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GoDaddy is a well-established and highly trusted domain registrar that has been around since the 90’s. They are currently the largest domain registrar in the world, hosting over 75 million domains. As well as being a domain registrar they also offer a host of other services including customised email addresses and SEO optimisation.

Benefits of GoDaddy

  • Excellent customer support: GoDaddy’s customer can be easily accessed through email, phone or their website. This is especially helpful for less experienced individuals who require extra assistance.
  • Easy to use: Depending on how experienced you are GoDaddy offers you a multitude of website creation tool, with additional features available for users more comfortable with creating websites.
  • Secure: GoDaddy is a highly secure registrar that offers various packages for website security which includes unlimited malware removal and unlimited page protection.
  • Marketing services: GoDaddy offers pay per click, social media, and email marketing campaigns in order to help spread awareness of your website.
  • Different pricing packages: GoDaddy offers various tiers of service that you can select from based on your needs. These affect your number of available email accounts, bandwidth, and other features. If you are running a small website, you can opt for a cheaper package.

Other Services They Offer



Namecheap is a registrar that highly prioritises the technical aspects of domain management over the graphical side.

Benefits of Namecheap

  • 30-day money-back guarantees: Namecheap offers a fantastic deal that allows you 30 days with their service to see if they are right for you. If you aren’t satisfied with their service at this point you can leave with all of your money refunded. This grants the consumer plenty of opportunity to back out which makes them very safe to try out.
  • Easy to use: Alongside the 30-day money-back period this makes Namecheap a solid choice for inexperienced users looking for an easy experience.
  • Cheap domain names: Domain names can be purchased from Namecheap for as little as $0.88.
  • Easy to search for domains: Domain search results are split across 4 tabs, popular, new, international and discounted. This makes finding the desired domain title much cleaner and simpler as you are able to prioritise based on your needs.
  • Free WhoisGuard: Whois is a service that allows people to search for specific domains and IPs associated with those domains. WhoisGuard allows you privacy by blocking out various pieces of information that come up in Whois searches, this includes information like phone numbers and email addresses. Namecheap offers this service for completely free making them great for security.

Other Services They Offer



Bluehost is a highly regarded domain registrar, they are rated #1 in hosting by WordPress. They also offer cloud storage and domain hosting.

Benefits of Bluehost

  • Onboarding: Onboarding is the process of setting a customer up with their new products. Bluehost has easy to use tools, a clean user interface and a straightforward process that makes it simple to learn how to use their services.
  • Industry-standard tools: Tools used by Bluehost such as cPanel are widely used throughout the industry which means that they are well documented, and solutions are easy to find.
  • Customer support: Bluehost offers support through phone calls, social media and text chat. Their support is quick to access and always available, although you won’t often need their support due to how straightforward everything is.
  • WordPress: WordPress is included with Bluehost and only requires a 1 click install. Bluehost is optimised to work with WordPress and offers speed and ease of use.

Other Services They Offer



1&1 is one of the oldest registrars, founded in 1988. They care a lot about brand awareness and as a result, aggressively advertise themselves through mass-market advertising campaigns. They have recently merged with the German cloud storage company ProfitBricks and now go by the name of 1&1 IONOS.

Benefits of 1&1

  • Cheap prices: They offer very cheap deals with 12 month offers and then raise their prices after the first year. Even after the first year, they are still quite affordable.
  • Variety of deals: They offer business, pro and expert packages which allows for a good amount of selection with regards to what offer is best for your business. Business is aimed for single websites, pro is for larger projects and expert is for a large number of websites.
  • Consistent uptime: 1&1 have been verified by an independent third party to have a 99.99% uptime. This makes them incredibly reliable and consistent. It also gives them very fast loading times.
  • Variety of services: In addition to domains they also offer cloud storage, site builders, WordPress hosting and website hosting.

Other Services They Offer



HostGator is a newer registrar when compared to larger companies like GoDaddy, but they have an incredible rate of growth.

