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by | December 28, 2018 | Marketing

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WooCommerce Vs Magento – Which Is Suitable For You?

The internet has changed a lot of things today and gone are the days when people used to go to stores to make all their purchases. E-commerce has taken over things, and purchases are being made online thanks to the convenience it gives people, and you can easily buy commodities from the comfort of your home. Due to this trend, online businesses are being forced to incorporate the ability to buy goods from their sites, and it is no easy thing. Several concerns come into play, and site owners face the dilemma of picking the perfect platform that will suit their needs. Going for a hosted platform is an easy way out but it limits you in many ways, and this is why some people want to go for the self-hosted options so that they can enjoy the full benefits of a particular e-commerce platform.

The most popular self-hosted e-commerce platforms you can choose today are WooCommerce and Magento. All of them have several features and a couple of differences, but they are arguably the leaders in this area. However, you can only choose one, and even if they are the recommended ones, you need to make a choice and pick a suitable one for you. Which one should you go to create an online store?

This article will look into the various features that you should look for in an e-commerce platform while comparing what is offered by these two so that you can decide the best one for your needs at the end of it all. Great e-commerce skills can also lead on towards successful Dropshipping businesses online.

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It is vital to introduce these two platforms and give you an idea of what they are about. Both WooCommerce and Magento are open source systems which imply that anyone can develop them. Such systems have the advantage of being very flexible in that if you require a feature that is not included in it from the start, you can get someone who has developed an extension for it or hire someone to do it. WooCommerce is related to WordPress, and you can always ask about potential extensions from the community of WordPress users. Magento has a community of users who discuss issues, and you can always look for new solutions in these forums. This is a plus for both platforms since you can make your online store personal and not similar to what is being offered by everyone who is using the same platform.

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WooCommerce Vs Magento.

WooCommerce is simply a plugin made for WordPress, and it is developed by WooThemes which came into the fray back in 2011. You can quickly turn your WordPress based website into an online store thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. One of the notable upsides of this platform is that there are very minimal barriers that can restrict you from making your WordPress website and online store. The main disadvantage is that you are stuck with WordPress and thus have to pay for hosting all the time. Using WooCommerce is easy if you have a WordPress website since all you need to do is to install the plugin and start selling commodities.

Magento is produced by eBay and comes with a plethora of features. The Magento Connect marketplace contains several add-ons that can be used to improve the capabilities of your online store. However, this will cost you some money since most of these add-ons are costly. Using Magento is not for everyone since it requires some technical expertise and you might have to hire someone to do it for you. These features associated with this platform make it suitable for established firms that have a lot of funds to spend.

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What Are The Associated Costs?

Cost is an important thing to look at when picking either platform. You need to assess the long-term costs of running and maintaining your online store. You should also look at the possibilities of adding more features in case your business grows or changes in future.

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How Do The Costs Compare?

To begin with, WooCommerce is free of charge, and you can install it if you have a WordPress website. The essential features that one gets with the free installation might not be enough for everyone and to improve it, one will have to install more plugins. The plugins are free while others will cost you a fee and it is evident that the paid ones are the best ones that will make your online store better. One advantage of WooCommerce is that it is a small and light plugin that does not take up a lot of space and this is suitable for businesses that have low volumes.

Magento is also free to install, but you will need to install some extensions as you go to improve the features of your online store. This is where it becomes expensive as you can get plugins that cost as much as a thousand dollars. Furthermore, installing the plugins is not a straightforward affair, and you will need to get a technical expert to do it, something that will cost you extra money. The enterprise option offers better features, but it will cost you almost twenty thousand dollars every year. Magento is complicated and heavy, things that will make it strain your server and you might want to use a dedicated one to avoid cases of the platform taking a significant toll on your site.

When looking at WooCommerce vs Magento regarding the cost, WooCommerce is the best option as it is cost-effective. The associated costs of installing and running this platform are significantly lower than those of running Magento.

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What Features Do They Have?

WooCommerce has a host of features as more than one-third of the online stores use it. It has minimal features when you install it, and you can always add more if you deem fit. It can serve stores that vary in size and sales volume, and it can be regarded as a very stable platform. It is only limited to people with WordPress websites, but it is very functional and straightforward to use.

Magento, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of features as well. It is known for providing features that are outside the ordinary such as the ability to compare products, generate discount codes and more. If you have several stores using this platform, you can check all of them out using a single account.

All these platforms offer several features, and you can add many more without any difficulty. That way, it can be gauged that they are all similar in what they offer and are good options for site owners.

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How Do The Plugins and Extensions Compare?

WooCommerce has a variety of plugins that you can install to improve the functionality of your store. This can be done quickly and the developers in this area are always coming up with new ones in response to the demands and changing trends.

Magento calls for a lot of customisation to make it usable. It also allows you to install plugins and extensions, but you cannot do it if you are not well versed in web development. You can seek support from the marketplace and forum, and you need to add these extensions for your shoppers to enjoy their experience.

When looking at WooCommerce vs Magento in terms of the plugins, you will notice that WooCommerce is superior since you can easily add your plugins and most of them are free and do not cost as much as the Magento one’s cost.

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Some of the essential aspects of WooCommerce and Magento have been highlighted. From them, it can be deduced that WooCommerce is a more straightforward platform and has low associated costs. However, Magento is a complicated one and suitable for higher-end websites with huge e-commerce demands. The choice of the best platform when looking at WooCommerce vs Magento basically lies in what you need and the nature of your business. If you have a small store with a WordPress website, then WooCommerce is the right store for you. However, if you have an ambitious site with complicated requirements and major custom demands, Magento is the right platform for you.

So after reading this blog surely now you should have decided which CMS platform is best for your online business. We have more blogs on how to create your online business, we have a blog for creating a WordPress store as well as creating a Magento store online.

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