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by | November 18, 2018 | Making Money

Why Do You Get Paid To Test Sites And Apps?

Companies that have launched new websites and apps want to know what daily users think about them, if they are easier to use then more people online will be likely to use them. Getting people online to test them and give feedback helps them see from a general users point of view how good their site/app is.

Reviewing apps and websites is a good way of making money from home as it is all completed online. When a new website joins google it needs users to test it out and look for any faults or improvements.

Reasons Why They Need Testing

There are a wide number of reasons why websites need testing, different tests will focus on different aspects and have varying levels of depth. These reasons include:

Ease of use:

How easy is it for a brand new user to navigate and utilise the website? Acquiring new customers is even more important than retaining current customers for business as it is how companies grow. For this reason, it is important that brand new users can easily integrate. If a user has a difficult time using a website for the first time then they will be more inclined to leave. Scaring new users away like this is extremely bad so the website must be suitable for new users.

Bug fixing:

A bad website can have a very negative impact on a companies reputation with how important online business is nowadays. Ensuring that all features of a website work correctly every time is one of the most important parts of running a website. Every link has to work properly, transactions have to go through smoothly, images need to load correctly. All aspects have to be thoroughly examined to ensure that they are working. This type of testing requires several testers so that every possible component of the website has been tested.


Having poorly written text alongside spelling and grammar mistakes reflects poorly on the company that owns the website. It paints a negative stigma of unprofessionalism and laziness. This is likely to drive people away and damage the companies reputation. This is an incredibly extensive process that requires a thorough examination of the entire site and as such requires several testers to check nothing has been missed.


The website has to be sleek and efficient to prevent time from being wasted. If a website is cumbersome to navigate and takes to long people may get frustrated and go elsewhere. Testing in this aspect involves checking links, how many clicks are required to reach different areas of the site and how fast load times are.

Getting Started

If you want to start testing websites for money follow our guide below:

How do I sign up

You must first sign up to a testing site such as User Testing which will then show you offers of websites and apps you can test. You just need to follow the steps for signing up on the site and fill in a few personal details to create your profile.

How does it work

If you are selected you will be set a certain task to complete on the website/app and then give feedback on the things that work well on the site/app and where there is room for improvements to be made. The testing will take around 20 minutes and you will be paid around $10 depending on which site you use. Occasionally you are required to go on a webcam and speak about your opinion of the site whilst you are testing it so make sure you have a webcam and microphone setup.
Sometimes you will be asked to complete a questionnaire so they can ask specific questions about the website or app. In general app, testing takes longer than website testing, some tests can last 20 minutes while others may go on for up to an hour.

Top tips for user testing

Here’s our top tips for user testing:

Give detailed and truthful reviews

If your reviews are of better quality they will be more useful for website and app owners so they can see the true changes that need to be made to make improvements. Becoming a tester is such easy money that there are lots of people doing it so there is usually competition for tests, having a good reputation on the site will help you receive tests. If your reviews aren’t up to snuff then you may develop a poor reputation and companies may not be inclined to hire you.

Do it little and often

If you frequently test and make reviews then you will be seen as a reliable user tester and be sent more tasks and offers. Completing multiple tests will allow you to earn money faster as well as giving you a better reputation. Each test pays reasonably and requires little time investment so it’s definitely worth your time to do as many as you can. Make sure you pace yourself out so you don’t get bored with the repetitive nature of the various tasks.

Try out the site/app properly

When testing, make sure you follow the guides to complete the tasks properly, sometimes your clicks and keystrokes are recorded so make sure you are following their instructions because the site owners are able to watch your every move online. They are doing this to see how the website reacts in real-time. Don’t get anxious if you are being watched during one of these, simply follow the instructions they give you. The website is what’s being tested not you.

Increase your chance

There is a lot of competition for user testing so signing up to as many sites as possible is a good idea as it will increase your chances of being picked to test a site. Take care not to sign up to too many sites though so you aren’t biting off more than you can chew.

Here are the best sites for website and app testing:

User Testing usually pays around $10 for a website test but may need a microphone.
MyAppRatings pays you to both test and rate apps.

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