The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing 2021

by | November 7, 2018 | Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing has become an essential tool in content strategies for businesses, whether big or small. The reason is that video has taken over the internet from home videos to streaming of series and television shows. It is now not only being used for entertainment but also for businesses. Any company that is not using it has been left behind. So, what is video marketing and how do you go about it? Let us find this out.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

In this digital world, we live in, seeing someone talk and hearing their voice makes us pay attention more than seeing a photo of an advertisement. It makes the message more meaningful and gives it a more personal touch. People listen to it more and can trust the information given better, a great way of internet marketing. Video is also extremely versatile in its uses. We can create many videos to be used for branding our business and people can share and also re-share to their contacts. In this era where everyone is on their phone, the video could go viral and reach many people. The best thing about it is that it does not have to be complicated; actually the simpler it is, the better.

Types Of Marketing Videos

The other question that you could ask is what is video marketing-the different types of videos. Don’t fret. There are many of them and you will need to choose the one that suits your needs.

Brand Videos

They are mainly used to advertise your brand as a whole, explaining its mission, vision and what it does. It also could be used to describe what products you deal with and the services rendered. Through these videos, you could create better awareness of your business to the public.


Event Videos.

In case your business has a field event or hosting a conference, this is the perfect video for you. You should have highlights of the game in it and also presentations and what was achieved.


Explainer Videos.

Your audience will require more information about why they need your product and how to use it. Many of these show how a customer’s problem was fixed with the company’s products or services.


Animated Videos.

For hard to grasp contents and concepts, this is the video to use. They make it easier to understand things that were confusing before.


How-To Videos.

They are instructional videos on how to do something or how to use a particular product. They are also educational for the audience.


Customer Testimonial Videos.

The best way to create this type of video is by talking to your loyal customers who are satisfied with your services. You do not want to talk to people who are not local since they will give bad reviews on your business which will hurt it in the long run. You could get them on camera to talk about their experience including their challenges and how you solved them.


Video Creation Process.

You need to know what the purpose of the video is before anything else. You cannot go and record videos without knowing why you are doing it and how beneficial they will be to your business. In this process, you need to ensure that all the players are aligned. There are a couple of steps in doing this.

Scripting The Video.

You will need a script for most of the business videos you will make. This step is very crucial. You will need to list down the essential points and logically order them. You should avoid using complex sentences in the script. The audience needs to connect with you hence you should write in the first person and be a simple as you can. Note that video scripts are generally short so do not waste time making a long one. You could let some people read the texts out loud so that you can see how it sounds out loud and make any changes to make it as natural as you can.

Understand Your Camera.

You will need to learn how to shoot a video. It is not that hard; you will need to know your equipment in and out. You could use a phone with an excellent camera or use a professional one. In the latter case, you should know your camera’s manual settings and how to work around it.

Set Up A Studio.

You will require lights, microphones, tripods and a lot more. You will need a studio for all this but do not panic. There are many less costly options you could use such as setting up a room and ensuring it has good lighting and the right background for you.

Prepare Your Talent.

Getting in front of the camera is scary for most people, even the most experienced ones. They will need some coaching and ensure that they have memorised the script early enough.

Shooting And Editing.

This is the most critical stage. Some people are better at shooting and others at editing. You need to divide the work to come up with the best results.

Choosing The Right Music.

Music should not be taken lightly. It could change the outlook of the whole video. It can alter the mood and tone of the video and make it more interesting to the audience. The right music will distinguish between a professional project and an amateur one. It could
also, evoke some emotions and capture the attention of the viewers.

How to Make Video Marketing Work?

You should ensure that your video has different types of content in it. It should not focus on one thing. You should also ensure that it is optimised according to the SEO standards and best practices for any platform. You could also use A/B testing to cheque what time of the day your video is seen the most to maximise your strategy. You could also use some visuals especially if you are on Instagram and Facebook to make it more lively.

Video marketing may seem to be a daunting task by the first looks at it but don’t worry, with some practice, you will be good to go. In answering the question, what is video marketing, we have come up with how to use it and maximise it for your business.

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