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What Is Review Stream?

Review Stream is a website that pays you money for writing reviews. The website allows you to monetise your experiences by providing honest lengthy reviews of products you have actually used in the past.

With the motto “Real Consumers Real Experience” one has to provide a real review. Usually, in consumer websites, the likes of Amazon and eBay verified customers could write reviews of products they have bought, but no one pays them for writing the reviews.

Review Stream, on the other hand, allows you to earn cash from the reviews that help other people. Since product reviews are very important in the e-commerce industry is easy to understand why one can make money from providing honest, reliable reviews.

You ought to know that reviews help websites to earn more money. For instance, Review Stream has an advertisements and affiliate links programme for products and services that make the site money. By becoming their writer, you help to continue its business, and they pay you for that.


Here’s some of the many benefits of Review Stream!


Founded in 2005, has grown into a reputable platform you can trust. Anyone around the globe can join the platform for free and submit reviews without restrictions. The site pays its contributors promptly via PayPal when the minimum cash accumulation required is achieved, proving that ReviewStream is a legitimate company.

Various ways to earn money

Not only does the site allows you to earn from writing reviews, but it also allows you to vote for content as a reader and earn £0.10 per vote. To get more votes, you can promote your content on social media, which, relatively gets you more money.

Also, look out for unanswered questions posed on the platform and provide instant answers. Each answer can earn you £0.10. The site also pays you 2% of what your referrals earn on the platform. So go ahead and refer other people to the website and earn more.

High payouts

If you become a regular contributor to reviewstream, you could earn between £5 to £18 per provides content. If you are good enough, take advantage of the fact that doesn’t limit the number of review submissions per day and write as many as you can. Such a strategy gets you high payouts with time.

Though the payment offered for bulk rate is five times lower than the regular rate for content that does not match some of Review Stream requirements, you could still earn through providing content, therefore, do not limit yourself.

Simple to use and earn

You can easily access from a computer or mobile device and register for free instantly and start earning. They also provide an app available for both iOS and Android device users. You can do a lot of things available on the Review Stream site using the app, which also earns you money. For those sceptical about their own grammar but have unique information, you are invited to join if you think your grammar is just good enough.

Multiple categories to earn from allows you to choose from a wide range of categories, something that enables one to write reviews on just any topic they find interesting. With over 60 categories, there are almost zero limits to what exactly you can contribute about on this website.

Excellent support team

Review Stream has a friendly team of editors who are always available to assist you in writing high-quality reviews. There is also the Content Creation Academy which they highly recommend you attend as it will help you understand better what is needed to get the best out of the


Only an email address is necessary. Although they highly recommend the Content Creation Academy programme, Reviestream says it is not mandatory to go through the training.

How To Earn From

Review Stream is unique. Instead of signing up to get an account with them, you just visit their site and contribute.

  1. Visit and find the Sell Content button and click on it
  2. You will be directed to another page that will require you to select the category you wish to contribute to
  3. Click on the category that is interesting to you
  4. The next section requires you to select a template from the following:
  • how do I
  • text-based
  • images based
  • interview
  • in-depth research
  • viral
  1. Select your template and proceed to work on your content
  2. By clicking on any template, you are taken to the submit section and fill out all the needed details then add text block as well as picture or chart block.
  3. Once done, click on submit and wait for the approval.

If your content meets ReviewStream criteria, you then get paid via regular rate.

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