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One of my personal favorites, Robert Kiyosaki. He and his wife are both brilliant at explaining not only how money works, but how to make it work for you. #step1 #dontsave.

Robert’s channel simply focuses on making money. Whether you have money to invest, or not a pound in your pocket, somewhere on Roberts channel will change that.

He’s an expert in creating wealth. Robert is persistent in acquiring assets instead of liabilities. His definition of an asset is anything that puts money in your pocket, not takes money out.

Robert Kiyosaki is a well respected American businessman and author. Robert Kiyosaki is well known for his book “rich dad poor dad” which was a best selling book that sold 32 million copies. Robert Kiyosaki is also massive in real estate, currently owning 7,000 properties on paper. Although, Robert and his wife have mentioned that between them, they own close to 20,000 properties. Whether they mean over their lifetime, or properties that haven’t been updated online yet, is unknown but either way, it’s very impressive.

Quick Facts
  • Robert Kiyosaki owns 7,000 properties.

  • Robert’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” was a best seller for 6 years, and sold 32 million copies.

  • Robert wrote two books in his career with Donald Trump.

  • Robert now buys properties with his wife, Kim Kiyosaki.

  • Robert uploaded his first YouTuber video in September 2008.

  • The Rich dad channel has 1.8 million subscribers.


Does Robert Kiyosaki invest in real estate?

Before Robert Kiyosaki became an entrepreneurial idol, he was actually big in real estate. He bought his first property in 1973. Now in 2021, he owns over 7,000 properties from residential, commercial, and hotels.

What does the Rich Dad channel upload?

Robert Kiyosaki’s YouTube channel purely focuses on making money. He educates on real estate, life lessons, motivates people, stocks and bonds, investing, etc. Anything related to making that cash, is on the Rich dad channel, trust me.

Is Robert Kiyosaki rich?

As of 2020, Robert’s net worth is an astonishing $100 million. Robert focuses on acquiring cash flow, which means monthly/yearly income so most of his money is tied up in investments and property. As mentioned, Robert owns 7,000 properties, as well as owning the rich dad company, being a best-selling author, stock trader, investor, and tutor through selling courses. So yes, it’s fair to say that Robert has a lot of money in his pocket.

Is Robert Kiyosaki an author?

Yes, Robert is an author. Robert Kiyosaki first came into the limelight in 1992 when he published his first book “if you want to be rich, don’t go to school”. Since then, he’s written at least 26 books, 2 of those being with billionaire Donald Trump. Roberts’s most popular book was published in 1997, and was titled “rich dad poor dad”. It was a best-selling book for 6 years straight and sold a total of 32 million copies.

What company does Robert Kiyosaki own?

Robert is the founder of Rich Global LLC and The Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides entrepreneurial education. The companies main sources of revenue comes from seminars that are conducted by Robert but nonetheless, both companies are highly successful.

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