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Learn a little bit of everything that is going on in the World with Valuetainment, this YouTube channel is extremely popular and highly recommended by lots of people around the world.

Valuetainment is a YouTube channel targeted at entrepreneurs. It’s main purpose is to provide value and entertainment, hence the name. 

This channel is unique to others as it doesn’t just focus on one area, it covers all areas of being an entrepreneur from stocks, investing, creating a company logo, motivational talks, flipping items, you name it, Valuetainments got it.

Quick Facts
  • Patrick Bet-David’s net worth is $150 million.

  • Valuetainment’s YouTube channel has 2.88 million subscribers.

  • Valuetainments YouTube channel has uploaded 1,487 videos.

  • Valuetainments’ most popular video has 11 million views.

  • Bet-David is originally from Iran.

  • Valuetainments channel has a total of 320,000,000+ views.

  • Valuetainment interviewed Kobe Bryant, It was Kobe’s final interview.

  • Valuetainment published its first video in November 2012.


Why does Valuetainment do YouTube?

A lot of people ask “if they’ve already got money, why would they do YouTube?” Firstly, some entrepreneurs actually like helping others succeed as they know not everyone has the same opportunities they did. If that’s not the reason, then YouTube is one of the best ways anyone can get their name out there. So Valuetainment can help people, whilst also growing his companies.

How often does Valuetainment upload on YouTube?

Valuetainment usually uploads on YouTube 2-3 days per week, unless he has a lot to talk about where he’s been known to upload more than 5 times in one week, which is very active for a busy entrepreneur. He usually uploads every Monday and Saturday without fail.

What type of videos does Valuetainment upload?

Valuetainment uploads videos tailored to entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in stocks, famous businessman stories, how to make money online, or anything else you can think of, Valuetainment is the place to go. They upload and educate absolutely everything entrepreneur-related, and are all taught by a successful entrepreneur himself, not one of those fake gurus.

Does Patrick Bet-David own any companies?

Patrick is the founder of PHP agency which is the fastest growing financial marketplace. Patrick also owns Valuetainment Media LLC, a company that creates and syndicates the Valuetainment YouTube channel and other new media outlets. Patrick also makes public investments which you can find online.

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