How to Steal Organic Search Traffic From Your Competitors

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The easiest way to get more organic traffic is to see what your competitors are doing, and do it 10x better.

In this video, you’ll learn an SEO strategy to rank high on Google by spying on your competitors’ top pages and potentially ‘steal’ traffic from competing sites.

Here’s a summary of the basic steps.

Step #1: Make a list of competitors

First, put your website into Site Explorer (

Then open the “Competing Domains” report. This report helps you find your top competitors and lists the sites that rank for the same keywords as your target website.

“Common” shows you how many unique keywords the two sites have, “Unique” shows you the number of keywords unique to that website – whether yours or your competitor’s. So you get a side-by-side comparison of your site and each competitor.

From this list choose your competitors’ websites you want to research for content and traffic wins.

Step #2 Find pages worth replicating

Analyze each of the competitors on your list to find the pages that get a lot of organic traffic that you could replicate on your site.

Go to the Overview page to see each competitor. You might be tempted to go to the “Organic keywords” report which lists all of the keyword phrases that a site ranks for.

But since you are looking for pages to replicate, using the “Top pages” report will provide better results.

This report gives you the same information as the “Organic keywords” report, but is organized by the pages rather than the keywords.

Results here are sorted by the monthly search traffic and you can easily see how many keywords each page ranks for.

Next, select a page that is worth replicating.

Step #3 Analyze the page’s referring domains and website traffic

You can easily get the monthly traffic, the number of referring domains, and the top keywords for each page from the “Top pages” report.

Why do we need this information? Because without backlinks your page won’t rank and you won’t be able to get as much traffic, as your competitors get.

This step is critical for link building and getting backlinks from websites that your competitors have previously earned them from.

Step #4 Prioritize your workflow

Begin with the articles that have a lot of traffic, but a low number of referring domains.

Then you can progress to the articles that have more referring domains, which will need more time and effort for link building.

Always remember:

replicating a page is just half of this SEO strategy. The other half is building backlinks. So you can not only “steal” traffic from your competitors, but possibly outrank them, too.


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