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Have you ever been interested in taking and selling photographs online? Do you consider yourself to be a creative individual? If you answered yes, then perhaps Stockimo is something that you will be interested in. Stockimo is an iOS app that can be used to upload photographs for money. Stockimo is owned by Alamy, which is one of the largest stock image companies with over 150 million stock images. The images that you would be selling through Stockimo would then add the Almay’s collection of stock images. These stock pictures can then be used by people who pay for the rights to use them. If partaking in this sounds interesting to you, feel free to keep reading and decide for yourself if you want to use the app.

How does Stockimo work

Stockimo is actually fairly straightforward and easy to make money with. First of all, you need to download the Stockimo app from the iOS store to your Apple device. Once you have the app and an Alamy account you can begin to take pictures for Alamy. You can’t just take any pictures though; they need to adhere to Alamy’s and Apple’s rules. This means no nudity, copyrighted material or other prohibited items.

The photos also need to be of high enough quality. Every time that you post a picture it is judged by multiple people who each give it a score out of 4. In order for your photo to be approved and sold it has to have an average score of at least 2. Once a photo has been accepted you own the copyright. They merely handle the act of selling the licenses on your behalf. You are allowed to use filters in your images to enhance them. The use of external apps like Snapseed to edit your images is also allowed. It is also often encouraged by members of the Stockimo community.

There is also an option called Stockimonews which you can opt in for. This allows you to photograph breaking news events and submit them within 24 hours of the event happening. This allows you to profit much faster as the images will be in much higher demand for a window of time after the photographed event took place. Then the images will be added to the collection of stock images after 2-3 days just like a normal image.

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Advantages of using Stockimo

Stockimo has a number of benefits over other methods of making money from home. These include:

  • A greater level of creativity than other methods: Endlessly filling in surveys online or completing menial tasks can get dull and repetitive. With Stockimo you get a personal agency to express yourself and create the types of content that you want without adhering to someone else’s vision. As long as you fall within their requirements and don’t break any rules then you can post almost anything.
  • Potentially very profitable: The main advantage is that with photographs you are selling licenses to use your creation rather than selling the creation yourself. This means that you can potentially make several sales off of one item over an extended period of time. As you continue to develop your portfolio and expand your backlog you can reach a point where you are steadily earning a revenue stream from all your older photos. Meaning that you are very likely to constantly earn more and more money as time goes on.
  • You can use tags to help your image appear in searches: By assigning multiple (appropriate) tags to an image you drastically improve the odds that image is seen and sold. Be careful not to abuse the system though so that you don’t get in trouble for misusing tags.
  • Develop and showcase your photography skills: If in the future you decide to expand and advance your photography career, you’ll have a portfolio at the ready to showcase. Having a portfolio is important to showcase your skill, so earning money whilst developing that portfolio is a win-win.

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Disadvantages of using Stockimo

Even Stockimo is a great opportunity and way to earn money, there are some unfortunate details holding it back. These include:

  • iOS only: If you don’t have an iPhone 4 or later then you’re out of luck. There is no Android version yet and they will not accept images taken from a standard camera. This is unfortunate because it alienates a very large portion of people. Fortunately, you can still submit photos taken from a camera directly to Alay rather than Stockimo. Alternatively, you can use another stock image site like Getty Images, Shutterstock, or Dreamstime.
  • All payments are through PayPal with no alternatives: If you decide to use Stockimo you will have to deal with PayPal. If this is something that you don’t want to deal with then feel free to use a different service instead.
  • Difficult for amateurs to start out on Stockimo: If you are a fledgling photographer looking to hone your skills then you might have difficulties with Stockimo. Due to the nature of the image approval process, you will experience issues getting your images approved at the start. Also, when a photo gets rejected you don’t get detailed feedback on how to improve, so getting better is also a challenge. You may want to go elsewhere and practise first to get a feel for photography before joining Stockimo.
  • You can’t control who or where your images are being sold to: This isn’t a major problem, but it is something to take note off. If you don’t want your images being sold to certain places, then you may prefer selling your images freelance rather than using an app.

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