How To Set Up A Pinterest Ad

by | November 28, 2020 | How To

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the worlds leading social media marketing platforms with around 322 million users. Although Pinterest isn’t as big as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it can still be heavily fruitful. Pinterest is mainly used for inspiration or finding new ideas.

With there being billions of pins across Pinterest, you’ll discover endless new discoveries and ideas. Pinterest is all about staying organized, so when you put a post out or like a post, save it to your Pinterest board so you can see it later. A lot of SEO marketers use Pinterest because it can help to build SEO in ways other social media platforms can’t.



A Pinterest pin works essentially as a bookmark. You pin the post to your board (wall).

SEO’s will use pins because you can apply a link to the pin which leads to your website. If you or someone decided to click on the pin, you can then click straight through to the website and land on the desired page. This in return, builds up the SEO “fortress” and of course, your audience.


All pins are stored within a Pinterest board. A board is essentially a collection of posts. You can give your boards different titles such as camping, food, sports, etc so when people see that board, they know what’s inside it. You can also invite other people to collaborate on group boards to spark more ideas.

How To Set Up A Pinterest Ad

As mentioned, Pinterest is one of the largest social media platforms and has 18 million monthly users. With this audience, the possibilities are endless, especially if you combined Pinterest with other social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. On Pinterest, you can completely zone into a specific audience that you wish to target which will increase your chance of making conversions.

If you’re new to Pinterest, setting up an ad might not be the easiest task. This is why we’ve created this short guild to getting you started on Pinterest.

Pinterest Ads Manager

Pinterest ads manager is a management tool that is used to manage all your advertisement campaigns. Pinterest will keep all your campaigns in one place so you don’t lose track of them. Pinterest ads manager is a simple tool to use and is beginner-friendly.

By using the Pinterest ads manager you can:

  • Create new ads
  • Set up different campaigns at the same time
  • Set up ad groups
  • Target very specific audiences, or target different types of audiences
  • Use the analytics to keep track of your results

Video On Pinterest Ads Tutorial

What you need to think about when setting up a Pinterest ad

  1. Your campaign objective: The first thing you need to consider when creating an ad on Pinterest, or any social media platform is what your objective is. Are you trying to grow your following? Are you trying to push people to your website? Are you trying to sell a new product? Knowing what your objective is will give you more of a direct plan for your goal.
  2. Know your audience: Knowing your audience is essential when creating ad campaigns. If you’re targeting people who aren’t interested in what you’re advertising, your results will not come back positive. Do your research and note down what type of people are interested in your service/product. Example: If you’re selling baby clothes, target parents, mums, dads, pregnant women, etc.
  3. Your specific target audience: This goes hand in hand with “know your audience”. Once you know what your audience is, we recommend specifically targeting individuals that fall under your audience. Pinterest allows you to target location, age, gender, interests, and much more so you need to optimize all the tools they offer to increase conversions.
  4. Your budget: Luckily, Pinterest is one of the cheaper social media marketing platforms you can advertise on. Pinterest allows you to set budget limits on your campaigns whether they’re daily budget limits or lifetime budget limits. This allows you to test ads without losing much money. The advertisement price will differ from audience to audience. Even something as simple as adding an extra location, or interest to your target audience could increase your cost, so it’s good to spend some time to see if you can bring the price down.
  5. The runtime of your campaign: The runtime of your campaign could either make or break your conversions. You need to run a campaign long enough to make sure it does its job but not long enough that it’s costing you money without a return. We recommend setting yourself a testing runtime to make sure you don’t lose too much money.

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