Top 10 Fitness Apps To Make Money

by | November 19, 2018 | Reviews

10 Best Fitness Apps To Make Money

Want to get into shape but don’t know where to begin? Are you clueless when it comes to planning a workout? Well, worry no longer. These fitness apps will take care of all of the planning, leaving no distractions halting you from improving yourself. These are the top 10 fitness apps to help you out. You may also be interested in this article here on how to become an online fitness instructor.



What is GymCube?`

GymCube allows you to connect to a personal coach for live classes via a two-way video call. These classes usually last 25 minutes and can be worked around your schedule. It is lead by a team of experts including Kevin Foster-Wiltshire (Reebok master trainer), Pierre Pozzuto (celebrity trainer), and Ben Coomber (nutrition expert).

As well as offering workout sessions with a variety of professional trainers GymCube offers extensive nutritional and diet advice. They have hundreds of different recipes for improving your health and supporting your muscle growth.

You can either train at your own speed with the advice they offer, or you take up one of their many challenges. Their challenges allow more daring individuals to push their limits and achieve greater results. They are a fantastic choice for all of your fitness and health inquiries.


  • A wide selection of professionals
  • Covers all areas of fitness
  • Flexible to plan

GymCube is free on iOS and currently not available on Android, but they are currently working on an Android version.


Nike Training Club

What is Nike Training Club?

The Nike training club presents users with a wide range of workout routines to suit their general needs. You can customise these workouts based on what type of workout you’re looking for as well as how long you wish to exercise for. These exercises are specifically for strength gain and not weight loss, so users simply looking to drop some weight should look elsewhere.

When you first join you will be prompted with a few questions to fill in, the app will take your answers into account when planning your initial workouts, so it is very important that you answer truthfully. You can get started right away once you’ve set up with no hassle. From this point, you can simply do standalone workouts, or you can create a plan.

You can customise your plans to include multiple different types of exercise routines and various types of equipment. You have a lot of control through this app.


  • Highly customisable
  • Welcoming for all skill levels
  • Can do a plan or individual workouts

Nike Training Club is free on iOS and Android.



What is Fitocracy?

Fitocracy aims to help users that have low motivation by offering a gradually expanding reward system. It tracks how effectively and frequently through a point system. Users who amass enough points are able to advance to the next stage. By turning exercise into a sort of game it becomes easier for users to motivate themselves to push further and make more progress.

Users can also compete with each other as well as unlocking achievements and getting to a higher level. The achievements are a fun way to show your accomplishments, running for a certain distance, lifting a certain amount, doing enough lifts and other significant feats are added to your account for others to see. The app also has quests for users to complete. These are similar to achievements but must be completed within a specified time frame, usually involving tasks like ‘do 50 jumping jacks in a row or something to that effect.

Tracking your workouts through Fitocracy is incredibly simple. Adding reps, sets, squats, lifts, and other exercises are easy and straightforward due to the sleek interface. You can also search for additional workouts and add them in as you go or even create your own workouts. You can also create them on a computer and add them to your phone at a later convenience.


  • Offers motivating features
  • Supports competition
  • Simple to use

Fitocracy is free on iOS and Android.


Strava Cycling

What is Strava Cycling?

Strava Cycling is a GPS tracker to track your cycling, It checks your speed, distance cycled and your elevation. It is also useful for finding great cycle routes to use in your routine. This is done through tracking routes used by other users to see which are popular. In addition to being able to see other people’s routes, users will be able to check their times and compete against their best times.

These times can be separated into ‘segments’ defined by the user. By allowing users to clearly define the segment of road/track they are practising on it becomes easier to track and improve times. Competing with users on their created segments or creating your own segments for others to race on can be incredibly fun and addictive.

It can also be used as a sort of social media platform between cyclists. They can upload images taken on their rides and are constantly encouraged to engage with other users due to the atmosphere of friendly competition. Challenges and new routes allow for the constant addition of new things to try as well as options to push your capabilities and improve your cycling prowess.


  • Highly specialised in cycling
  • Lots of user interaction
  • Supports competition

Base Strava is free on iOS and Android, but there is also Strava premium which costs £5.99 per month. This grants access to downloadable coaching plans, real-time data analysis as you go, and even a heart rate monitor.


Skimble Workout Trainer

What is Skimble Workout Trainer?

Skimble Workout Trainer offers a wide range of workouts and personal trainers. Any fitness need can be met by the great selection they offer. Weight loss, marathon training, weight lifting, improved core strength, all of these and more have a variety of both routines to try out and professionals to consult.

They’ll take you through all of the necessary steps and offer all the support of a real personal trainer without any of the embarrassment you may feel. You can also get random workouts if you don’t have anything specific in mind and want to mix things up.

You can do home workouts or workouts involving more specific equipment. The variety of difficulty levels on offer will stop you from being bored or unchallenged. Users looking for more advanced feedback on their workouts can connect a heart monitor to see how intensely they are going.


