How To Use Google Trends To Your Benefit

by | October 30, 2020 | Marketing

Many people might not know it but Google Trends greatly impacts how they get search results from Google and its products. This guide provides reliable information about Google Trends and how one can make the best of one of Google’s most useful tools.

Google Trends is a search feature by Google in form of a dynamic website designed to analyse the most popular searched keywords. The tool surveys and ranks top search queries in Google search across varying regions and languages.

Whenever one types something on the search box, Google provides results by scrutinizing the keywords they entered at first glance. The online tool acquires data from the search behaviour of people using Google Search, Google Images, Google Shopping, YouTube and Google News. By using various parameters within the search engine, Google is able to filter data.

Google Trends uses graphs to provide a comparison of the search volume of various queries done over time on Google. In simple terms, Google Trends is what helps one to compare searches between two or more items and get relevant information on searched terms.

How Can Google Trends Help You?

Google says it automatically updates information acquired via Google Trends every day. Nowadays, you can actually get information in real-time from various regions now that Google has a keen emphasis on updating Google Trends. Think of when you open Google and find trending topics. You can also get trending terms compared to what you search. All this is possible because of Google Trends.

Google Trends is smart enough to get you information from different regions in varying categories like Top stories entertainment, sports, health, business, science and technology and others.

You can actually visit the Google Trends site and make searches on trending topics. Should you allow it, Google Trends can send you a prompt notification via email. You can find the subscription button on the site and choose to be receiving leading daily search trends updates. The site systematically sorts all stories and you can actually get latest feeds for the last 24 hours by selecting daily search trends.

If you want, you could get from Google the accurate number a keyword was searched at a specific time frame.

How To Use Google Trends

For many people using Google search, the information they usually get aided by Google Trends is enough. There are others who use Google to monetise their ideas, art, skills and many other types of services one can offer to society. If you are one of those people who use Google to earn, there are numerous ways you can utilise Google Trends to your advantage.

Usually, Google Trends helpfulness comes by providing reliable information on searches or queries made depending on:

  • Types such as Image, News, shopping or YouTube search
  • Categories which includes Entertainment, business, sports, news, politics and others
  • Timeframe which can stretch back a couple of years
  • Location with searches targets ranging from global to the city level

Some fantastic ways to use Google  Trends include SEO and content marketing as well as e-commerce.

Some features that pop out of an entrepreneur’s mind looking to use Google Trends include Optimise for featured, voice searches, and more.

Here are some incredibly useful tips for you if you are interested in this category. All these are influenced heavily by Google Trends.

Consider the following:

Keyword Traffic:

By now it is easy to understand that Google Trends is a tool by Google that provides a visual comparison of traffic levels. You can use such important information to optimise your content and drive more traffic to your site.

You can also use what data you get on traffic levels to compare keywords you intend to use to others drawing a lot of traffic. It is also easy to understand what products are highly searched for by consumers search for using keyword traffic. This can help a lot in optimising your blog sites and online stores to get consumers to visit them.

Insights for trending behaviour:

Since you are here, one assumption is that you wish to get viable ideas on content marketing. Google Trends can get you traffic data from 5 years ago, which is information you can use to learn about audience trends and even make more accurate predictions of your site. You can understand better upward trending long-range trends which you give you ideas for your content. Look out for content and products that trend downward and avoid them.

Through Google Trends, you can also plan future content depending on whether a product is going up or down. Remember you can also make short term plans since Google Trends also provides you with data of trending topics or content in the past hours, days, weeks or months. This is important information you can use to publish content on your blog or site.

Still, on insights, you can learn about topic cluster ideas to aid in your content marketing strategy. With Google Trends, you get to learn what is specifically going on in your industry or one you are interested in and you can drive the results to your advantage by understanding the target audience search needs. You will even be able to make a workable digital marketing plan.

It is also easy to know what products are popular in a given time especially for categories that have dynamic trends like fashion and technology. Obviously, the information you get can greatly help the success of your online store.

