How to find the best content of your competitors [OSEO-11]

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Why would you want to find the best content of your competitors? To create something better and outperform them! How can you find it? With the help of Ahrefs tools, for sure!

There are three kinds of the best content you might be looking for:

1) the content that generated tons of traction on social media;

2) the content that attracted tons of backlinks;

3) the content that gets tons of SEO traffic to your competition.

Let’s see how to find all these types of content that helps your competitors.

The first two types of content can be easily identified with the help of Ahrefs Content Explorer (

Using this handy tool you may find the most shared articles on any of the social networks, as well as those with the largest number of referring domains.

What about the content that brings your competitors tons of traffic from Google? As usual, at Ahrefs we’ve got a tool for that, too!

It’s called Ahrefs Positions Explorer ( and allows you to get the list of a site’s Top Pages with content that brings most of traffic from Google to your competition.

This information will surely give you lots of ideas on how to structure your content marketing.

Good luck!


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