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We Buy Books

by | Mar 4, 2019 | How To | 0 comments

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There are many sites on which, and indeed methods by which, you can sell your used books, DVDs and CDs that you no longer want or need and would like to sell., however, takes the searching and advertising hassle off your hands and simply quotes you a price!
All that you need to do is list the ISBN number or the barcode that is inscribed on your book, and watch the cash roll in – We Buy Books will do the rest!



  • Free to sign up – registering to requires no fee and is completely free to use without any obligation, registration, or payment required.
  • Very simple steps – to be described further below, few and straightforward steps required to get from code entering to cash in hand.

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  • Over 18 years of age, or with parent/guardian’s permission to use.
  • Many book or item eligibility standards to be met, more details can be found here.

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1. Create an account – on the signup page, you can begin your registration process simply by clicking the ‘Create an Account’ option, as seen below.

2. Fill in details – on the next page, you will be asked several personal questions in 6 steps, starting with name and address then continuing to bank details, arranging how you will be paid for your items. Here, two screenshots can be seen.


3. Account created – once these details have been completed and terms agreed, registration will be complete.

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