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Channel Information

Wholesale Ted is a Youtube channel with much creativity. She is able to explain in a well understandable manner how to make money. Using many of her different techniques she uses to generate constant income, I am sure there is something there suitable for you.

Wholesale Ted creates educational videos that help online store owners. Their videos target people in the e-commerce niche to try and help them achieve success with their stores. Some of her videos have reached over 1 million views, so you should definitely check her out.

Quick Facts
  • In March 2020, Sarah shared one of her online stores that earn £2000 per day.

  • Wholesale Ted has 733k subscribers on YouTube.

  • Sale used to sell video games at 15, making £100 per day.

  • The Wholesale Ted channel has a total view count of 28,000,000+.

  • Sarah uploads 2-3 videos on YouTube per month. The “Ted” in her channel name, actually refers to her business mentor and partner, called Ted.


How much money does Wholesale Ted make?

Sarah Chrisp (Wholesale Ted) is fair to say, a true entrepreneur. Making her money in several different ways, It’s calculated that Sarah earns AT LEAST £90,000 per month AFTER expenses. That’s insane!

What type of videos does Wholesale Ted upload?

Wholesale Ted uploads educational videos helping online entrepreneurs. Ted has been in the e-commerce game for many years now and has had many successful stores, so she is well qualified to teach this topic. She uploads at least 2-3 times per month.

Does Wholesale Ted offer e commerce courses?

Yes, Wholesale Ted offers an e-commerce course. Her course is called “The Ecomm Clubhouse” and is priced at $67/month. This course has been Shopify verified and has had many successful students. The only problem with it being $67/month, is that if you cancel the membership for any reason, you lose all the information.

Do Wholesale Ted’s videos have any value?

Wholesale is really good at what she does. I’m not talking about her e-commerce skills, I’m talking about the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel. Her thumbnails, captions, descriptions are all really engaging, some may even say a little clickbaity. Although her videos do hold a lot of value as she not only claims something, she’ll prove it also.

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