How To Become An Internet Marketer

by | November 5, 2018 | Marketing

What is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a generic term used for a variety of methods used online. It’s not about a singular method or a particular industry, instead, it’s a combination of everything that’s done digitally. With so many online platforms available to marketers, it’s become a wonderland of opportunity with the right approach.

In essence, Internet marketing refers to the use of online platforms to market products and/or services. It includes a diverse range of methods including SEO (search engine optimisation), viral marketing, SEM (search engine marketing), and so many other variations. With millions of people on the Internet at any given moment, it’s become a wonderful place for growth and opportunity. There are so many unique ways of targeting key audiences, selling products and converting leads.

Types of Internet Marketing Methods:

The list is endless and that’s what draws people in when it comes to selling products and/or services! The Internet provides ongoing feedback and never shuts down. This is the beauty of running online ad campaigns because adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds. In the past, this wasn’t the case with TV or radio ads, where everything was pre-determined. In this day and age, all it takes is a viral video, social media ad, or even a small email newsletter to bring in new leads. With a well-distributed campaign, it’s possible to start seeing results without spending a single cent!

Benefits of Internet Marketing

Before looking at how to become an Internet marketer, it’s important to know the reasons to pursue this line of work. What is the appeal of becoming an Internet marketer?

1) Unlimited Potential

The earning potential is unlimited because there are so many ways of earning money. You are not going to be trapped with one method. You can speak to multiple companies, set up a website, and market their products without leaving your house. This is all about knowing what to do, finding a good niche, and then putting in the work to build a successful Internet marketing career.

2) Easy To Start

It doesn’t take a long time to get started and you can even begin right now. All you have to do is set up a website, put up content, and start working on selling products/services using ads. You can even take the time to find affiliate networks that provide links to other products/services. You can sell their products and make a commission with nothing more than a good website! This is a service also known as Affiliate Marketing.

3) Multiple Methods

You’re not confined to one method and that’s appealing. Instead of forcing yourself into a particular strain of marketing, why not play around with different methods? You can see what works and what does not. In some cases, you may like email marketing, while others will love viral marketing. This is a distinct positive with Internet marketing and it’s all readily available if you put in the work.

Marketing has evolved over the years with an emphasis on digital platforms. In the past, most ads revolved around newspapers, flyers, billboards, and radios. However, times have changed and this generation has become digitally focused on how it interacts and consumes media. Whether it’s Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, advertisers have started to realise the potential of Internet marketing. This guide will showcase how to become an Internet marketer.

How To Become An Internet Marketer

1) Find Your Method

If you want to learn how to become an Internet marketer, it’s important to find your particular method. What do you like doing online? Do you spend most of your time making video content? If that is the case then it might be time to take a look at Youtube marketing. However, what if you only spend time on Twitter and that’s what you are passionate about? In that situation, you should look to focus on social media advertising. As you can see, it’s all about finding one method and mastering it before moving onto something else. As long as you do this, you will start to bring in results.

2) Build a Quality Landing Page/Website

Internet marketing is all about having a good landing page or website. Some Internet marketers like the idea of creating a personal blog, which is set up in a niche they’re familiar with (i.e. Photography, makeup). This can help move forward with an Internet marketing career as you sell products on your website. Learning this skill is ideal because of how much can be done with such an asset in your possession. Don’t ignore the power of a personal website especially as a new Internet marketer.

3) Optimise Everything

You will want to optimise everything and truly learn the art of optimisation. Whether this has to do with SEO for your website or social media ads on Facebook. You want to know how to tweak, track, and adapt. A good Internet marketer is going to keep an eye on how much money is spent per lead. What is working and what is not? Until you do this, you are not going to have enough information to bring in a continuous stream of leads. This is why some Internet marketers are successful and others are not.

Where To Begin

For those looking to get started, you will want to begin with WordPress to build a website in your selected niche. Do this as a way to learn more about your niche and website building. It’s a good skill to have and is going to help build a marketing empire. Once you have a website, start to look at the different marketing platforms. You want to learn how to advertise on a particular platform whether it’s Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. Pick the one that is closest to you and learn everything about it. Over time, you will start to make the most of this platform and advertise your products to target customers on that particular site. This is how you can build a continuous stream of leads for long-term marketing success.

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