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Beast Of E-Com is someone who I personally watch myself, I have even purchased his course for dropshipping. When working by his guides I managed to scale a simple Shopify store to £3k a day, adding some of my own extra knowledge enabled me to scale that to £10k a day.

Who is the Beast Of E-Com?

The Beast Of E-Com’s real name is Harry Coleman and is an e-commerce expert from London. Harry went from being fired from his 9-5 job to generating 8 figures with e-commerce. He would work all day, then spend his nights dropshipping until he couldn’t handle it anymore. Harry Coleman makes his money from e-commerce, as well as selling his student’s courses.

Quick Facts
  • Harry Coleman has spent over $5 million with Facebook ads.

  • Harry Coleman was featured on Oberlo, which is one of the biggest product processing platforms within dropshipping.

  • Harry Coleman has a net worth of $5 million.

  • The Beast Of E-Com channel has 65.4k YouTube subscribers.

  • Beast Of E-Com uploaded their first video in May, 2018.

  • Harry has raised 8 figures in profitable revenue.

  • Harry first started dropshipping in 2016.


Is the Beast Of E-Com legit?

The e-commerce industry is one to be wary of as it’s full of shifty salesmen who are good at pretending they’re “experts”. The Beast Of E-Com has actually been featured on “Oberlo”, which is a trusted dropshipping platform. This voucher along with all the proof he’s provided can confirm he’s a legit e-commerce expert.

Are the Beast Of E-Com's courses legit?

As mentioned, I have personally bought one of Harry’s courses and managed to scale it to around £3k per day. Although the dropshipping world changes every day and new techniques must be learned, I will say yes. His courses are legit. I would however recommend that if you were to take a dropshipping course from anyone, you take an up-to-date one. What worked last summer, might not work this summer.

What type of videos does the Beast Of E-Com upload?

The Beast Of E-Com tends to focus on uploading videos on E-commerce. More specifically, Dropshipping. He owns numerous successful stores and manages 10 members of staff, and those stores make millions combined every year, so you could say that he’s well qualified to teach this topic.

How much money has the Beast Of E-Com made from Dropshipping?

As mentioned, Harry Coleman (Beast Of E-Com) has raised 8 figures (10’s of millions) from dropshipping. It is known that in 2018, his stores made $5 million combined. Since 2018, his skills have only got better and he’s made a lot more money since. Some of his stores have been known to make £14k per day.

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