What Are Business Webinars?

by | December 16, 2020 | Business

What Are Business Webinars?

Business webinars are used all around the world by big and small companies or corporations, mainly because of how convenient they are. Business webinars aren’t to be confused with business seminars. Although both sound very similar, a seminar is an in-person conference type of event, where’s a webinar is an online event.

Both with the same purpose, but a webinar is usually taken place on some sort of social media.

A business webinar is an online meeting or conference which is arranged through a business or corporation to discuss a topic with its employees or attendees. These calls can range from different sized groups. These meetings are heavily dependent on internet access. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can’t join.

What’s The Purpose Of A Business Webinar?

Business webinars are extremely useful. Business webinars have a number of different purposes. To keep it simple, we will break it down into 2 different types of webinars. The first being a webinar arrange by a company, and a webinar arranged by a corporation.

Business Webinar Arranged By A Company

Business Webinars arranged by a company are usually set up with the same purpose. They either want to inform and train their employees on upcoming updates within the business or train them on a new skill or practice. They arrange a webinar to do so because of the convenience. Webinars may also be arranged in a group of 3 or more individuals who need to discuss business from different locations.

Business Webinar Arranged By A Corporation

Business webinars are also a hot spot for aspiring entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs love webinars/seminars because you can gain so much knowledge and different ideas from them. The purpose of these webinars is usually to sell the attendees some sort, of course, service, product, or to promote something the speakers are doing.

This may seem very salesman-like, and that’s because it is. These speakers are usually extremely good at what they do so selling to an already warm audience (they’ve come to gain something) isn’t very hard for them at all.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Just like anything, business webinars come with different advantages and disadvantages. If you’d like to see the full list of the advantages and disadvantages of business webinars, click here.


  • Convenient: All’s you need is internet access and you can join the call/webinar from anywhere around the world.
  • Cost-free: Webinars doing cost anything. All’s you need is a laptop and internet access.
  • A good way to sell: If you’re on the speaking side of a seminar, it’s a brilliant way to sell a product or service to an already warm audience.


  • Connection: The odds of everyone having a good connection on the call is very slim. Since webinars heavily depend on internet access, some people may not be able to connect or keep disconnecting.
  • Effectiveness: Having an online discussion is not normally as effective as having one in person.
  • Limited: In person, you can host a seminar for as many people as the venue can hold. Online, different platforms hold different amounts. Such as zoom can hold 100 participants.


Business Webinars are a much more convenient way of hosting a business meeting or conference. Webinars are a good way to inform employees on upcoming updates or teach them a new skill, all on the internet on some sort of group call. They’re also used to host conferences. Webinars were used a lot over the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

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