Selling Your Old Books Online

by | November 7, 2018 | Making Money


Got a bookcase full of old books you’ll most likely never touch again? No need to worry because you can turn your old novels into cash by selling them online. You can also make money from selling old Movies, Games and CD’S online.

You can sell your books on many sites online, selling on Amazon is the best and easiest site to use when selling books because it is widely used and trusted by many however you can also sell your books on many sites such as We Buy Books Online.

What Are The Steps To Selling Books Online?

  1. See how much your book is worth and how much you can sell it for. You can do this by entering the ISBN number on the back of your book into the website which will give you an offer. On Amazon, you may find this page on the ‘Sell your stuff’ page.
  2. Once you have received an offer for your books you can then send them off in the post free of charge by using the free postage label on the site which you can print and attach to your package.
  3. Once they receive the books they will pay you usually the next day.

Selling books on Amazon and eBay can be more time consuming as it requires waiting for buyers to see and buy the books so may not be as practical for those wanting instant money

What Are The Best Sites To Sell Books?

Stuck on where to sell your books? Here are the 5 most useful sites for selling your unwanted books:

  • Book Scouter helps you to find the buyers who give you the highest price for your books
  • Cash4Books buy your books directly with free postage for quick money
  • Amazon is one of the biggest booksellers due to its hundreds of buyers
  • Sell Back Your Book buy your books directly and also buy unwanted textbooks which are handy for students who want quick money
  • Powell’s Books is very trusted since it was founded in 1971 and also allows you to sell your old books in stores

What Are The Top Tips For Selling Your Old Books Online?

We may be talking about old books here but make sure your books are still in a condition to sell, no one will buy your books with missing pages or covers and many sites may not send you money once they have received them due to their poor condition.
Make sure you check the value of your books on more than one site to find the best price.

  • Great working condition
  • Great price
  • Awesome customer service
  • Fast delivery
  • As much info as possible

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