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This series is like the ruthless version of Dragons Den. If you have watched before you will notice the dragons can be slightly pleasant at times, well not these investors. People bring their ideas & inventions to 6 investors who are sure to give a great grilling.

Who are the Investors?

In total, there are 6 investors on Shark Tank. Here are those 6.

Quick Facts
  • Shark Tank Australia first aired on February 9th, 2015, and finished on the 7th August 2018.

  • There are a total of 4 seasons, with 54 episodes combined.

  • The investors got paid $50k per episode.

  • Shark Tank was canceled after season 4.

  • Shark tank pulled in between 520,000 – 650,000 viewers across the 4 seasons.

  • All investors combined had a net worth of £1.17Billion


Who was the richest investor on Shark Tank?

Shark Tank’s richest investor was Glen Richards with a net worth of $700 million. Glen Richards is the founder and CEO of Greencross, the largest pet care company in Australia. Greencross has over 250 stores and operates more than 160 veterinary hospitals.

How many people went on Shark Tank?

It was revealed Shark Tank invited about 160 entrepreneurs on to their show over the course of 4 seasons.

Why was Shark Tank cancelled?

It was unknown why Shark Tank Australia canceled as the show constantly brought in hundreds of thousands of viewers every season.

Will Shark Tank return?

Shark Tank was supposed to be reviewed in 2020 but wasn’t because of the pandemic. There’s no further talk on a return.

What was Shark Tank's biggest deal?

Shark Tanks’ biggest-ever deal was $2.5 million and was an investment into an eco-friendly coffee capsule. The investor was Andrew Banks and took 22.5% of the company.

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