Rent Your Car Out For Cash From Home

by | December 19, 2018 | Making Money

How To Rent Out Your Car And Make Money?

Technology is fast advancing, and several conventional things that we thought would exist forever are being phased out. All these advancements are based on the internet that has enhanced communication and reduced the world to a small global village. Nowadays, boundaries do not matter as people can connect and transact freely. The transport field is one of the areas that has changed due to technological advancements. Long ago people only rented cars from companies that owned them, but that is completely changing. People who want to make an extra buck through their vehicles can now rent them out to people for a specific period and receive money from them.

5 best places to rent your car online.

The most obvious thing that will come into your mind is that it could be risky to give out your car to a stranger just for a few bucks. What if they disappear with the car? What if they are criminals who want to steal your beloved car? These are the concerns that come into the picture when car renting was introduced, but the good news is that it cannot be ignored anymore.

Most of the issues clouding the ability to rent out your car have been addressed, and people are doing it. This article will look into several aspects regarding this new trend and educate you so that you can safely rent out your car the next time you need to make some extra money. This is a great way to make money from home as well as save your money.

How Does It Work?

Peer to peer car sharing is enabled through some amazing platforms that facilitate it. The concept is derived from the peer-to-peer taxi services that are popular all over the world such as Uber and Lyft. These taxi platforms allow users to subscribe and register their vehicles and people who need rides from one place to another can scan and find a ride that is close to their location.

Peer to peer car sharing starts when users sign up to these platforms, and they register by submitting their details and that of their car, including the pictures. The owners set the price and will be the ones responding to the bookings requests presented by people who need the vehicles. They meet the people who have rent their cars, hand over the car keys, and then pick them up when the rental period elapses. It is evident that the concerns are with people who want to rent cars and not the owners.

Potential renters go through a thorough screening procedure that is done to ensure the cars are secure and safe. First, one can sign up to most of these platforms if they have never been involved in a major accident or if they have a clean record and have not violated any traffic rules in the past. Statistics from a common renting platform indicates that about thirty percent of potential renters are not approved for the service. The idea is that only credible people are allowed to rent cars so that any issues regarding the mishandling of the vehicles and accidents are minimized.

After being approved, one can check out the cars available and request them for rent. The owners can respond to the request immediately or within eight hours depending on their availability. The person renting the car needs to show a valid driving license during the handoff process and fill up gas before returning the car to the owner.

Reasons To Rent Out Your Car…

Here’s some reason’s on why you should consider renting out your car:

Saves Money

Having a personal car is comfortable and convenient but maintaining it requires some money. You will have to pay for gas, insurance, and service. You can save the money used on these expenses when you use your car to make money. If you rent out your car, you will save on some common costs such as parking. For instance, if you go to town to work and have to park your vehicle for the whole day, you need to pay for the parking fees. You can avoid this by renting it out during this time and get money rather than pay for parking.

Renting your car out can supplement your income in no small way. People have reported earning close to a thousand dollars every month which is a pretty fat supplement to your pay. You could use this money to pay up your credits faster or complete your projects in good time. You are essentially turning your investment from a liability to an asset just by generating economic growth from the car being rented out.

Your Car Is Mostly Idle

We are attached to our cars, but the fact is that we only use them for a few hours every day. Most people drive to work, park the cars and then drive back home. This idle time could be used to get extra income by renting out the car rather than letting it lie idle in the parking lots.

Good For The Environment

The number of cars is increasing with each passing day, and the emissions by these automobiles are not doing the environment any good. The rise of car-sharing will reduce the need for more cars since not everyone needs to have a car. People will share cars and utilize the ones available as opposed to buying one when you only use it for a couple of hours every day.

Succeeding As A Car Owner

Over time, the competition for car renters will increase, and you need to be ahead of the game if you wish to make the most income out of your personal car. This mini success guide will inform you about the important things to work on if you want to succeed as a car owner.

Create Top-Notch Listings

You are the car owner here, and the options are obviously with you. Take your time to create a killer profile that will attract potential renters to come and check out your listing. Take high-quality photos of the car and keep your descriptions short and precise. Try and convince people why they should rent from you and not other people.

Have You Considered Your Competition?

When creating your profile and specifically the price, look at what is being charged by other car owners in your area. If you set a price that is too high, you could find yourself staying for long without getting someone to rent your car. However, note that owners are friendly and you can easily contact an experienced one for tips on how to get more money.

Start Slow

Do not venture into this area with high expectations. Start with the small renting periods such as two days and get to terms with the experience before advancing to longer times such as fourteen days or more.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Condition.

Always keep your car in excellent condition and ensure that it is clean. People pay money to use the car and would not want to pay for a dirty car. This is also applicable to the picture you will take for the profile since most people gauge the condition of the car based on what they see there. Do not falsely advertise your car and leave people frustrated when they finally see the car that looked sparkling on your profile.


Peer-to-peer car sharing is an opportunity to build relationships and connect with new people. You do not have to be best friends with the driver, but it helps to be courteous and introduce yourself in a good way. It is not entirely wrong to keep in contact with the driver during the rental period but do not bother them. Just do it in a way that appears that you are available for anything that they might need during the period.

If you want to rent out your car and make some extra income, then the essentials have been highlighted, and it is not a complicated thing as it appears. The platforms available for doing it have ironed out most of the issues that made this an impossibility, and you can safely let others use your car for an extra income.

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