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What Is Experts123?

Experts123 is a forum in which experts in any particular area can ask or answer questions publicly, providing the opportunity to both learn and teach. Once you have entered a few basic personal details such as date of birth and email address, then inserted a particular interest(s) and expertise(s), you are free to get involved in the hundreds of daily discussions taking across the website, for free.


  • Sharing of knowledge.
  • Free to register and use.
  • A vast majority of members are experts.


  • Email address, name, password.
  • Date of birth, expertise(s), interest(s).

How To Sign Up

1. Firstly, simply head to the home page (, where you will be asked for the below information.

2. Next, you will be required to add a little more information as part of a short three-step process, including date of birth and join reason, as pictured below.

3. Once general information has been entered, you will be asked to list your expertise(s).

4. The final element of the three-step process requires you to list your interests.

Website Features


1. Write – it is straightforward to create an article, which can contain many features such as fonts, styles and even images, and will be published to a category page to be answered or discussed.

2. Ask – by clicking the ‘Ask’ tab in the top right, it is also simple to ask a question directly to appear in the ‘Questions’ section, with the page appearing as such:

3. Answer – created questions are then sent to the ‘Questions’ page, which can be reached by clicking the ‘Answer’ tab at the top of the screen. Here, you can join hundreds of fellow inquisitive and intelligent people as they strive to reach conclusions to various topics.

4. Categories – in order to locate particular topics to answer or discuss, there is also a categories tab adjacent to the Answer and Write tabs.

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