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What Is Crestock?

CreStock is one of the agencies providing royalty-free stock images. The company had an original target of offering to both buyers and sellers of a creative content great experience. Established in 2005, CreStock has grown into a widely known visual content provider that will allow you to sell your creative work. Now with Masterfile Corporation, a premium stock photography agency with more than 30 years of experience in commercial licensing owning crestock since 2010, the agency has been experiencing a lot of growth. Currently, CreStock is a growing contributor in the micropayment royalty-free stock photography.

Now customers can access creative images for their projects even with small budgets. There is no doubt CreStock provides to photographers and illustrators an excellent platform to showcase and license their creative work.



Not only does CreStock offer images, and other creative work content at competitive prices, they also allow single purchases. Lots of clients may get into the website to buy an individual stock photo even for as little as $1 without the need for a subscription. For those who use stock images a lot, there are very cost-effective subscriptions. You could sell a lot at such a site as a seller.

Easy to Use

CreStock website is straightforward to use for both the buyer and seller of photographs. Selling is easy via an account. Once you read and agree to their terms and conditions, you can proceed and upload the content you wish to sell.

Buyers can find an image they want easily from the 2.5 million-plus royalty-free creative images, which relatively increases your sales.

Global Availability

Crestock connects with users in more than 100 countries around the globe. You will be selling creative works with artists and editors to reach many clients interested in creative works.

Ideal support

Crestock provides one of the best client support. There is the page you can access by clicking on How To Sell and you will be taken to the FAQ page with comprehensive information on how to upload and sell creative work via crestock. You will also get enough details of what is needed of you to upload images and vectors. You can also email them with questions you need answers to via their email.


To sell with CreStock, you’ll need to provide details such as your name, country and an email address. From there all you need is to agree to the Membership Agreement terms.

How To Sign Up?

  1. Visit and click on Sign Up Now which is just near the top of the webpage
  2. You will be taken to another page which asks for details
  3. Fill out the sign-up form and click on agree to Crestock’s user agreement and the I’m not a robot section
  4. Once done you will get a free crestock account that will allow you to upload and sell images, illustration and vectors

After signing up with CreStock, their registration is instantly activated, and when one uploads content, and it gets bought, they can begin earning.

Look out for when the site allows more uploading.

Uploading Content

Steps to follow when uploading images or vectors to the CreStock site.

  1. Log in into a registered account or sign up with CreStock if you don’t have an account
  2. Find Upload Images section when you log in into your CreStock account
  3. You will be taken to the My Uploads page which allows you to upload 1 to 10 images per week, but one can increase their weekly upload limit through increased approval
  4. Describe your images when they move to the description tab (If images lack sufficient embedded metadata including title, description and ten keywords at least, you will have to add the needed information.
  5. Once done, the page refreshes, and your images automatically go to the Review & Submit section
  6. At the Submit level you select the images you are confident should be submitted and click Submit (The images will move to pending section, awaiting review and approval which you will receive via a confirmation email)

Why Sell With CreStock?

Fair earnings

Crestock offers royalty rates of between 20 to 40% for purchase of single image license depending on the aggregate number of downloads. For images downloaded, depending on the number of downloads, one gets between $0.25 to $0.40. Check out how much you can earn for any range or type of image down on the crestock FAQ page.


CreStock website is easy to use, and they offer guides on how to upload and sell images. Your account also allows various options like Sale Statistics with details of uploads, downloads and earnings. Also, anytime you sell an image, you get a notification via email. Payment is also easy and convenient for sellers since they can receive it via PayPal or Skrill once their balance reaches $50.

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