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What Is SEO And How To Succeed In It.

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Marketing | 0 comments

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The internet marketing field is an extensive one that involves various marketing strategies, both paid and unpaid. However, most people who look for commodities or information go to search engines and type in their queries before waiting for the results. This is the primary way of finding information on the web and have you ever wondered how the order in which the websites are appearing on the results pages is determined. Well, that is more or less SEO, and this article will explain what is SEO and highlight some critical aspects surrounding it. Read on;

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of improving the number and quality of traffic to a website as well as the exposure of a business through non-paid organic techniques. SEO is all about the people and understanding what people want to know, and experience is fundamental. Search engines are simply answering machines that browse through tons of content before presenting to you what they think is beneficial and most relevant to your query. Google determines the rankings they give to websites based on several factors and users are challenged with improving their sites based on them for them to rank highly among the results for a specific search query.

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Why Is SEO Important?

The truth about SEO is that it cannot yield short-term results. In some cases, business optimises their websites for months before seeing an improvement in the rankings. While all the paid advertising techniques can generate traffic to websites, most of it is driven by search engines. It has been mentioned that people use the search engines to look for information and this explains it further. When developing an internet marketing strategy, you need to look at the longevity of the results and stability. The paid techniques can start to generate traffic right away, but once your finances are depleted, you will be affected negatively. A well-executed SEO campaign will take time to yield significant results, but once traffic starts flowing in, you will continue to reap the dividends over time. Note that SEO is a very dynamic area and search engines are always tweaking their ranking algorithms based on what is relevant and staying ahead of these changes can put you a step ahead of your competition.

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White Hat vs Black Hat SEO.

If you search for what is SEO, you must come across these two terms, and it is vital to know what they entail. White hat SEO refers to the best and recommended practices that are on the right side of the search engine rules. On the other hand, black hat SEO refers to the techniques that aim to take advantage of the loopholes left by the search engines. They try to fool them in an attempt to get high rankings within a short time. Note that you should always stick to the white hat techniques as the other ones could get your website into trouble. Do not risk getting your site penalised as it could be the beginning of your business’ downfall. Shy away from SEO experts who promise to get your site ranked on the top page within a short time as they could be employing black hat techniques that could have adverse effects.

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Succeeding In SEO.

Reaping significant rewards in SEO requires optimisation of several things that can be categorised into three. They are;

  • Technical aspects: These are the things that affect the performance, visibility and how the search engines access your website. They are indexing, crawling, site schema, page speed and URL structure among others.
  • On-page aspects: This refers to the content on your website that is visible to users and search engines. They include text, video, images which are seen by users and HTML text and structured data that is seen by the engines.
  • Off-page aspects: Contains anything that is not on your website but has an effect on your rankings. They help to demonstrate your site authority and trust. They include PPC marketing, reviews, building backlinks and user-generated content.

All the mentioned aspects contain a list of things that need to be optimised for success. First, ensure that your site can be accessed easily by Google since they are the ones that determine the rankings. If you have the best content and site structure, all that won’t matter if the crawler cannot see them. These technical aspects are best handled in the website design phase and make sure that any future redesigns and migrations do not affect your optimal site structure.

SEO ranking algorithm has changed, and it is heavily reliant on what the users want. A general rule of thumb for any SEO campaign is to ensure that the users are happy and the engines will also be satisfied. This way, ensure that you work on aspects such as site speed and performance. Mobile optimisation should not be ignored since the number of mobile searches has surpassed that of desktop searches over the years.

Lastly, any SEO campaign should be built on solid keyword research. You want to rank for specific keyword queries, and you need to know what people are using when they want to find your services. This way, you will know the keywords to put on your content and meta titles so that the engines can rank you accordingly.

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Top-Ranking Signals In 2019;

  • High-quality content
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Website security
  • User experience
  • Page speed
  • On-page factors
  • Relevant and authoritative backlinks

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What is SEO? Well, the answer to this has been given, and this part of internet marketing is extensive, and all the details cannot be outlined here. However, it should be a part of your long-term marketing strategy and ensure that you have the proper tools to track and analyse the results so that you can adjust when things are not happening. It is advisable to find a reliable expert to help with your SEO campaign so that they can start from the basics and scale up as they make your site well optimised to compete for the top rankings.

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