  • A wide selection of available professionals
  • Workouts with and without equipment supported
  • Heart monitor support

Skimble Workout Trainer is free on iOS and Android.


Couch to 5k

What is Couch to 5K?

Couch to 5k promises results only after 9 weeks. This app specifically focuses on running so it is a pretty niche app that most users may not find helpful. The end goal of the app is for users to successfully complete their first 5k.

A 5k is simply running for 5kilometres. This seems like a lofty goal, but the apps program offers simple, reasonable steps that anyone can do until they eventually build-up to their 5k. Users not confident in themselves can instead choose a 12-week program or more ambitious users can go for the 6-week program.

Couch to 5k primarily utilises a technique known as interval training. Interval training is when you vary the speed at which you run over a specific period. For example, you could lightly jog for 5 minutes, run at high speed for 1 minute then return to jogging for another 5 minutes and repeat until finished. Over the course, as you progress you will gradually transition the amount of time, you spend running as well as going for longer periods of training time.

This technique improves your circulation, your heart will go stronger to pump blood more efficiently and your lungs will also be more efficient. This means your stamina will be much greater, and you can eventually run for 5 kilometres.


  • Highly specialised for running
  • Provides solid motivation
  • Constant achievable goals

Couch to 5k is free on iOS and Android.


Daily Burn

What is Daily Burn?

Daily Burn is a video service that has over 500 workout videos to consult. These are all made by experts and focus on a variety of subjects and vary from 15 minutes to an hour. There are a variety of specialised video workout programs that cover topics like yoga and weightlifting.

You can also stream all of the videos to your various compatible devices such as smart televisions, tablet devices, and laptops. Workout videos can be filtered by difficulty, length, programme length, and goals. While Daily Burn does offer a great selection of helpful videos their service is incredibly expensive. Make good use of that 30-day trial to see if it’s right for otherwise, you could be making a very expensive mistake.


  • Huge selection of videos
  • Streamable
  • Covers a lot of subjects

Daily Burn is free on iOS and Android for the first 30 days but then requires a monthly subscription fee of £14.95 for the basic app and £19.95 for premium.



What is Seven?

Seven takes a similar approach to Strava Cycling by adding video game elements in order to help motivate users. While Strava was limited to just cycling, Seven offers a large variety of workout areas.

Sevens main goal is presenting a simple challenge to its users, work out for 7 minutes every day for 7 months in a row using just your own person and a chair.

This sounds simple enough, but 7 months is a sizable commitment. Each day that you fail to exercise for causes to lose a life, once all 3 of your lives have been lost in the span of one month will completely reset your progress. Each exercise is carried out for 30 seconds before switching over to the next exercise, this then repeats until the 7 minutes are up.

Failing this system can be extremely disheartening and the basic exercise can become quite dull after a while. The lack of necessary equipment does make it very appealing, but some user may find the app to be too gimmicky and may prefer something more conventional.


  • Presents a challenge for competitive users
  • Achievable and lenient
  • No equipment needed

Seven is free on iOS and Android, there is also Seven Premium for £3.99 a month which grants access to all of the available exercises and motivational tools.



What is Freeletics?

Freeletics is focused on high-intensity workouts including high-intensity interval training. This means it might not be ideal for beginners and you may want to use a different app first before diving into Freeletics. It focuses on 4 main areas, gym, nutrition, running, and Bodyweight workouts.

There is a wide selection of videos on the service to demonstrate appropriate technique and form. These are vital to prevent potential injury. If you choose to subscribe to the coach service, you will have access to every workout as well as a workout plan tailor-made for you. There is also a nutrition service that can be subscribed to that offers recipes and nutritional plans. You cannot subscribe to nutrition separately and most subscribe to both as part of a bundle.


  • Specialised workout plans for each user
  • Step by step videos for users who need them
  • Offers nutritional advice

Freeletics is free on iOS and Android, but also offers a coaching service for £2.12 per week. Nutrition + coach service is £3.17 a week.



What is Sweat?

SWEAT is a weight training app that focuses on exercise for women. If you aren’t a woman these exercises may not be appropriate for you. SWEAT provides a number of courses for both beginners and veterans.

The exercise programs in question combine weights and cardio in order to improve both strength and stamina. You can train specific sets of muscles in your upper body, lower body, and core. The programs involve lighter exercises carried out over an extended period of time with a few minutes of warmups to prevent potential injury.

You will be set various goals to fulfil at the start of the week, this offers you some flexibility as to when you do your exercises but not much. As you continue using the app you will eventually build up to more intense workout routines in order to push yourself.

Some workout routines such as high-intensity interval training don’t have set routines but instead simply sets a period of time to exercise within.

There are also various challenges that you can partake in. They are entirely optional but can be very fun and rewarding if completed. These can any number of things such as doing a certain number of pull-ups in a minute. There are also special routines for post-pregnancy in order to get back into shape.


  • Supports new users and veterans
  • Special post-pregnancy workouts
  • Offers challenge for competitive users

SWEAT is £14.99 a month on iOS and Android

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