How to Find and Steal Google Featured Snippets [AMS-08]

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In this video, Joshua Hardwick introduces three actionable ways to find (and steal) Google featured snippets in the SERPs.

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Here are the three strategies covered in this video:

– find owned featured snippets (then optimize them for more clicks)

– find low-hanging featured snippet opportunities (then STEAL them)

– find competitor-owned featured snippets (then STEAL those, too!)

If you’re unsure as to what a “featured snippet” is, try Googling something like “how to make pizza dough.” This will return a bunch of results, with a “featured snippet” in the top position.

Featured snippets show up in different forms. A few common examples include answer boxes, quick answers, and sometimes even calculators.

You can identify a featured snippet because it will provide an answer to your query directly in the search results. It also sits in a neat box at the top of Google search results which stands out from the rest of the organic search results.

Because featured snippets pull information from third-party websites (and send traffic to the featured website), it’s worth trying to “claim” featured snippets for relevant, popular terms.

Learn more in our full post on the Ahrefs Blog and download the template used in the video below.

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