Are Rich People Greedy?

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Those rich people. Don’t you get sick and tired of them? All they care about is money! They’re such greedy people! I’m telling you, I grew up believing all this crazy stuff. I literally grew up despising rich people. But a book I read made me view rich people differently, and I’ve since debunked these 12 rich people myths.

#1: Rich People Are Unhappy- 2:08

#2: Rich People Are Selfish – 3:03

#3: Take Advantage of People – 4:03

#4: Money is their God – 5:20

#5: All Billionaires Made Their Money Off Real Estate – 6:59

#6: They Don’t Give Back – 7:06

#7: All They Do is Play Golf – 7:46

#8: They Have Expensive Toys – 8:33

#9: All Rich People Are Republicans – 9:28

#10: They’re Narcissistic – 10:29

#11: They Don’t Pay Their Taxes – 11:23

#12: All They Want to Do is Party – 13:16

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