Syncing your editorial calendar

There is no doubt Google Trends can help you plan a publishing schedule. You can make predictions for certain days of the week which will help you in knowing what to publish and when. Think of things like podcasts on hobbies, and sites for social places and you can learn the best day to publish such depending on your target audience. The information you get from Google Trends can help you know when to make a certain content go live.

Use Google Trends to categorise keywords:

Keywords are always very important for SEO so placing them in categories helps you get more accurate data you then use for content marketing. Prospective buyers visiting your site are also guided by keywords categories, specifically of products they intend to purchase. Utilise this feature to make your self-hosted e-commerce website more relevant to consumers.

Get information on ideal keywords for certain geographical region:

Do you want to know the best locations to outreach depending on what you are offering? Google Trends will help you to know the best areas for content promotion, content creation, link building and pay per click by providing keyword popularity by region.

The information provided by Google Trends on geographical trending topics can help a business person know what products to offer in a certain region. Use that in your online store.

Google rankings by geography:

You ought to know Google ranks pages per relevance, so incorporating geographical information in your content greatly helps with ranks. This most specifically is helpful for ranking those who intend to promote content through social media, podcasts and/ or blogs.

Rising Searches:

No doubt providing insight about rising queries is a very important feature of Google Trends, possibly the most important. You can always get data that will guide your content publishing since you will understand the trends about your target audience.

Gain an upper hand in the competition:

Succeeding in content marketing needs one to be knowledgeable and savvy to beat competitors. You can use Google Trends to find related queries which you can use to learn about your competitors and be able to advance ahead of them.

The related queries are great in optimising your content to get better traffic than other sites offering the same content. With relevant information which, thankfully Google Trends provides, you can offer products that are more preferred by consumers, which is a strategy that will see you beat your business competitors.

Ideal terms for your content

Popularity drives keywords and you better find the most popular synonym to use as a keyword in your site. Some good examples include ‘sneakers’ for shoes. You must also know things like location guides the language variety to use for instance buy ‘petrol’ in the UK and  ‘gas’ in the US.

Social Media hashtags:

Google Trends is an excellent way to identify trending hashtags for various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Since these resonate better with almost every audience, you can drive more traffic to your content by identifying and actually using these hashtags. The hashtags may also contain a lot of information about products a certain generation uses a lot. If you are looking to get more customers, you should know what products to provide to a certain community.


Let’s not forget that content also involves videos. In every category scrutinised by Google Trends, there might be use of videos. There are videos for news, sports, entertainment and others. Learn which videos are trending and relevant to use in your content marketing venture.

Real-time data:

Don’t forget that Google Trends provide you with real-time data which you can effectively use to draw more traffic to your site. Look for popular searches and consider changing the questions to topics and more visitors will click to enter your site or blog. You can engage potential customers and also provide affiliate links to online stores.

Control on ads:

Google Trends provides you with information on topics captivating people and what products interest them the most. You can use the data for your marketing campaign. Combine that with details about the impact of social media and you can increase your ads engagement among the public.

Brand awareness:

Use Google Trends to track your brand popularity. You can learn how effective your marketing campaign was, as well as how it did in the industry.

Trend searches about your organisation and the product and services you offer can help you know the popularity of what you offer and its rank among competitors.

Identify new markets:

Every entrepreneur is interested in expanding but smart ones never do it blindly or with insufficient data. Consider using Google Trends to learn about new markets to sell content as well as products and services. The information by Google Trends is one of the most important and reliable ones for anyone considering expanding or moving to new territories. One excellent way is that trends can help you recognise regions where certain information or products are of high interest.


Google Trends undoubtedly goes above and beyond when it comes to helping one succeed in almost all online businesses. It would be unfortunate for one to overlook the benefits of this tool offered by Google free of charge. If you are an entrepreneur whose ventures are influenced partly or fully by online activity, you can gain a lot from Google Trends.

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