. You can then offer 1-on-1 tutoring with the Skype prepaid programme. One becomes a provider if they are offering their service for money via Skype. As the provider, you can charge your customers either per minute or charge them per call. The revenue goes to your PayPal account, which you provide when you intend to earn with Skype.

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High commission rates

Earning 70% commission from most online services is not common. So for those who get to keep 70% on Skype, it is quite a good deal. If you are able to provide exceptional services that will attract clients and keep them, you can earn good money with Skype.

Increased Chances Of Getting Customers

Since Skype has over 300 million global users, you have a high likelihood of selling your service via Skype and earning cash. Take the opportunity to monetise your expertise

Lets you control charges

Skype has just one rule on fees. They agree on a minimum all charge of $0.50 per minute, and you can charge your customers what you want as long as it is reasonable. The only thing that happens is that 30% of whatever you charge is taken by Skype.

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Of course, you will need a device, preferably a computer, to make calls. On top of that, get a microphone and headphones. You will also need a PayPal account. It is mandatory that you have PayPal if you intend to use Skype Prime.

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How to earn with Skype Prime

  1. Sign up to Skype either via their website skype.com by just filling in the required details. You are advised to get the most up-to-date version of Skype
  2. Sign up with PayPal if you do not have an account yet
  3. Use Skype for a couple of times until you get the hang of the platform. Since you are interested in teaching offering a course and in exchange get paid for it there is the assumption you are already prepared
  4. Apply for Skype Prime and become a Prime advisor
  5. Find at the bottom-right of the Skype Prime page options of becoming a provider is a caller and, obviously, choose the provider and follow all the other steps, which are quite simple to follow.
  6. Provide the required services using Skype and your funds will begin to accumulate if you are good at what you do. You could join many other providers who make a living by offering their services via Skype.

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Cons Of Using Skype Prime To Earn Money

Delayed Payments

With Skype Prime, you have wait three months to get paid, something that might be a turn off for some people.


While it is quite decent when compared to many ways of earning online, some people think that the 70% commission that one gets on whatever they charge is not enough and would prefer getting more.

Once you establish a trustworthy relationship with your clients, you can decide not to use Skype Prime and instead make regular calls and have them send you money via other means. The alternative works for those who do not like waiting for 120 days or more as well as those who want to get 100% of what they charge. Nevertheless, the option is risky since you may end up not paid by some of the customers.

Look out for other ways you can use Skype to earn money like calling customers to sell software, and products on eBay.

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What Is HomeToGo?

Famed as the world’s largest vacation rentals search engine, HomeToGo brings to its customer’s great vacations accommodations from which they can choose what is best for them. The site compares over 18 million holiday rentals in more than 200 countries and regions from more than 1300 rental websites. HomeToGo has compiled for its clients an exceptional portfolio of the world’s best and renowned vacation rentals providers. Customers going for family getaways, day trips, romantic holidays and others of the sort can easily find perfect accommodation in many international destinations. The site offers a convenient and straightforward way to look for accommodation for those going away for any type of holiday. After searching and finding an excellent rental one then clicks and is taken directly to HomeToGo partners sites to complete a booking

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Global Reach

HomeToGo connects you to their partners who are well known across the world. With sites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, your.rentals, HomeAway, Interhome and others. Your property can be viewed by hundreds of thousands of interested people all over the world in a single day. Customers can access your rentals easily and make bookings. Every day, more than 500,000 thousands users use HomeToGo, and if you have your holiday rental listed, potential customers can book easily. The high visibility offered by over 15 million monthly HomeToGo users will help increase your name recognition amongst prospective clients. It is worth to note that HomeToGo operates 23 localised websites that will aid in reaching more international guests for your vacation rentals.


HomeToGo allows more users to view your rentals by making the platform easy to use on all devices. You can access hometogo.co.uk via desktop, mobile, tablet and others. An app is also available for iPhone and Android users. The site will show your inventory where an interested user is searching for a rental.

Excellent Customer Support

Besides flexible price models, HomeToGo offers individual support, therefore providing a custom solution to all their partners which improves business.

Ideal Partners

HomeToGo connects holiday rentals owners to well-established partners that advertise your property to many people all over the world and facilitate faster booking easily. Most of these partners have very favourable services when it comes to getting your holiday home rented. You do not need to have your own website to advertise your holiday letting. With HomeToGo, you can utilise websites their partners’ sites without worrying about owning one. Customers can view your rentals on appealing, easy to use websites and make bookings.

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Some Of The Sweet Deals From HomeToGo Partners Include:

  • Free sign up
  • Some partners do not require a subscription for their services
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to register and use platforms
  • Facilitate risk-free renting
  • Guarantees on income
  • Convenient payment options
  • The insurance covers to protect you as the host

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For most HomeToGo partners, the requirements are your contact details, email and phone number as well as property details, including the country city and address.

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How To Sign Up?

  1. Visit hometogo.co.uk, and you will be brought to the homepage with many holiday rentals from all over the world
  2. Since you are interested in listing your holiday letting, scroll down on the page, and you will find “List your own holiday letting” At the section, you will find leading online holiday rentals booking companies like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, homestay.com Booking.com and others
  3. Choose your preferred service, and you will be automatically taken to the website of the booking search engine you choose
  4. From their platform, look for Registration, Sign Up, Get Started or List your rentals and other click sections to register with the company
  5. You will be taken to another page where you are required to fill in a registration form with all necessary details
  6. Once you agree to their terms, you become a member of the site and can benefit from clients the company bring you

Different online holiday rentals that work with HomeToGo operate differently. Some offer commissions for properties rented out, others claim no control over charges and will display the price you display. Just make sure you understand terms before getting into an agreement with an agency.

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Why Work With HomeToGo?

HomeToGo is a well-established company with most renowned vacation rentals in the world. They can get you, customers, to your holiday rentals in record time. If your rental property is designed to accommodate both local and international clients, then the best way to get the word out there is via HomeToGo. Please understand that many millions of potential customers visit HomeToGo every month and they can find your property if you have listed it with HomeToGo partners.

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