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What Is UBER?

Uber is an alternative to traditional taxis that is meant to be simpler, cheaper and generally easier to use than a taxi. Uber has its very own app and exclusive smartphone usage, with many useful features such as satellite navigation and online pre-payment, so the user never needs to handle cash and can also view details of the assigned driver.


  • In-demand position.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Easy money.


  • UK Driver’s Licence.
  • Eligible vehicle (see criteria).
  • At least 21 years of age.

How To Sign Up

1. Sign up online – head over to the Uber home page here to begin the signup process, click the sign up button on the top right. An email, password, name and mobile number and basic licence details are all that are needed.

2. Get a private hire licence – after signing up, a booking will be needed to acquire your Uber licence. Next will be a booking to make your driving eligibility official.

3. Visit us – once the two above steps have been completed, and the licence has been obtained, you will be required to meet with Uber security before you officially hit the road!

Other Features

1. Uber Eats – in addition to being a taxi alternative, an increasingly popular service provided by Uber has been Uber Eats, in which, through the app, food is ordered and delivered by the driver to the customer’s door. Another easy way to make money!


2. Uber for Business – an extension to regular Uber, this arrangement sees large groups – mainly business groups – catered for, at a higher fee, leading to an even more profitable night of employment!


3. JUMP Bikes – quite simply, bikes and scooters for hire! A PIN is provided to enter into the lock, and voila! You have a two-wheeler for use.

4. Clearly, being an Uber driver has many benefits, has a relatively straightforward signup process if you are a driver and is (and will always be) a very high-demand industry. So, why not join now?

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