How To Sell Your Movies, Games & CD’s Online

by | November 21, 2018 | Making Money

Steps To Selling Your Movies, Games & CD’s

Many people nowadays churn through media at an incredible rate. The number of DVDs and games that we play once and never touch again is surprisingly high. rather than leaving all of them collecting dust on a shelf in your home, why not convert them into some easy money? Get a return on your investment and help pay for new items.

Step 1:

Look for your higher quality items and look for as many pieces of them as you can find. The condition of your item is extremely important in dictating how much you’ll get for it. Items that are in perfect or ‘mint’ condition are worth significantly more than if they are damaged in some way. You will also want to get all of the pieces of the item together in one package if possible. For example, N64 games are worth a lot more if they come with their original packaging and instruction manual.

Step 2:

Get your items evaluated to check their worth. Simply look for the ISBN (Internation Standard Book Number) or barcode number and put it into the website and they will give you a quote. Some websites give you the option to scan your items in with your phone. Rare items are worth more so it may be in your best interest to do some background research on your collection, you may be sitting on more money than you realize.

Step 3:

Carefully package your items. Again, the condition of your items is crucial. You don’t want them to have been kept safe and sound for a decade or more only to have them damaged during their journey. There are a number of things you should do to protect your items:

  • Find the right sized box for them: You obviously need a box that is big enough to hold the item, but if it is too big then you may find the item in question shifting around inside the box and could get knocked around during the journey. This also increases your shipping costs and cut into your profit margins. For these reasons, you will want the item to fit the box and leave a little extra room to fit more protective packaging inside.
  • Protect your items with bubble wrap: Bubble wrap acts as a shock absorber. Before you apply the bubble wrap you will need to fill in any gaps with either crumpled paper or additional bubble wrap. Secure the bubble wrap tightly in place with some adhesive tape.
  • Add extra protective elements: Fill the remaining space in the box with either packaging foam, crumpled paper, or some other soft shock-absorbing materials. By creating a buffer zone in the box, any damage the box ends up taking won’t reach the contents.
  • Label the box as fragile: Once you send the box off anything that happens to it is completely out of your control. A lot of people are going to be handling your item after you send it off so you have to make sure that the people handling your box know that it is fragile. This will increase the chance that the box is transported properly.

Step 4:

Send them off in the post, most websites will give you a free postage label that you can print off. Make sure you check beforehand that postage is free. It might be in your best interest to ship multiple items off at once.

Step 5:

This is the stage when you receive your payment. After the store receives your item, if they are happy with the condition, they will send you your payment the day after.

Top 5 Sites to Use

What are the best sites to sell your items on?
Everyone wants their money’s worth when it comes to selling their items so here are the 5 best and most trusted sites for selling your old movies, games, and CDs.


They will buy pretty much any old electronics and has an online system and many stores for easy trading. There is also no minimum value so you can sell all your items no matter how cheap and for all you cryptocurrency users they now do the payment in bitcoins. Retro gaming has picked up in popularity over the past couple of years so if you have any old PS1/N64 games, or games even older than that CEX is one of the best places to sell to.

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Despite their name, they also buy old movies, CDs, and games at We Buy Books. They often give the best prices for items and are quick to send you your money. They give evaluate your items very quickly. Your items do need to have a combined minimum value of £5 to be able to send them off though.

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They are one of the best for selling old games but they only offer money as a credit to buy other, more recent games so this site is recommended for people who want to update their gaming collection. To make money at GAME selling your games, CDs, and movies it is extremely simple and has an easy process to complete the sale.

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Amazon is great to make money because it is a widely used and trusted site. Due to its size items sell quickly on Amazon because there are many potential buyers. Due to its enormous popularity, it has a very large customer base, so finding a buyer will be no problem at all. Amazon does have a few fees attached to it as well as them taking a 15% cut on each sale. Keep this in mind when using their service.

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Selling through eBay is a slower process so may not be ideal for those wanting quick cash, however, their online auction battles usually mean you get a good deal. This won’t consistently happen though even if you are peddling something quite rare. People have grown more suspicious of eBay over time as many sellers try to scam people on the site. This process also requires a fair amount of research on your part as you are dictating a starting bid.

If you don’t want the hassle of managing your own store then your other option is to sell your items in a second-hand shop. Second-hand shops like CeX will also buy your items in bulk, so if you have a large collection of games, CDs, and movies you can sell the lot in one go for instant cash. However, they may not offer you as much as online shops like Amazon and eBay if you are wanting to make a higher profit.

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