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by | November 14, 2018 | Making Money

Why Teach Languages Online?

If you are bilingual then why waste your talent? Why not get paid to help people learn a new language online from the comfort of your own home with very flexible hours.
Online teaching sites allow you to pick your working hours on a timetable and students can book sessions with your available hours, you can change your working hours to pick and choose what suits you.

How Much Can You Earn Teaching Online?

In order to make more money teaching languages online it takes time to build up your profile to become a trusted and professional teacher in the eyes of students, for example, the longer you have been teaching students online the more experience you will have. Some people can earn from £10 per hour to £60 per hour, dependant on experience.

How To Add Profile Value

You should encourage students to leave you reviews so other potential students will be more likely to book a session with you if they see you’ve had lots of other students as it indicates you know what you are doing when it comes to helping people learn another language. Not only this but showing people before and after case studies would also improve your initial rapport building. Gaining customer trust is crucial if you are trying to earn some extra cash from this side hustle.

How Much Should You Charge?

You usually set your own rates for teaching people languages but don’t go too mad setting your rates high, especially if you are a new teacher with no experience and high rates it is unlikely you will get as many students booking in with you. You should start with a low rate of £10 per hour then as you build up experience and students you can change your rate and start charging up to £40 per hour.

How Do I Start Teaching?

Well first you need to apply, there are many websites but which one you can sign up to may depend on what language you are teaching. For most websites, you will require some kind of teaching degree or experience whether from university, high school, or previous teaching jobs.

Also make sure you have the right equipment before applying, for example, make sure you have a working webcam and microphone as the majority of online lessons take place over video chat.

5 Websites To Start Teaching

  • Verbling is a very professional site offering only the best teachers, they do not just accept anyone they only accept quality teachers as they want the best for their students. However, because of this, the pay rates are relatively impressive at £10-£30 per hour.
  • iTalki has millions of students wanting to learn languages so it has many teaching opportunities. ITalki also offers lessons in over 100 languages so it is the perfect website for many people who want to help people learn a language online.
  • VIPKID is a site aimed at teaching only English so you won’t need a second language however it teaches children so you must be prepared for teaching children as opposed to adults or teenagers.
  • Cambly is a site that requires no experience so is perfect for someone looking to make some extra money in something they don’t have a degree for. This is because it is more of a tutoring service than a teaching one and unusually they pay you by the minute.
  • Lingoda has the option to teach French, Spanish, German, or English in group sessions to make it seem like an online classroom.

Steps Required To Apply

In order to succeed in these websites, you have to put your best foot forward. You need to treat this with the seriousness of a job interview and prepare accordingly. You have to make yourself seem as appealing and qualified as possible in order to attract customers. Here are some steps you need to take to ensure that you have the best chance of success.

Step 1: Setting up your profile

Once you have chosen a website and applied you now must set up your personal teaching profile, in your profile, you must state your strengths as different students may be looking for teachers who can specialize and focus on certain aspects of a language, for example, grammar.
The better you present yourself on your profile the more professional you will look.

Step 2: Personalised video

Some sites allow you to add a video to your profile, this is a great opportunity to show potential students that you are friendly and dedicated to helping them learn their new language. In the video, you could also talk about your strengths and what you can focus on with them. To come across as professional you must add as much detail as possible in your video, include your experience in teaching and your qualifications.

Step 3: Becoming certified

On most websites there is the option to become certified for no more than £40, this is a good idea as although it may cost money it will certainly increase how many students you have booking lessons with you, so in the long run, it may make you more money than it costs. Becoming certified means students will trust your services more as they see you as more professional and capable. You can get certified for cheap on American Groupon as well as buying online courses which will also help increase your students.

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