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Jared Goetz was very inspirational for me when I was getting into dropshipping, I nearly paid him $15,000 to go and get 1 and 1 mentoring, but in the end with a little bit of determination, I didn't need him. But I would love to still see him and bounce some idea's with the fella.

Quick Facts
  • Jared has written a book.

  • Jared’s YouTube channel has grossed over 80k views total.

  • In 2017, Jared’s store was the second biggest seller, behind Kylie Jenner.

  • Jared is an e-com expert, online marketer, and social media influencer.

  • Jared has grown several stores to seven figures.

  • Jared Goetz has a net worth of $7 million.


What type of videos does Jared Goetz upload on YouTube?

Jared Goetz isn’t very active on YouTube with only 6.7k subscribers and 21 videos. Although, his videos are very informative. He focuses on educating people on dropshipping techniques, whilst also uploading the occasional self-improving video.

Is Jared Goetz legit?

Jared Goetz has a dropshipping course out there that has been Shopify verified. As well as this, he’s shown his results publicly, as well as having successful students. I have personally used some of his methods and made a profit. With this being said, I will say yes, Jared Goetz is legit.

How much money has Jared Goetz made from dropshipping?

Back in 2017, Jared made a whopping $2 million in just 6 months. His store was the second-fastest-growing store, behind Kylie Jenner. He is now worth $7 million. On one of his other stores, he managed to grow $5 million in just 12 months. Talking about overnight success right? It is unknown how much exactly what he has earned through dropshipping, but it’s clear to say that it’s probably over $10 million.

Do Jared Goetz courses work?

I have never personally used one of Jared’s courses, but I will say I’ve used some of the free information on his YouTube and made a profit. His course is also Shopify verified and has successful students who have been through his course. With this being said, I will say yes, his course is legit.

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