How To Set Up An Instagram Ad

by | November 16, 2018 | Marketing

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform based on uploading images and videos. It is primarily used through smartphones. Instagram users can follow each other, like posts and share them to their own feeds. It is a great place to advertise businesses due to how fast information can travel through word of mouth. You can also gain a large number of followers which help improve the reputation of your brand and gauge your growth.


Instagram Ads Manager

Instagram ads manager is a management tool used to set up ad campaigns on Instagram. There are 2 options using this tool, you can use quick creation if you’re more advanced or just stick with guided creation if you still need guidance. 

To use this tool you have to have an Instagram account so if you don’t have an existing account, create one on either the Instagram app on your phone or on the Instagram website.

How to Setup Instagram Ads

Video tutorial for beginners on how to set up Instagram ads

Benefits Of Using Instagram Ads

  • Increases awareness: Instagram has over 800 million active users, making it a prime location to find customers. Despite this, only 28% of Internet marketers utilise the website/application to market their products. Using Instagram effectively will, therefore, allow you to gain a leg up over the competition. People will naturally engage with your brand as time passes, each share, comment, and like will organically grow your brand and improve visibility.
  • Have potential customers learn more about product or services: People are more likely to purchase your products if they know exactly what they are getting. Advertising through Instagram is a simple way to show off your products to the world due to the websites focus on photos and video. Many people that enjoy your products will be inclined to tell others about how great you are and Instagram, as well as other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, provide an outlet for them to do so.
  • Increased conversion of users which results in an increase in sales: Being popular on social media is a fantastic method of spreading brand awareness. This allows for an increased conversion rate of users to purchase your products. Creating an online persona by engaging with your audience can also be an effective way to garner interest in your brand. Maybe companies opt for a humorous approach to their social media persona, this is because it gives people an opportunity to become a fan of your company before they’ve even purchased a single product off you. This then translates into people talking about your company and allows growth through word of mouth.
  • Targeted branding: Advertising through Instagram allows you to target specific audiences based on a variety of factors including location, age, and similar interests. This will increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign as it doesn’t waste time showing your ads to people who aren’t likely to be interested. Focusing on a specific group allows for an increased conversion rate to your site and products.
  • User engagement: You receive real-time feedback from your followers and other users of Instagram. You can reply to people instantly to answer questions or converse with other accounts. Regularly engagement with your online community is a great way to improve brand reputation. It also provides greater insight into how your followers are feeling, you can analyse results discussing you to gauge public opinion of your company, services, and products.

Steps To Follow For Your Instagram Campaign

  1. To get started you first have to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This can be done through the Facebook business manager by either adding a new account or connecting an existing one. You must have a Facebook page in order to advertise on Instagram.
  2. Once this has been set up you can create your campaign. Go to Ads Manager and click on the create section. From here you can use guided or quick creation. Guided provides guidance as you create and is best for those that are inexperienced. Quick creation is for more advanced users who don’t need the extra help.
  3. When you are creating your campaign you must select an objective. Knowing what you want from your campaign is key to its success. Do you want more conversion to your main site? Do you want increased brand awareness? Do you have a new product you’re pushing? Choosing the right objective for you is vital.
  4. Choose a name for your campaign. This should be appropriate for what your campaign is doing. A memorable name is ideal in order to keep users thinking about it.
  5. Once you know what kind of campaign you want, you need to decide who it’s aimed at. There are a wide variety of factors to choose from, giving you a lot of control. You should know what audience will be most interested in your product going into this point, men aged 20-30 aren’t likely to care about makeup for example. The factors that you can manipulate include age, location, similar interests, gender and more. You can tailor towards a very particular niche if you wish.
  6. Budget your campaign. Don’t spend too much money on your campaign to avoid diminishing returns. After a certain period the number of new customers you are likely to obtain drops. You want to plan accordingly for how much you want to spend. Set a time period for how many days you wish the campaign to go on for and how much you want to spend each day.
  7. Optimise the campaign. You can manually adjust your cost in the optimise for ad delivery section. This might not be necessary based on your campaign.
  8. Structure your ad. How do you want your ad to look? Do you want a single image or multiple images? You can adjust which images and links you want along with how much text you want. The structure of your ad is vital to ensuring that the people it reaches actually engage with it. You can preview what it will look like and adjust all of the features of it.
  9. At this point, once you’re satisfied with everything all that’s left to do is publish it.

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