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These are my strategies of how to invest in 2020 and beyond, some concerns I have for newer investors, and which investments would be ideal to look into – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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We are now in the longest running bull market in HISTORY, which started in March of 2009…and since then, we’ve seen almost 11 YEARS of consistent, year over year growth…with a total return of about 472%.

From what I’ve seen….a lot of investors – especially NEWER investors – FORGET that markets go down, and not everything just consistently goes up in value. They’re investing with the mentality that the stock market should progressively and automatically increase year after year, and they’ve never experienced a time where the markets drop. That, I believe…is a dangerous combination, where it’s easy for people to get ahead of themselves and potentially be caught in a situation where they over-invest – and then have NO IDEA what to do during a bear market when they lose money.

Who knows when that will happen, it could be tomorrow, or it could be in another 10 years…but, it’s important that you set yourself up in a good position NOW so that when it DOES happen, you will be ok.

FIRST, think to yourself…if your investments dropped 20-40% right now…WOULD YOU BE OK? If this is something that would DRAMATICALLY worry you, get you so fearful about losing money, and cause you to sell everything off as a way to preserve your capital…then, you really need to reconsider how much you’re investing, and try to spread out your risk as much as you can.

SECOND, have a LONG TERM outlook on your investments. To be honest, no one know what will happen over the next few years…but, HISTORICALLY, since the inception of the stock market, a 20-year holding period has never ONCE produced a negative result.

THIRD – it’s also important, no matter what – to keep an emergency fund worth 3-6 months of your expenses. This is your safety net in case the stock market crashes, you lose your job, and the entire economy sinks into an endless pit…at least you have 3-6 months worth of savings to hold you through until you find another job, or re-adjust your lifestyle to be able to save a little more money.

FOURTH – I also highly recommend you pay down any high interest rate or variable interest rate debt NOW, while the going is good. That means any credit card debt, any personal loans, or any short term mortgages should probably be paid off as much as you can. I’m just a firm believer that you should make hay while the sun is shining – and when the going is good, NOW is your time to put yourself in the best financial position possible.

And FIFTH – since this video is about How To Invest in 2020…here’s my overall advice, and exactly what to do, regardless of what happens in the market:

First, look into maxing out your retirement accounts:

I recommend most people begin by maxing out what’s called a Roth IRA an contributing to a 401k, as well.

Second, in terms of WHAT to invest in – the choice is really yours. But, typically…I like the Index Fund. This is just a broad investment that tracks the overall market – so, if the entire market does well – so do you.

If you want to invest in individual stocks…LIKE TESLA…be my guest. But understand that doing that is MUCH risker.

And, third…just do all of this consistently. Investing is NOT meant to be a one-and-done approach….you’re meant to invest a consistent amount, every month or every year, without skipping a beat…and doing that allows you to buy in to the lowest lows, and the highest highs, and average out your buy-in long term.

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