The Ultimate Guide To Fiverr 2021

by | February 19, 2021 | How To

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a place for freelancers to sell their services online at a low cost to customers all around the world. The idea behind Fiverr is to offer quality content of all sorts at an affordable price. There’s no middleman taking a commission on Fiverr.

You simply message a create or put out a request, then discuss prices. Everything is on the buyer’s terms. If you want a logo designed within 24 hours for £5, you will have that very request.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Fiverr

Fiverr, just like any social media marketing service comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Fiverr has helped small and large companies all around the world build quality content in a matter of days, but has also wasted a lot of time.

Here are our top 5 advantages and disadvantages of using Fiverr:


  1. No Job Description: If you’re selling on Fiverr, no job description is required. Meaning anyone can sell, and anyone can buy. No middleman.
  2. Speed: Fiverr is perfect for meeting deadlines. You can get content completed within 12-24 hours. (The fastest I’ve had is 3 hours, but that has to be negotiated).
  3. Protection: As a buyer, you’re heavily protected. The creator only receives the money once you personally approve the content. You can “request a revision”(have them re-do it) as many times as you want.
  4. Get great ideas: It’s sometimes hard to get ideas on what type of content to make, and how you can make money on your content. Fiverr will give you some great inspiration.
  5. Really cheap: Fiverr has some of the lowest costs for content. You’re literally buying content for as little as £5, but can go as high as £300+.


  1. A lot of garbage: There’s a lot of garbage content on Fiverr. Some people just want to make some easy cash but provide little value.
  2. Language barrier: Most sellers on Fiverr aren’t native English speakers so communication might be difficult.
  3. Pricing games: Prices start to rise from their original offer/deal. This can be annoying when it happens over and over. A lot of people will always try and get more money out of you but providing the same value.
  4. Refunds: Fiverr makes it really difficult to get your money out of Fiverr. You can refund money for failed content, but getting it back into your bank is a different story.
  5. Not just £5: Prices are going up, but the value is staying the same. You just have to pay more to get what you used to get for just £5.

Fiverr For Buyers

As a buyer on Fiverr, it can be a little overwhelming with all the potential options available, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Fiverr is a beginner-friendly marketplace and can be made pretty simple.  The first thing you need to consider is what you’re actually looking for?

Are you looking for a Facebook advertising video? are you looking for something to help organically grow your Instagram page? Are you looking for a new company logo or slogan? This is the first thing you need to identify.

If you’re a first-time buyer, we recommend putting out a content request in your desired category. After a while, you’ll be able to see what creators you prefer and which ones work best for you. But until then, putting out a request maybe your best option. Once you’ve put a request, within an hour you could receive over 100 responses. Remember, this is business. Everyone is looking to make money as well as save.

Creators should have past work they’ve done on their portfolio so you can get a feel for what type of service they offer. You should also look at their reviews because you can’t fake Fiverr reviews. You can only leave a review after the deal has been completed.

How much does Fiverr content cost?

Fiverr recommends going through transactions on their site compared to using a service such as Paypal, as it’s a lot safer to use Fiverr. The creator only receives the one once you approve the order, so it’s all in your hands. Although, you won’t receive the order or have the rights to it until you approve it, so it’s safe on both sides. Fiverr takes a £1 transaction fee on orders £20 and below, and 5% on anything above £20.

Fiverr content can vary a lot and you definitely get what you pay for. The Fiverr “professionals” will charge more but usually deliver quality content. The name “Fiverr” comes from paying £5 for content, but if you do that, you won’t be very happy with the results unless the seller is just starting out and trying to build a portfolio. So to put it simply. the better the content you want, the more you should spend. We recommend only spending between £20-£50.

Fiverr For Sellers

If you wish to sell on Fiverr, you need to think of it like any other business. The first thing you need to build is your portfolio and that includes past work you’ve done, customer reviews, and templated. If you’ve never social content on social media before, then the only thing you can offer is templates.

We recommend creating examples of the content that you specialize in. For example, if you specialize in creating advertising videos, create 4-8 demo ads. This might seem pointless since you won’t be selling them, but without some sort of portfolio, customers won’t even consider contacting you.

How much money can I make on Fiverr?

Fiverr can be a really competitive marketplace, so you need to be able to create quality content. On Fiverr, you can specialize in as many things as you want. I’ve personally paid for an advertising video, as well as a logo from the same person before now. Some people are just really creative.

If you’re trying to make some money using Fiverr, then building a portfolio is absolutely key. The more reviews and past work you can show to potential buyers, the higher you can charge. It’s just like professionals will charge more than an amateur, you’ll be seen as the professional.

Fiverr doesn’t have a specific salary or wage. You earn depending on how much you create. This is why it’s important to build your portfolio so you can start charging more for your services. It’s been said that top creators and freelance editors on Fiverr earn between £2000-£5000 per month. That’s amazing since you’ll literally be making money from home. As a beginner, you should probably charge under £20 for your first maybe 10 customers, just to build that quick portfolio.


To use Fiverr you will first need to create your own account, you can do this by following these 6 simple steps

  • Go on to the Fiverr website and click ‘become a seller’
  • You will be taken to the benefits of selling on Fiverr page, again click ‘become a seller’
  • Fiverr enables you to join by email, Facebook or Google connect. To join by email enter your email address and click continue.
  • Choose a username and password and you are now signed up to Fiverr
  • You cannot use your account until you have activated it, an activation email will be sent to your email with a link you can click to activate your account.
  • Once you have activated your account you can start selling!


On Fiverr, a gig is a service you sell so when you create your gig you are creating and presenting the service you want to sell. You should create your gig to the best of quality because it shows off your talents and skills and may encourage buyers to choose to buy your services.

    • Job title: you should make your job title short and clear to catch people’s eye, this is what service you will provide eg. Spokesperson
    • Tags: tags allow you to add related tags and keywords to your gig to make it easier for buyers to find your gig
    • Video: adding a video to your gig adds a personal touch and makes your gig look more professional, encouraging people to buy your services. Make sure your video is not too long (75 seconds maximum); is of good sound and picture quality.
    • Offering packages: creating package offers gives buyers more choice and means they are more likely to spend over $5 which is the minimum.
    • Upselling: this maximises your revenue by adding extras such as high resolution for a raised price, buyers have the option to add as many extras as they wish. You can set different prices for each additional request, any changes can be made and edited at any time in your gig. For a more professional approach, you can make your own custom extra. This can be specifically tailored to your profile, in return will help your profile/gig catch the eye of buyers standing out amongst the competition
    • Custom offers: by sending a custom offer when a buyer shows interest you can encourage them to buy your services as an offer. In the offer, you may include details so the buyer understands what they are buying, for example, the delivery time.


Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers to sell their content to customers all around the world without dealing with a middleman. It is a great place to earn money from home, or to get some quality content as a buyer. If deadlines are coming soon and you’re on a small budget, Fiverr is most definitely the place for you.

But, you will have to filter through all the garbage content, unless you’re willing to pay that extra money to go straight to the professionals. Fiverr is incredibly safe for both buyers and sellers. No one will walk away with the scales tipped. It has been said that creators have earned £2000-£5000 per month, but it will take a while to get to this level. It’s all about building a portfolio on Fiverr. The better your portfolio, the more you can charge. But if you’re a buyer, you can purchase content for as little as £5.

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