How I got on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles…Twice

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This small, but subtle change in perspective is easily missed, but probably had one of the biggest impacts on me. This is what it is, and how this led to me being on Million Dollar Listing – Twice. Enjoy! Feel free to add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Even though I tend to make mostly financial analysis videos, or videos on real estate or investing, behind all of it is a fine distinction between understanding the information you’re watching and actually utilizing it. It’s probably the reason why many people who watch my videos unfortunately don’t do anything with the information, there’s only a very small percentage of you who will actually follow through.

It’s understanding the relationship between being at the CAUSE of something, or being at the EFFECT of what’s going on around you. Think of it this way – in everything we do, there are two types of people: one type which CAUSES things to happen, and another that REACTS to what’s going on around them. Imagine it like you’re neck deep in the ocean and you have waves constantly hitting you, pushing you in a certain direction – and you’re exerting energy in REACTION to those waves, versus being the wave that’s having an effect on everything in its path.

So just think – right now, are you taking control of your life in accomplishing what you want? Are you the cause of what’s going on in your life and are you the one making things happen? Or are you the one who’s focusing on what other people are doing, reacting to those around you, and getting swayed by the effect of the waves?

This very subtle shift in perspective was really a light-bulb moment for me. Here I was, two years ago, WISHING I could make YouTube videos myself but instead, I came up with a million excuses of why I couldn’t do it and I’d just watch other people on YouTube actually doing what I wanted to do. …but once I understood that you have the choice to either be at the CAUSE of something, or be EFFECTED by the things going around you, I decided – “screw it” I’m going to be at the cause, and I’m going to be the one making YouTube videos rather than the one watching them.

Think of it in your own life – are you the one actually taking the initiative, are you behind the curtains making things happen – or are you just casually watching everything else going on around you, and you’re at the whim of chance? Just by this small change, and understanding that you have the choice to be at the cause, you can begin to create whatever reality you want.

It’s easy when you start here – how can YOU be like the person you want to be? How would that person act? How can you be the type of person to give value in some way or another? What can you start doing now that will lead you in that direction, instead of you being influenced by everything going on around you? Once you tune out the distractions, you realize that you’re the one who really has total control over where you focus your time and how you take the initiative to put everything you’ve learned into becoming the CAUSE and making things happen. You really end up getting what you focus on.

Understanding this difference has the potential to really lead you life in a more purposeful direction, where you can create your own reality and decide what you do, rather than be the one reacting to everything else going on around you. It’s really about taking the initiative to get what you want and make it happen, rather than relying on chance occurrences to bring you what you want.

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