How To Build Brand Awareness For Your Business

by | January 21, 2019 | Marketing


Regardless of the quality of products and services that you offer, how much you’re spending on marketing, and how much you post on social media, your business won’t get very far without a brand. The brand encompasses everything from your company logo, name, content, offerings, etc. and packages them up into an experience for your customers or audience. It’s actually the part of the business that most consumers come to trust, and places some businesses ahead of others.

Still, having a brand is not enough. You need to consistently develop your brand while strengthening its associations in the minds of your target consumers or audience. If people don’t know who you are, they simply can’t purchase your product or service. Enter brand awareness a process that begins the moment someone remembers your brand from previously coming across something like a logo or business name.

In this post, we’ll look at what brand awareness really is, and how to build brand awareness to grow your business.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is basically the extent to which a brand is recognized by its prospects and correctly associated with a certain product or service. For instance, if you hear someone say they need a Sellotape, you automatically know they are referring to a Sticky Tape. There are plenty of other brands that make the generic clear sticky tape, but Sellotape has become synonymous with the product in the UK. In short, the more familiar people are with a brand, the more they trust it and gravitate towards it.

The key benefit of brand awareness is helping businesses stand out from their competition, generate more leads, and build an audience more effectively. A higher level of brand awareness will typically translate into increased sales revenue, and act as an economic moat that keeps your competition from gaining market share.

Quick Tips

How to Build Brand Awareness

People won’t automatically know your brand when they see your logo once or twice. You need to work for it by building a solid strategy aimed at earning the trust of your customers and making your online presence known on a number of channels. Your strategy should be creative and unique so that you can beat your competition.

For those that are just starting out, you need to define your target audience or market and develop your buyer personas. Why? Well, you simply can’t target everyone. And overall, the more focused your audience is, the better. You want people to engage with your brand, quality over quantity.

Here are our best tips on how to build brand awareness:

1. Referral Programs

Your customers will be more than happy to spread the word about your product or service when they know that they’ll get an added perk. A good example of this implemented is Dropbox. Dropbox ideally gives their existing users 500MB of extra storage space when they refer a friend, for up to 16GB. When the company was starting out, this referral service helps to generate lots of word-of-mouth referrals, which saved them countless marketing dollars.

2. Infographics

These are brilliant and colorful ways of displaying interesting market data and statistics. These are content powerhouses that will often get shared far and wide, which makes them a great tool for brand awareness and thought leadership.

3. Craft Impressive Guest Content

Another effective way of getting your brand well known around the web is delivering and publishing useful, valuable, and relevant content to share on other blogs. Despite what others might tell you, guest posting is still a very effective way of getting your name known in the industry.

But run-of-the-mill content just won’t do. You need to publish high-quality, good-looking content. So, create valuable, memorable content and you will be introduced to new audiences, where you can make a lasting impression.

4. Local Partnerships

Another key way of developing brand awareness is getting involved with local partnerships, which is extremely important for locally oriented businesses. Partnering with other local businesses with strategies such as holding seminars and festivals can go a long way. Sponsoring local sports and donating to charity events are also great ways to achieve this. When you get your brand plastered around events and festivals will do great things for your brand.

5. Freemium with Credit

Lots of online products let their users choose a free version, which includes a credit line or watermark, or the option to upgrade to a premium version, which can remove the watermark or replace it with their logo.

Although most users will opt for the free offering, they will be promoting your brand to other users. Some of these users will come across the product and go with the paid version. So, providing a premium product means putting yourself in front of more eyeballs, which will eventually develop your brand and bring in paying customers.

6. Social Media

In the digital world of today, it’s important to have an engaging presence on social media advertising/marketing. While you can run ads on these social media platforms, you should be posting there too more often. Keep in mind that consistency is key to brand awareness. There are some things you can do to boost your brand awareness on social media.

Reply to comments: if you want to be seen as a helpful, trustworthy brand that’s great with social media, you want to make an effort to interact with your customers. Whenever someone asks a question, no matter how obvious it sounds, answer it. If they bring up a problem, solve it as soon as possible.

Create hashtags for your brand: hashtags ideally help the users to discover brands, products, and more through posts that have been tagged with these hashtags. So you want to use hashtags that are both generic, branded, and niche to build brand awareness. Only using generic hashtags will get your posts lost in the mix. So, go the extra step of making your own hashtag. Although it might be a while before it takes off, it will help you stand out as an identity from the crowd.

Running a social media contest: where the participants submit a picture, video, with the other users voting for their favorites is a great way to run a brand awareness on social media. Contestants are more likely to share the link to the contest with family and friends to get more votes, which will, in turn, build your brand awareness.

7. Car Wraps

Getting a car wrap is a great tried and tested method for building brand awareness. Car wraps can ideally be customized with different designs to cover the entire car. They can generate a huge amount of attention and is a great way to make sure that wherever you are, people become more familiar with your brand. So, go ahead and wrap your company cars or your own personal vehicles with brand-building wraps.

8. LinkedIn Publishing

Recently, LinkedIn has started letting all of its users publish posts right on the platform with their publishing tools. When your posts get enough attention, it could bring in many users to your company page, and generate lots of leads in the process.

As an extra bonus, having relevant, high-quality posts attached to your LinkedIn profile can also help to establish you as a thought leader in the industry. Of course, you can always develop your own company blog and post these articles there, nonetheless, make sure that you share these hereafter publishing.

With how to build brand awareness tips described above, you should become a superstar brand in no time. If there’s something we’ve missed out on or something you’d like to add on, feel free to use the comment section below.

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