5 Best E-Commerce Platforms 2021

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Over the past few years, e-commerce has changed the customer experience positively. Daily development of functionalities and options ends up making online stores the best choice for the busy consumer. When choosing an e-commerce platform, you should ask yourself questions such as “how do I choose the best e-commerce platforms that are ideal for my business?”.

This question should cross your mind as a digital entrepreneur who wants to open an online store, whether it is with dropshipping or you are shipping your own inventory. There are many dropshipping businesses out there, so make sure you are the one standing out from the crowd.

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After all, you won’t be able to generate traffic or convert visitors into leads if you don’t have an organized, easy to navigate website that offers metrics on performance and the number of hits. Making a good choice is essential.

The first step in deciding which option is best is research. It is also useful to ask for referrals for experienced people in the industry who add a lot to their practical experience. When it comes to choosing something, research must be based on criteria.

You should also familiarise yourself with cutting-edge e-commerce platforms to better understand your market.  It is also appropriate that you take into account the characteristics of the interface for your buyers, as well as the ease of use for you as an administrator, that is, in the settings and notifications panel.

What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Good E-Commerce Platform?

As much as there are differences, some aspects are fundamental for all enterprises. Below are the primary resources that an e-commerce tool should offer to have good management of your online business.

1. SEO Resources

In digital marketing, the primary strategy to grow on the web, SEO techniques are necessary to ensure that your e-commerce has an audience.

They are applied in texts that can attract a potential customer to your store through the shopping journey. An ideal online store platform needs to offer you resources that guarantee the development of SEO-oriented content.

Like WordPress, some already have features that do a detailed analysis, indicating the SEO strength of content, for example.

2. Integration with social networks

Speaking of digital marketing and audience on the internet, it is impossible not to mention networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

They are essential for the success of your online store. Your e-commerce platform needs to offer support for sharing on these networks, which is integrated with its formats and accessible to each of them. With that, you can easily publicize your offers to your audience.

3. Chatting well with Google Analytics

Google is a giant on the internet. The world’s leading search site has several tools that help your business perform well on the web, and one of them is Google Analytics.

5 Best E-Com Platforms To Choose From

(in no particular order)

1. Bsale

BSale Logo

Bsale is a very simple platform to use. It allows you to sell by creating your website based on templates. It has significant advantages compared to other systems, as it will enable you to synchronize the stock of your physical store with that of your online store.

They also has electronic invoicing integrated; thus, you will be able to handle discount coupons and manage abandoned carts for your marketing campaigns. Currently, with Bsale e-commerce, more than 15 thousand monthly transactions are managed on average.

It has different templates that adapt to different business lines, both for selling products and services. In a very simple way, you can upload your products, create collections and discounts, upload photos, add descriptions, filters, and payment methods.

Bsale’s e-commerce is optimized for SEO and to make the customer buying process fast and friendly. Likewise, through its sales and stock reports, you can better manage your company. It has the possibility of integration to the largest marketplace in some parts of the world.

2. Prestashop

Prestashop Logo

Thanks to its intuitive interface and accurate graphics, Prestashop has quickly established itself as one of the largest e-commerce software in many countries. The quick installation and ease of use make it very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses to start selling online for the first time.

Prestashop allows you to create your e-commerce site in 75 languages, with all possible currency types. Furthermore, it boasts 4,500 different templates to choose from. However, compared with other more solid solutions like Magento, the platform does not allow great scalability, so it is not adequate for a large company’s needs.

Another disadvantage of Prestashop is that if you compare it with other similar solutions, the default theme to build your online store on Prestashop is less beautiful,

3. Wix

Wix Logo

Wix has hundreds of amazingly designed templates. It also has an easy-to-use editor and is optimized for mobile. It allows you to create web pages efficiently. You just have to drag the elements to the place where you want to place them, and that’s it!

One of Wix’s shortcomings is that it does not allow you to migrate your website or your hosting in case you want to change the platform. Likewise, if you want to change the template, you will have to make your website again from scratch since it does not allow you to keep the content from one template to another.

4. WooCommerce

This is a plugin available for all WordPress sites. To start creating your online store, literally one click on the ‘Install’ button is enough. The platform is open-source and free and is used by millions of e-commerce stores around the world.

The reason for its wide use is simple; while it is free, it offers a vast number of themes and features, plus it connects to all major payment gateways. This allows you to sell any product or service very quickly and easily.

The basic version can be customized thanks to more than 300 extensions, ranging from shipment tracking to tax calculations depending on the country to which it is sent. Despite this, a developer may be required to manage WooCommerce, especially considering that many feature settings are manual and not all available themes are stable.

The platform depends on different components (hosting, WordPress, and the plugin) and could generate security problems. In addition, the software must be continuously updated, and sometimes the process can become challenging.

Most of the available extensions are paid. In addition to the budget to be allocated for a web developer, an extra investment may be necessary depending on the features you want to exploit. The software must be continuously updated, and sometimes the process can become challenging.

5. Shopify

Shopify Logo

It has established itself in recent years as a world leader in the sector for a number of reasons: it is immediate, simple to use, allows you to create your e-commerce site in a matter of minutes, and sell both products and services online.

It is a fast, secure platform and offers a myriad of optimized themes and add-ons to customize your digital store, all without having to resort to the work of a developer. One of the latest features offered is to connect your Shopify account with the Facebook showcase to synchronize sales from the site and on social networks.

The main problems of Shopify are the cost (in addition to the fixed monthly fee depending on the plan, a commission on the turnover must be paid to the platform) and the positioning on search engines.

The Five Factors That Attract Customers To Buy Online

It is a reality that consumers in the world buy most of their products online. A survey conducted by Google in four countries where e-commerce is high revealed the five reasons why people buy online.

1.Fast shipping

Consumers in many developed countries prefer to have their products delivered quickly to their homes rather than going to a physical store.

2.Mobile payment (enabled with UPI, Unified Payments Interface

This is a standardized, real-time, unified payment system that is fast and easy to access through mobile devices. With discounted prices on data, it has placed digital payments at the forefront of detailed transactions. Merchants accepting this form of payment has increased to more than 10 million in just two to three years, with PayPal being one of the industries leading payment processing companies.

3.Discount prices

Repeated visits to online stores will incentivize promotions and discount coupons. Many consumers in the developed are more inclined to buy from the same store twice or thrice.


New customers value other customers’ product reviews. This makes them visit your site and buy products from you if the reviews are positive.

5.Fast delivery

The same-day delivery trend continues to grow, and many merchants have started offering this alternative to compete with Amazon.

Making E-Com Website

In Conclusion

There are a variety of e-commerce platforms capable of meeting any requirements and budget. Various e-commerce platforms offer numerous free functionalities, essential for any low-budget launch. On the other hand, we perceive the limited capacity of those same platforms.

In general, you should be prepared to have at least £100 a month of the budget before starting to sell online and using all the essential features mentioned, such as shopping carts, coupons, discounts and, many more.

For the business to be successful, it is also about choosing the right business niche, the most efficient technological platform, the best customer service, and the most up-to-date marketing strategies.

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