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What Is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a software designed as a raster graphics editor for Windows and macOS. Brothers Thomas and John Knoll originally created the software in 1988. Later Adobe Systems Inc. purchased the license to distribute the software with some other business developments and eventually it was called just Photoshop. Nowadays, Photoshop is not only used for raster graphics editing, but also as for digital art and graphic design where it is used extensively.

Adobe Photoshop is created to allow users to edit and compose raster images in multiple layers as well as supporting alpha compositing, masks and a range of colour models which you can apply to the layers such as CMYK, CIELAB, RGB, duotone and spot colour.

The software utilises its own PSD (Photoshop Document) and PSB (Photoshop Big) file formats to achieve the tasks done by these features. Using such graphics have enabled businesses all over the world to build a brand with a few simple clicks on the computer and a little bit of initiative.

Adobe Photoshop can also be used limitedly in editing or rendering text and vector graphics (mainly achieved by clipping path for the latter), as well as 3D graphics and video. With programs (plugins) developed and distributed independently of Photoshop yet run inside it, the software allows its set to be expanded to provide new or updated features.


Adobe Photoshop Versions

Over the years, Adobe has been releasing updated Photoshop versions with the first one released in October 2003 and named CS. There have been 13 iterations of Adobe Photoshop with the latest being Photoshop 2020 released in November 2019. Adobe was using the initial CS functionality within the names of its versions of Photoshop since a few years ago they brought out CC which was released standing for Creative Cloud.

List Of The Versions

  • Photoshop CS (2003)
  • Photoshop CS2 (2005)
  • Photoshop CS3 & CS4 (2007)
  • Photoshop CS5 (2010)
  • Photoshop CS6 (2012)
  • Photoshop CC (2013)
  • Photoshop CC (2014)
  • Photoshop CC (2015)
  • Photoshop CC (2017)
  • Photoshop CC (2018)
  • Photoshop CC (2019)
  • Photoshop 2020

The Abobe Creative Cloud was built to be able to make the life of Adobe users a lot easier, merging everything together for everyone. Essentially creating a cloud of storage for people to be able to save files, pass files and switch between the different software that the company has released. Adobe now syncs everything together making it easier to switch from Photoshop/After Effects or even Lightroom to ensure everything is more neatly organised for yourself.

Photoshop Tools

Photoshop functionality is facilitated by a range of tools available as one launches the software. These tools that appear on the sidebar of the screen of an opened Photoshop are in categories of drawing, painting, measuring and navigation, typing, selection and retouching. A small triangle at the bottom right of the toolbox icon also contains some tools which can be expanded to reveal the same tools.

The tools discussed here are found in most versions of Photoshop published. Please note that every update of the software comes with new features and tools.

Object Selection Tool

This feature within Photoshop has only recently been released with the new 2020 version of Photoshop, such an amazing and beautiful tool. It allows you to drag and select a certain aspect of the screen and it will work out with AI what section of the photograph it is that you are wanting and select it. Even though the selection tool when selecting is square, do not worry, Photoshop will still pick out and work out which bit of that section of the photo it is that you are wanting.

Obeject Selection Tool


To select a particular area on an image then discard the potions outside that area, you use the crop tool in Photoshop. Usually, this is to create a focal point on the image while doing away with the excess space.

Cropping in Photoshop is achieved by dragging a rectangle over the image to the desired area and will discard the area outside the rectangle. The file size is reduced after cropping. You also can extend the canvas size of an image using the Crop tool and clicking and dragging outside the existing image borders.

Cropping Tool


Similarly to the crop tool, Photoshop slice and slice select tools isolate parts of an image. You use it to divide an image into various sections, which you can use as pieces of web page design. You can even adjust and shift sliced parts of the image using the same tools.

Slice Tool


The tool allows dragging the entirety of a single layer, or more if you select them in an image. You can also relocate and highlighted area anywhere on the canvas.

Move Tool


To edit an area without affecting the rest of the image, use the marquee tool to select it. The tool allows selections in a single row single column, elliptical and rectangular. The Marquee tool allows better control when you use it to crop an image, except when using the elliptical option.

Unlike the crop tool, the marquee enables selection of more adjustments to the selected area before you crop an image. The rectangular marquee offers the best cropping option since the single row, and column option only crops a line. Once you open this tool, you have changed such as filters, colour, location which you ought to choose before.

