Best City For Entrepreneurs- Mayor Maso Explains Why

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If you follow Valuetainment, you know Patrick is interested in Taxes. In this video he covers the following data as well as asking the former Mayor of Frisco, Texas what they did to attract thousands of Entrepreneurs.

Among the topics covered:

– Top 10 States with Fortune 500 Company Headquarters

– Top 10 States with the Highest Taxes

– Top 10 States that Produce the Most GDP in America

How do you build the fastest growing city in a country? How do you become a mayor with influence and what does a Mayor really have the power to achieve? Patrick covers that and more in this interview with Former Mayor of Frisco, Texas, Maher Maso.

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DISCLOSURE: Patrick lost his voice for a few days and still managed to do this interview. Even though he struggled, he said

“We agreed to this date, we gave our word and we’re going to keep it.”

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