Benefits of HostGator

  • Shared hosting: They have great value services for their various plans. Their hatchling plan offers, unlimited bandwidth and disc space, free site builders, unlimited subdomains and emails and much more.
  • 45-day money-back guarantees: HostGator have been able to one-up Namecheap by offering an additional 15 days on their money-back guarantee. Since the period for the guarantee is so long, they are an incredibly safe pick as you have all the time you need to see if they are the right host for you.
  • Fully dedicated servers: While they aren’t the cheapest on the market HostGator offers high quality dedicated servers for both Windows and Linux. These come with, free site builders, unlimited databases and email accounts, live support chat, fully managed servers and more.

Other Services They Offer

Website offers hosting, email and website building. They are a reasonable choice as all of your needs can be handled in one place.

Benefits of

  • Complimentary tools: gives you the possibility to have everything handled in one place due to the number of free services they offer alongside your domain. They offer complimentary hosting, website builder, email and API.
  • Search tool: The search tools they offer for domain searching are very sophisticated and allow for a great level of detail to search exactly what you want. They let you search through dozens of filtered categories in order to trim the fat from your searches.
  • Domain transfer: Transferring a domain from a previous domain host to is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve owned your domain for at least 60 days you can simply unlock your domain and utilise your transfer code to start the process.
  • Low initial pricing: Their price model starts off cheap and gradually rises as time goes on, you can simply start your domain with them and switch to a different domain host later.

Other Benefits They Offer



Google domains is a very new registrar and is still in the beta period. Unlike other registrars, they are strictly a registrar and offer no other services like hosting, with the exception of Google Sites.

Benefits of Domains.Google

  • Backend interface: Google offers an extremely minimalist, and therefore easy to use design for their backend. There is no visual clutter and the focus is exclusively on domains. This is extremely helpful for small businesses.
  • Easy integration: While Google does not offer complementary products to coincide with its domains, it does work well with other web apps such as e-commerce services like Shopify and website builders like WordPress.
  • It’s a Google service: Google is a monolithic company with a phenomenal reputation. They are one of the biggest companies in the world and are extremely trustworthy. Any bad experiences would reflect badly on their image, so it is in their best interest to provide reliable high-quality service.

Other Services They Offer

  • They do not offer other services



Hover is a fairly young registrar that was founded in 2009 as an offshoot of Tucows Inc. They are almost strictly a registrar company with no complementary products, they deal with buying, managing, and transferring domains. They also offer email.

Benefits of Hover

  • Straightforward interface: The search engine is front and centre on their homepage making it extremely easy to get started. Their engine also offers an extensive list of filters in order to track down exactly what you are looking for.
  • Various TLDs: Hover offers many TLDs (Top-Level Domains) beyond the basic .com, and .net. In addition to their extensive selection of industry-based TLDs they also several country-based TLDs.
  • Integration: Similar to Google they do not offer services outside of domain registering but their service does integrate well with website builders and e-commerce sites.

Other Services They Offer



Dynadot’s main goal is to help customers “register domains names and create websites simply and affordably”. They are a comparatively small registrar.

Benefits of Dynadot

  • Straightforward starting process: Finding a domain and subsequently purchasing that domain is very simple through Dynadot. The search bar is the main article of interest on the home page, from here it only a search and a few clicks until you have purchased a domain.
  • Transparency: Dynadot makes no attempt to hide its prices and clearly presents all of the relevant information to the user. They give you a constantly updated list on their home page of what various domains are selling for. This makes them trustworthy as you immediately know what kind of deals you expect from them.
  • Various TLDs: They offer a variety of specific TLDs that most registrars don’t offer. These include subjects like technology, design, and fashion. Many users may want one of these TLDs to compliment their specific business.

Other Services They Offer



Gandi was founded in 1999, it manages over 1.5 million domain names and offers over 350 domain extensions. They are based in France. They are an incredibly straightforward registrar; their company slogan is “no bullshit”.

Benefits of Gandi

  • Cheap: Gandi offers flexible pricing plans ranging from $5 to $40.
  • A wide variety of TLDs: Gandi offer over 350 different TLDs, these include industry-specific and country-specific.
  • Security: Gandi takes its customers security very seriously and offers a variety of privacy features free of charge with every domain purchase. These features include Whois protection to prevent your information from appearing on Whois searches, SSL certificate free for 1 year and ICANN accreditation.

Other Services They Offer

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