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Plus Size Hosiery’s Measly $50K Investment Won’t Stretch Far! | Shark Tank AUS

Vanessa Babuin is pitching her plus-size hosiery brand that produces anti-chafing lightweight intimates. Vanessa is seeking an investment of $50000 in return ...

Peter's Perplexed By Pencils “Dad, I Can Hardly Lift This Pencil!” | Dragons’ Den

Managing Director Ross Williams and Operations Manager Surlender Pendress say their 'Write Size' range will make it easier for children to learn how to write ...

Buying My Dream Car With Dividends (2020 McLaren 570s)

I always wanted to buy my dream car McLaren 570s using Dividends and dividend investing ▻ My Stock Portfolio + Stock Tracker: ...

The Stock Market Is About To Drop – Again

Lets discuss the biggest mistakes investors are making right now in the stock market, whether or not this is similar to 1929, and then what you can do about it to ...

Sharks Witness The Most Confusing Pitch In Shark Tank History? | Shark Tank AUS

Naomi sums up the 'DHD Skate' pitch perfectly - "I don't think I have ever been more confused by a presentation." An international sensation, Shark Tank AUS ...

Dragons Divided By Gender Over The Heel Stoppers | Dragons’ Den

Ali Stevenson is pitching 'Clean Heels LTD' accessories that stop high heels from sinking in the grass at outdoor events. Stevenson is seeking an investment of ...


These are the best credit cards of 2020, my own recommendations, and which credit cards are the best value for all of your spending - Enjoy! Add me on ...

These Girls Are OOZING Brand Presence “So Investable, It’s Not Funny!” | Shark Tank AUS

When colleagues and best friends Lauren Davie and Elena Andoniou decided to turn their love of iced tea into 'Those Girls', they never expected they'd end up ...

Touker Slams American Grooming Products For Lack Of Authenticity | Dragons’ Den

Kevin Moore is seeking £45000 for a 15% stake in his male beauty business Comb and Blade, he offers a range of traditional grooming products including hair ...

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