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by | November 7, 2018 | Making Money


Selling articles is one of the easiest ways of making money online. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best home jobs for individuals who can write well. There are several ways of selling articles online, with some being easier and more profitable than others.

The amount of money you can make selling articles online will depend on the amount of work or time you are willing to put in. That is why you need to know how to sell articles online. Here is how to sell articles online for a profit.

When it comes to freelancing there are a few methods for selling your work. One method may work better for your situation than others so be sure to carefully consider all of them.

Freelance Article Writing

One approach is to sell your article via your own website or blog. Then post the articles on this website or blog and post a summary of the articles too. Readers have the opportunity to purchase the articles they need by visiting the blog or website. If you are planning to sell articles using your own website or blog, you should optimise the website so that it appears on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. On the other hand, you should also use the services of a credit card merchant to accept payments for the articles you sell. This approach may not be the easiest way of selling articles online. But it is more profitable since you get to keep all the money from the articles you sell.


  • You will be your own boss, you control your own hours and write whatever you want to write. This is quite appealing for creatively minded individuals.
  • Full freedom of customisation for the site and your work. You can fully express yourself and create a distinct brand identity.
  • No fees to worry about through a third party platform.
  • If you are knowledgable in SEO you can rank highly in the Google search algorithm and get the lion’s share of site traffic.


  • Can be extremely challenging if you are inexperienced at creating and managing a website.
  • You will have to handle the costs of website and server maintenance.
  • You will have a very long period of time at the beginning where you aren’t making very much money due to your obscurity.
  • A wide selection of content will need to be made to increase the chances of selling something.
  • People may not be interested in buying the articles you have written.

Forums & Message Boards

Another effective approach is to look for forums and message boards where internet marketers hang out. Articles are one of the most important components of online marketing. Without quality content, it is difficult to rank your website higher on search engines. Hence, all web marketers will buy quality articles. They will discuss their article requirements on these forums and message boards. You can easily find buyers for your article by visiting such forums and message boards. Most of the forums and message boards should have a marketplace area or section – where you can sell your quality articles for a higher profit.


  • The process of finding a buyer becomes much easier and faster.
  • You may be able to establish a relationship with a company that will continue buying articles from you in the future. Establishing contracts is a fantastic way to build a reputation and consistent income.
  • The content of the article can be adjusted to the needs of that specific buyer which could make them more willing to buy it.
  • Even if you don’t land a sale, more companies will be aware of you and your chances of selling an article later are improved.


  • The buyers may be somewhat unreasonable and try to pay as little as possible especially if you are new. Never work for anyone to promises to pay you in an exposure.
  • You are at the mercy of the forum rules and the admins that enforce them. Be prepared to walk on eggshells and be very careful not to violate any rules or upset anyone. Developing a bad reputation is easier than developing a good one.
  • You will most likely need to check several different sites and forums to find a buyer.

Writing Through A Dedicated Article Seller

There are many websites where you can upload your articles and sell them to relevant buyers. This approach is great because you have the option of setting your own asking price for the articles. The owner of the site will take a percentage of the price for the services that they provide. Most of the time, it is a pretty fair deal to the owner as well as the seller. On the other hand, there are many websites that hire article writers.

This is another effective method of selling your articles online. You will find hundreds of buyers requesting articles on different topics when you visit such a site. For example, INeedArticles is one of the best sites where you can get quality articles for affordable prices. It is much easier to make money writing for these sites. You may have to sign-up with the relevant article writing site and take an aptitude test before working as a full-time writer for such a site. Most of these sites pay well. Hence, you can expect to earn good money depending on your skills and experience as an article writer.


  • These sites are often one of the first places that buyers go to in order to find an article. Finding a buyer will be much simpler through these platforms.
  • There is no price negotiation, you set an asking price and the buyer must pay that price if they want the article.
  • The platform handles the site and advertising leaving you room to focus on just writing.


  • The website will take a cut of your sales from each of your articles.
  • You will need to pass a literacy test before signing up to the platform.
  • Less freedom in what articles you can write as you will need to shift to whatever is in high demand.

PLR articles

PLR (Private License Rights) articles are another method of selling articles online. These articles can be sold more than once. In fact, they are sold as packages such as 10 articles for £10 or whatever price you want to put on them. PLR or private label rights are quite popular online since buyers would often rewrite them to make them unique. These are some of the most popular options for selling your articles online.


  • Much less work involved since you are reusing the same articles over again rather than rewriting them.
  • Can be customised to whatever needs the buyer has.
  • Each article individually makes more money since they are sold multiple times.
  • Businesses that are new are keen to populate their sites and platform quickly. PLR lets them do this easily so they are eager to buy.


  • If people notice the trend and the content is extremely similar between multiple sites, then you could develop a negative reputation.
  • Larger businesses won’t be willing to take the risks involved and you won’t be able to work with them.
  • PLR is often perceived as low quality so people may be unwilling to buy from you if you specialise in PLR.

The most important thing is to consider improving the quality of your articles if you want to make more money at home over time. Quality is very important when it comes to online marketing. A marketer will pay you more money if you offer him/her high-quality unique articles. In fact, content is still king when it comes to online marketing. That is why you should make sure to offer the best quality articles to your customers in case you want to make more money in the long run.

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