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by | November 4, 2018 | Making Money, Marketing

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Providing Administrative Assistance From Home

If you are looking for a way to make a stable income from home, then providing administrative assistance online for existing affiliate marketers could be an interesting career option. It is a job that you can do from home and it’s one that will help you to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing yourself so that you can eventually hire your own admins, and build a sustainable, scalable income.

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What Do Affiliate Marketers Do?

Affiliate marketers are people who promote and sell other people’s products for an income, this is called Affiliate Marketing. The income could be a percentage of sales, or it could be a flat fee per sale. Some merchants offer an option – you could get a set dollar payout per sale or you could opt to get a percentage of what each customer you send over to them generates. This is a flexible arrangement that offers short-term gains for those who want (or need) them, and the chance to build a much bigger income over a longer period of time for those that want it. The problem with affiliate marketing is that there’s a lot of groundwork to cover. You need to put in some work to write content to share, build up a large list of affiliate links, and generally grow your own network. You need to spend a little bit of time each and every day promoting the products you are an affiliate for, and it can be demoralising trying to do that if you aren’t getting income at first. A lot of people understand the principles of affiliate marketing, but don’t want to spend time building links, posting to dozens of social media profiles, writing posts to share on other blogs and otherwise doing the day to day work for marketing. They don’t want to worry about Facebook sponsored posts or managing Google Adwords accounts. They care about the products more than they care about internet marketing. That’s why they hire an admin assistant to do that for them.

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Getting a Job as an Admin Assistant

There are a lot of companies that specialise in providing administrative assistance online for marketers and indeed for other niches as well. They often call the jobs that they offer ‘Virtual Assistant’ positions. These positions will require you to commit a certain amount of time each week to do various jobs for the marketer. Those jobs could be answering emails, responding to posts on Facebook, managing their advertising accounts, working on marketing, making reports or doing other duties that they consider important enough to have dealt with by a human instead of automated. The challenge of providing administrative assistance online is that you are working remotely with little contact with your client. It works well if you and your client are on the same page and you know what you need to do, and it works well for simple tasks, but it can be hard if they do not give you a good brief. In addition, you may find that you need to pick up several clients to make a good wage. Competition for administrative assistants is fierce, and there are a lot of mature students, stay at home mothers and workers from countries with a low cost of living that offer admin assistance, transcription work, copywriting and other services for comparatively low pay.

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Differentiating Your Services

Competing against those people can be hard when you are new to providing administrative assistance online. There are some things that you can include in your marketing in order to promote your products and services online, however.

For example:

1. Your timezone: If you are local to your prospective clients, highlight this. Showing that you are in the same time zone as them will help you to attract clients because they will know that you will be around and available to answer messages at a time that suits them.

2. Your language skills: While most people in developed countries do have passable English language skills, passable is not the same as ‘good’. Highlight that you are a native English speaker. If you happen to be bilingual, then mention the other languages that you speak as well, and how good you are at writing and speaking them. This will help you to stand out from less-qualified applicants.

3. Your professional background: Affiliate marketers who are hiring people to do admin work for them want to know that their admins are committed and will take the job seriously. While being inexperienced may not disqualify you, they are likely to view a student aiming for work experience in a related field or a professional marketer on a career break, looking for part-time work, as being more desirable than an ‘anonymous face’ looking for some extra income. Tell your story, and explain why that story makes you more desirable.

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Building a Portfolio

If you’re looking for work on job bidding website then you are going to need to have a good portfolio. Getting that first job or two can be quite difficult because you have no history and no experience. It is worthwhile to build up some experience, even if it means taking some less appealing jobs, to begin with. Freelance sites such as Freelancer and UpWork offer you the opportunity to bid for clients and to promote yourself and your skills. Providing administrative assistance is a good option for earning some income while you are trying to learn some new skills. Doing the admin for marketers is a good way to learn the secrets of their trade, and will help you to get your own ideas so that you can start doing online marketing for yourself. Eventually, you will want to break away from working for others and start building your own business. In the long run, that is far more scalable and rewarding but it is a big leap to make and there is a high chance of failure if you do it when you lack the experience to plan effectively and to make good decisions.

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