528 Hz Affirmations for Healing & Health

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Listen to this before you start your day and before you go to bed!

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 ? Audio Message – First 50 AFFIRMATIONS

1. I am willing to believe in my ability to create healing and happiness.

2. I allow myself to believe I deserve to heal.

3. I allow myself to believe I can be content in this moment.

4. I allow my body to become an environment for health and healing.

5. I am able to process, metabolize, and release all emotions that do not serve me.

6. It is time to heal!

7. I choose to be in alignment with my body’s way of healing.

8. I am able to see the good in myself.

9. My health is moving in the right direction.

10. I have everything I need.

11. I am physically and emotionally connected to an abundant source of healing. It’s always available to me.

12. I welcome all the ways my body can be healed. I give every opinion and option my open mind. I hold every possibility in my spacious, generous heart.

13. I’m willing to embrace the very parts of me that need love the most right now.

14. I am a priority in my life. My health and healing matter. I’m worthy of a life that feels good to live.

15. I am learning to be at peace with who I am now, and I’m excited about who I can be.

16. Every time I think healing thoughts, my body responds in kind.

17. I treat my body, this temple and this vessel, with respect.

18. I am deciding to get well. I am deciding to be well. There’s no other option.

19. I am grateful for the chance to be alive, and I thank my body for giving me this.

20. All the cells in my body are returning to their original perfect blueprint.

21. My immune system is very strong.

22. I give myself permission to release and heal.

23. I ask my body to send healing energy wherever it is needed.

24. Optimal health is what I expect, and what I want.

25. I love my body, and all the ways it rapidly heals.

26. It is natural for my body to be healthy and strong.

27. I am deciding to be well, there is no other option.

28. I allow my body to heal.

29. I trust that my body knows how to heal any condition.

30. I am grateful for the health that I have.

31. Every cell in my body knows how to heal any condition.

32. I ask my system to heal itself now.

33. My body responds to my desires.

34. I trust my body to reverse and heal negativity.

35. My healing is already on the way.

36. A healthy body is natural for me.

37. I ask my body to release anything that blocks healing.

38. I am grateful that my body responds so quickly.

39. Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now.

40. I ask my body to heal.

41. My body responds quickly when it needs to heal.

42. Every cell in my body is healthy.

43. My immune system is very strong and can deal with anything.

44. Every organ in my body is healthy.

45. I am pain free in every respect, and my body is full of energy.

46. I focus on how I can heal.

47. I practice being easy on myself, and this brings healing to my 48. body.

49. I thank my body for responding so quickly.

50. Healing is available to me.

Never forget how essential you are, how far you’ve come, how much potential you have!

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