Marquee Tool


Similar to the Marquee tool but allowing the user to make a custom selection by drawing it freehand is the Lasso tool. Choose between the regular lasso tool that enables drawing capabilities to, the polygonal lasso tool that draws only straight lines and the smarter Magnet lasso tool that helps both editing functions and more. A lot is offered by the Lasso tool in Photoshop, offering lots of fantastic editing options.

Lasso Tool

Magic Wand

The magic tool that selects areas based on pixels with similar values works like the quick selection tool (but is inferior) yet delivers better results and more intuitive controls.

Magic Wand Tool


If you want to erase an area, then the Photoshop eraser is your tool. The tool erases area based on an active layer. Photoshop allows the style and size of the eraser to be changed. The user can choose from the two options, the magic eraser and magic eraser depending on erasing option one needs.

Pen Tool

Adobe Photoshop comes with a number of pen tool versions that can create a precise path which can be controlled by anchor points. With the free form pen tool, you can draw paths freehand while the magnetic pen tool allows you to isolate objects on an image since it provides a path that attaches closely to the outline of these objects.

Pen Tool

Shape Tools

There is a range of shape tools provided by Adobe Photoshop including ellipses, polygons, rectangular and rounded rectangles. The shapes are manipulatable by the pen tool as well as the direct selection and other tools to make vector graphics. There are more shapes such as signs, animals and plants provided by Photoshop.

Shape Tools

Clone Stamp Tool

Use the clone stamp tool to duplicate one part of an image to another of the same image through the use of a brush. You can get a full or part duplication depending on the mode. Photoshop clone also allows cloning of one layer to another layer. The tool is ideal for removing defects on an image besides cloning.

Clone Stamp Tools

Eyedropper Tool

With the eyedropper tool, you can select a colour from an area in an image and sample it for future use. The hand tool allows the user to move an image in any direction allowing you navigation while the zoom tool allows enlarging of clicked part of an image, which will give you a closer view.

Eyedropper Tool

Video Editing

Various Adobe Photoshop versions allow comprehensive and efficient video editing tool for file formats such as AVI, MPEG-4 and MOV. You can add texts, create animations using single images using a combination of keys.

Photoshop Video Editing Tool

Photoshop For Touchscreen Devices And Tablets

Adobe designed the Photoshop Mix, an application to replace the Photoshop Touch specifically maxed for tablets and other touchscreen devices. The app is available on Android and IOS and comes with numerous features found in the PC versions, such as adjustments, filters layers as well as selection tools.

You get an option to sync edited files with your Adobe Creative Cloud. You might have come across Photoshop Fix (a Photo Correction app) and Photoshop Sketch (a drawing tool) both of which are siblings to Photoshop Mix. To get any of these apps, you need Android 4.0 and up or 3.1 and up for tablets and iOS 9.0 or later.

Having this amazing piece of software on your mobile device makes it a lot easier for you to become an internet marketer without having a computer, spending less time on the laptop and more time networking and building up your business.

It makes it a lot more adaptable to be able to focus on other area’s of your business, like email marketing and be able to test multiple campaigns at a click of a button. Being able to edit photo’s and create files on the go to share with your audience is a lot more powerful than what the other online software out there can offer you.

Photoshop Advantages

    • A multi-purpose software
    • Allows a meticulous designing of graphics
    • You can quickly transform ordinary images into professional ones
    • Extra advanced tools at your disposal
    • Provides unparalleled editing features
    • Editing various images formats is comfortable with Photoshop
    • Allows video editing and animation layers
    • Transforms files between different programs with ease
    • Enables creation of passport or stamp-sized photos

Photoshop Disadvantages

  • Poses a few difficulties for beginners
  • Not every user can utilise the full functionality feature
  • Not very appealing new input features for everyone
  • Less support for vector graphics
  • Challenging to render high-quality graphics
  • Considered expensive


The Adobe Photoshop software offers a lot when it comes to image editing and with satisfying results. Once you learn how to use the software, you can get the best of this all-purpose software anytime. Being a qualified designer will allow you to sell your photo’s for cash to multiple companies like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and many more that are out there.

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