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How To Make A Shopify Store (step by step guide)

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Making Money | 0 comments

Table of Contents

  1. Signing up
  2. Adding products
  3. Customising your store
  4. Adding a domain
  5. Activate your payment processor

1. Signing Up

  1. Visit Shopify and click get started to start your sign up.
  2. Then you will be asked for your email, password and shop name.
  3. Make sure you have a shop name that isn’t already taken if it is taken you may need to add some numbers or change your shop name slightly.
  4. You will then have to fill in some information about your products and some personal details to set up your store.
  5. You have now created your Shopify store!

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2. Adding Products

Your store won’t be a store without any products so the first step is to add some products.
Once you have signed up Shopify will take you to the welcome page, click the ‘add product’ button to start building your store.
You are then required to fill in the details of the product including the title, price, category and can add images and a description for your product. It is highly advised to add images and a description of your product because people will only buy things that they have seen the appearance of.

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3. Customising Your Store

When you return to the homepage click on the ‘customize theme’ button to start designing your store.
There are many controls to customise your store so have a play around with Shopify’s different tools to create an aesthetically pleasing store to potential buyers.
To make your store look professional you can add a custom logo.
Click on ‘visit the theme store’ to explore all of Shopify’s themes to help design your site.

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4. Adding A Domain

You must add a domain in order to make your site live, it will then be an official site.
Return back to the homepage and press ‘add domain’.
You can buy a new domain to make it a custom domain or you can add and transfer domains.
In this section, you are also required to pick a Shopify payment scheme.

You can also buy domains through other registrar providers such as:

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5. Activating Your Payment Processor

Firstly you must click the ‘payments’ button on the left margin of the page which takes you to many payments processors to choose from.
Once you choose one you will be asked a few questions and details which you will need to fill in.
When you have set your payment processor up you will be able to receive payments and put them in your store account.

You now have completed your Shopify store setup and can start building your store bigger for a higher income. Shopify has many tools and apps you can explore for optimum products and designs on your online store.

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